Free Country Jackets Review: Is It a Good Brand for Jackets?

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Free Country Jackets is for outdoors, these jackets are combined with protection and movement and get you ready for any weather. They get you prepared to be outside with confidence.

Wear comfortable, and these jackets are combined with protection and movement and get ready for any weather. Jackets have many uses when we go outside or even indoors. There are jackets for heavy rains and jackets for just a typical day. We need the jacket appropriate for the current situation because we don't want to look weird in front of other people.

Some jackets have thick layers or thick clothes for cold weather, and some have thin garments that are good for sunny days. Free Country Jackets can offer us various jackets that are very suitable for cold or hot temperatures or any weather condition.

It is beneficial like if we want to protect our skin from UV rays, we can use Free Country Jackets that are ultra-comfortable for the type of weather we are experiencing. For cold weather, they have jackets for that kind of situation and prevent us from feeling so hard. We can say that a jacket is an essential type of clothing!

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Free Country Jackets Review

Ira Schwartz, the founder and chief executive officer of Free Country, had the inspiration for their brand in the Colorado Rockies and brought it to reality in New York City in 1990. Their DNA is built for dynamic and open-air styles; it’s what inspired and launched their business more than 30 years ago, long before the term " athleisure " was coined and the outside became fashionable.

Its tale should not be revised to fit a contemporary perspective; it perfectly captures who we are. Everyone has a place in the outside world. They must provide everyone with the opportunity to work outside, regardless of where their careers take them. It costs nothing to walk or climb a beautiful path, and the clothing required in any case of the weather should not cost a fortune.

That is why its mission is to provide extraordinary items at extraordinary prices. There are planned styles with execution textures, usefulness, flexibility, and comfort to be used daily! You ll be ready to use it anywhere from the boulevards to the trails or the slopes. They also care about the environment, which is why they have FreeCycle maintainable activities where they combine recycled separators and textures in as many different ways as possible.

They have teamed up with REPREVE to transform recycled bottles into premium polyester fiber, then used to make the separator in our clothing. They receive a bottle count from this qualified preparer for each style. By the end of our Fall/22 generation, 25 million bottles will have been kept out of landfills! They are focused on empowering people with the assurance that they have all they need from the outside, are free, and are here to stay. People want to do that because they need to look and feel fabulous in what they’re wearing.

Free Country Jackets Pros:

Free Country Jackets Cons:

Why Do We Like Free Country Jackets?

Your search for the culminating shirt has come to an end. Outside, explore the powerful combination of execution and all-day scope. To provide comfort, they created a sophisticated knitted surface that is both lightweight and warm. Wear it during your morning run or another climb to experience the flexibility of our extended texture!

This winter’s cold temperatures are no match for the Brisk coat. This poly discuss coat includes a joined Butter Heap chin-wiper to protect your body temperature and keep the cold out. The faux hide hood keeps you safe and stylish while allowing you to enjoy the cold without stress.

Carry the elements in their re-imagined classic softshell coat, which they've made feather-light for extreme opportunity without the bulk! Total with four-way stretch, sherpa lining on the inside, 100% breathability and a defensive wrap-up made to last. Their three-layer fortified texture is resistant to water and wind! When you need a light defensive layer, use idealized expansion.

Heat without the burden! Their Mountain Downy hoodie features an outside sweater weave reinforced with a large Sherpa pile, elevating comfort to a new level. This coat might be a must-have because it has a connected hood with drawcords, fake calfskin plugs, two lower crease pockets, and a complete zip front.

Customer Review

Grandma Grace claims that she was initially looking for a coat from the Free Nation brand that was a bit heavier and had a little hotter lining, but she ended up appreciating this coat. She'll use this one for the spring. She enjoys the two sets of snaps in the back that could be used to adjust or release the waistline as needed. She recommended this to everyone because it was of the highest caliber.

She loved it! That is what Lorena said. Extremely warm and cuddly. Enjoy that it is reversible, so she may choose which side to use based on how cold it is outside. Although she ordered a small one, it fits her a little enormously like a flattering fit, which is not bad for people who wear layers like her. Mila, with a 5-star rating, said that it fits beautifully, the color is vibrant, and she chose the one in shining blue.

