Filing Taxes at Walmart: How to Do That?

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Filing taxes can be confusing and time-consuming, but Walmart has made it easier. By booking an appointment for in-store with a pro or a drop-and-go of documents, the filing of your taxes will be completed by professionals conveniently. Check out this full guide on filing taxes at Walmart to understand how it works.

Tax filing is a legal obligation to individuals and entities. In the US, taxes are filed once a year but within a stipulated time frame to avoid penalization. While some people do it themselves, it requires professional knowledge as the process is complex. To provide a convenient option for fulfilling your tax obligations, Walmart, in collaboration with reputable professional tax companies such as Jackson Hewitt and H&R Block Tax Software offers in-store and online tax preparation services at an affordable price.

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How Does Tax Filing at Walmart Work?

In partnership with the US' second leading tax preparation company Jackson Hewitt, Walmart provides in-store with a Pro tax preparation service. A customer can make online appointments for sit-down sessions whereby an expert from the tax service provider will take you through the entire process. Alternatively, you can opt for a drop-off service that lets a tax pro complete the process on their own as you handle other matters. The tax filing process at Walmart takes about an hour or less. To achieve this process, you must do as follows;

  1. Book an appointment online at Walmart’s tax prep service webpage. However, this is optional.
  2. Gather your relevant financial forms and documents, including W-2s, 1099s, and receipts, as indicated on the Walmart Tax Prep Services or Internal Revenue Service page for requirements.
  3. Then, visit Walmart’s Tax Service Area; usually, temporary cubicle kiosks are set up at the entrance area in Walmart stores.
  4. At the Tax Service Area, you’ll be assigned a professional. Proceed to their desk.
  5. Share your relevant documents and explain your tax situation to the professional assigned to you.
  6. The professional will immediately start preparing your returns. There's no harm in seeking clarification on any concerns you may have; these professionals at Walmart are trained to handle clients’ queries to their at most satisfaction.
  7. Your returns will be completed within a few minutes; review them carefully to ensure the information entered is accurate and complete.
  8. Once you ascertain that the information is correct, sign and approve it for electronic submission.
  9. If you’re entitled to a refund, you’ll be required to choose the most convenient method for receiving it. Walmart offers direct deposit, check, or Walmart Money card options.
  10. Keep a printed copy of your tax returns and other supporting documents of your records for future reference, inquiries, or audits.

Walmart’s in-store tax filing services are only available during the tax season. Otherwise, you must visit the respective companies for any queries or tax services once the season elapses.

How Much Does It Cost to File Taxes At Walmart?

Tax requirements are specific to an individual or company. Depending on the complexity of your tax situation, the cost of filing these taxes at Walmart may vary. However, according to, the minimum price for filing with a tax pro at Walmart is $65 for basic return services.

Which Is Cheaper, H&R Block or Jackson Hewitt?

While the cost of services matters, the quality or convenience is a key consideration too. Filing taxes in person with Jackson Hewitt is cheaper compared to H&R Block. You will be required to pay about $65 with additional state returns fee for tax prep services with Jackson Hewitt and $85 for H&R Block tax preparation services.

But what do you get? With Jackson Hewitt, you need to visit their kiosk at Walmart stores or their main offices or drop-off, whereas, for H&R Block, you can meet in person, drop off tax details for filling or make virtual arrangements with a professional tax provider to guide you virtually. Besides, H&R Block has several offices in the US, Canada, and Australia.

However, when it comes to online filing, H&R Block is cheaper compared to Jackson Hewitt since you file solely for free with the H&R Block software and for a flat rate of $25 for online filing with Jackson Hewitt software.

Why Should I File My Tax Returns At Walmart?

Walmart provides a convenient means to make the tax filing experience of its customers exceptional. Why should you file your tax returns at Walmart? Walmart partners with the US's most reputable tax provider, Jackson Hewitt, to offer in-store tax filing services. This company not only provides professional services but also offers;

Ideally, you can opt for an online option through H&R Block, with which you enjoy the following;

Pro Tip! -In case of an error in preparing your tax returns, your local Jackson Hewitt office will reimburse you for penalties and interest provided you notify them within 30 days of receiving the initial notice from the tax authority.

What Are the Dates and Locations for Filing Taxes at Walmart?

According to the IRS tax requirements, there is a strict deadline before which individuals and companies should file their tax returns. The filing season starts in January and ends in April. So, during the first few weeks of January, the partnering company began setting up temporary offices at Walmart stores across the country. Jackson Hewitt sets up over 3000 mobile offices at these stores.

To find out if there’s one near you, visit the Jackson Hewitt website and enter your location in the search bar to show all offices near the location you enter.

Does Walmart Offer Any Online and Software Services For Tax Filing?

Walmart offers two ways of filing returns. You can opt in-store with a tax pro or online with simple software. If you like filing taxes by yourself, Walmart connects its clients to online tax filing services through H&R Block as well as for the purchase of tax filing software which costs about $8.

With this software, you are in control of the compiling activity, and it keeps you updated with current information on tax issues and guides you in handling them. You can also learn about tax tips and advice on the Walmart web page.

How Can You Get Your Refund After Filing Taxes At Walmart?

Under certain circumstances, some individuals qualify for cash refunds after filing returns. In such cases, Walmart offers three options for receiving refunds from which clients will pick their most preferred one. These options are as follows;

Bottom line

Filing taxes at Walmart is convenient, simple, and fast. Besides being guided by a tax pro from Jackson Hewitt tax service providers or with interface prompts with the H&R Block software, you can cash check refunds instantly. Moreover, customers can get their taxes done by someone else while shopping.

While filing taxes can be daunting, this full guide on filing taxes at Walmart will help you have your taxes prepared accurately with professional guidance. Remember to keep track of your documents, ask the necessary questions and review the information captured before submission for correctness.

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