She kept dry after running her sleeve under the faucet for one minute while wearing the coat! Because it is comfortable and lean, you can layer with it. Without a doubt, she would recommend this item. This all-weather coat is fantastic for a chilly, windy climate. He recently traveled to a more wonderful location and had to make similar arrangements because finding coats at this time of year can be challenging. Its exterior shell keeps moisture, while a warm, fluffy fabric lines the interior.

Along with having pockets and zippers, it also makes a beautiful execution coat because of the hood. The lime green accent gives the zippers a nice touch of fashion. He typically wears a small or medium, but Amazon advised him to order a large, and he would say it fits like a typical medium. The added length of the sleeves makes it slightly hotter and more wind- and moisture-resistant. And that was what MBA Squared said on Amazon.

Where to Buy Free Country Jackets?

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Discount and Sales

Are you searching for a discount? There is no need to worry because, on their website, there is a section called. "Clearance" allows you to choose many products with up to 80% off!

Is Free Country Jackets Worth It?

Introducing unparalleled execution and specialized design. To be prepared for storms, strong winds, or storms, there are puffer coats that block out the cold at every corner. The exterior shell provides wind and water protection with a scope that extends down the extended back. Their texture and fill are both manufactured from REPREVE recycled bottles, and the feather-free filling retains heat when damp, keeping you dry at all times! Meet their latest puffer with no sleeves! Get all the advantages of a toasty puffer with expanded portability and a weightless feeling.

Warmth is provided by their recycled REPREVE polyfill, which is filled with a vertical zip that you may adjust to your liking. Additionally, this is ideal for layering. Take it a step further with their assortment of more comfortable, weather-resistant softshell coats that are water-resistant. This coat is the ultimate barrier against the elements, complete with stitched storm sleeves to keep the cold out, an inside tricot included, and channel knitting constructed from repurposed REPREVE fill that is both incredibly comfortable and quite delicate.

Typically, your most accessible outdoor arrangement, regardless of the weather! Meet their coziest coat yet. The Women’s Splendor Down Coat wraps you from head to toe in the water and has a wind-resistant outer shell that protects you from cold weather and damp conditions, while the down fill keeps you warm. It features a detachable faux hide trim hood, delicate Butter Heap storm sleeves, and a collar and back lining.


Email: Phone: 1 888-779-1727 Free Country Corporate Office: 4 Bryant Park, 9th FL You can also follow them in:

Frequently Asked Question

Q. The Temperature Rating of this Jacket is?

The temperature rating for Free Country is subjective. We don't believe that our items' temperature rating or positioning can reasonably teach you how warm or cool a coat is for your taste. Everyone has a different resilience and comfort level depending on temperature.

A fresh Modern York City morning at 55 degrees is very welcome for some (especially after a long winter!) - but for others, a morning at 55 degrees is worth a ski parka and a wiped-out day off work. When confronted with nature's elements, we know that comfort and solidity are the most important factors to consider before purchasing.

Q. Is there a return policy?

Free Country provides a 30-day return policy for items purchased through our website. You can return an object for any reason as long as it is unworn and still in original condition.

Q. What payment options do you offer?

Q. What is their shipping policy?

Free Shipping is on all orders of $49 or more in the United States. Monday through Friday. They are calculated using processing time plus shipping time:

Q. What is a Repreve fabric?

A fiber called REPREVE® is produced using recycled plastic bottles. Millions of plastic bottles are wasted every year. However, you can now take action. The best-known and most reputable performance fiber derived from recycled materials is called REPREVE® (including plastic bottles). To change the world, purchase products manufactured with REPREVE®.


We may get a wide selection of coats from Free Country Jackets that are affordable for hot or cold weather or any other circumstance. It is frequently quite accommodating, such as when we only need to protect our skin from UV rays, and we can use Free Country Jackets that are incredibly comfy for the weather we are experiencing. They have garments for cold climates because they expect us to feel cold in those conditions. We'll agree that a jacket is a fundamental article of clothing.

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