Does Target Have Afterpay?

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Target Afterpay is a “buy now and pay later service” payment method offered by Target for online and in-store purchases. Learn more about this service offered by Target.

Just like how other companies are making it possible for their customers to shop with ease, Target offers fantastic features for their customers when you buy from them. Most customers are not already drawn to a brand because of the quality items they offer alone, they also check out for exciting things you can stand to enjoy when you buy things from the brand.

Target operates both as an online retailer with a fantastic website where you can shop for a lot of things and offer physical shopping options at different in-store locations. One of their advantages is their payment method which helps customers enjoy shopping and paying conveniently. For a brand like Target where you can get almost anything you are looking for both offline and online to be offering a favorable payment such as Afterpay, then you rest assured that your shopping experience will be easy without stress.

Target Afterpay is one of the payment methods that customers can use in paying for the items they shopped for. When they buy, this payment method allows them to pay later. Afterpay is one of the common means of loan available for shoppers across different e-commerce brands. Target also sees the opportunity to introduce this “buy now and pay later” feature among the service they offer as a brand.

They have started using this means of payment for a very long time now and even in 2022, they are still using it. You certainly have a lot of questions to ask concerning this method of payment offered by Target. It is expected you learn more about a certain feature before you decide to give it try. We have provided answers to most of the commonly asked questions concerning Target Afterpay. What you need to do is keep reading to get all the information you need.

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Does Target Have Afterpay in 2022?

Target has introduced the Target Afterpay feature for the customers while shopping. In 2022, we have found out that the brand offers this service when you shop online. Another thing you need to know is that as the brand offers this service, they have a limitation on where you can use it. If you are a customer and you are shopping internationally, you will not have the privilege to enjoy this wonderful offer. Another limitation if you are shopping within the US is that you cannot use this feature when you shop in-store.

Target wants to make shopping almost effortless online that is why they make sure you don’t run into problems like not having enough money when. Shopping in-store will lead to a lot of processing which can waste your time because most of the things are done online. You can make use of your Target app or shop on the Target website. The two countries where you can use Target Afterpay are Australia and New Zealand.

The features are okay for customers there and there is no limitation whatsoever. You can shop both in-store and online. When you shop in-store, they make sure you enjoy their service because they tend to be fast with it. There are different reasons given by Target on why they don’t do full Afterpay service like in-store Target Afterpay in the US but they do in New Zealand and Australia. If you want to find out more about Target Afterpay, then keep reading.

Can I Use Target Afterpay Online and In-Store in the US in 2022?

Before now, you can use Target Afterpay in-store. However, because of technological advancement and the introduction of new pay later services, while shopping, the brand had to limit it within the US. Target knows how important this service is for their customers and they don’t want to stop using this service entirely despite the brand developing a new pay later service.

Unlike other online retailers such as Amazon who have completely removed this feature entirely because they have introduced new means of giving out payment loans for their customers. In 2022, you can only use Target Afterpay online. You can get access to the online service through the Target App and Target website.

Where Can I Use Target Afterpay In-Store?

If you are a customer from the US, you cannot Target Afterpay in-store. However, if you are shopping from New Zealand and Australia, you can make use of Target Afterpay both online and in-store. The reason why you can use this service online and in-store in these two countries are because of the absence of other pay later services available there.

Target did not just restrict service in the US because they just don’t want to but because of the numerous pay later services available in the US. So you will run into a great deal of luck when you are in Australia or New Zealand.

How Will I Make Use of Target Afterpay Online?

This is one of the most common questions asked by customers of Target when they shop. They see the payment method option but don’t know how to go about it. Continue reading to learn to make use of this payment method. When you shop with Target, it is a very simple payment method. The processes are not too many or hard to understand.

There are different ways you can make use of Target Afterpay. you can make use of it directly from the website, you can make use of your Target app or you can make use of the Target Afterpay card you will be given from their app. If you want to shop online and you want to do everything on the website, you just need to proceed to checkout. You just need to choose The Afterpay as your method of payment. However, if you decide to make use of the Afterpay app, you can make use of it especially if you have a currently approved loan.

You just need to sign in to your account online. But if you don’t have an account or you are not approved for any loan yet, you can register for an account immediately. Sign in to complete the payment transaction if you have an active account. If you are registering a new account, you will be given different prompts sent by Target.

This is to enable you to complete the registration on time. When you finally complete the prompts to the end sent to you by Target, you can proceed to complete your transaction once you are approved for the loan. It is easy and simple to approve. Nevertheless, you can still get rejected. You will be sent a long-form stating why you were not approved.

Why Will My Loan Application Be Rejected?

There are certain reasons why your loan request can be rejected. One of the most common reasons for loan rejection is when you are below 18 years and you apply for the loan. Then when you meet the age limit, you will still be rejected if you don’t have a debit card or credit card that is valid. The brand will be unable to recover its loan. It is a form of security for the brand.

They don’t want to run into debt. First of all, you cannot count the Afterpay card as valid because they are the ones to issue you that card. It is a special card for servicing your payment online where they accept Afterpay as a means of payment. You can only apply for this card when you have an active account. Make sure you have another kind of debit or credit card that you can use to service your loan. To be able to qualify or enjoy the Australia and New Zealand Target Afterpay service, you must be living there.

Is There Any Limit While Using Target Afterpay?

Just like other pay later services, there is a spending limit. The brand has explained that the reason for putting a limit on it is not to help you limit what you buy but to also enhance responsible spending and financial management. You can agree with me that people who don’t have control over how they spend can end up shopping for over $5000 just once. Hence, the brand is concerned about how you spend to avoid future financial crises.

This limit is applicable when you shop online or in-store in countries like New Zealand and Australia. When you are shopping online, you can only pay for items that are worth $1000. you need to be careful because when you exceed $1000 in your spending, you will not be able to checkout using this Target Afterpay method of payment.

The minimum amount you can spend is $1. It is easy to reach the minimum amount online. While shopping in-store in Australia and New Zealand, you will need to buy at least $100 and a maximum amount of $1000. you should know it is not easy to meet the minimum amount of $100 in-store. This is why you need to be very careful while shopping in-store so you are not below the minimum and above the maximum while spending.

What Can’t I Pay for Using Target Afterpay While Shopping?

There are certain items you cannot use the Target Afterpay service to pay for while shopping with Target. Items like specialty gift cards or items that are very similar to it, products for personal hygiene, treatments products or service for your muscle, products or service for treating allergies, digestive health, colds, and alcoholic products.

You will not be able to choose the Target Afterpay payment method when you are about to check out if you select any of these items. If you still want to buy some of these items, you will need to check them out separately. I.e, checkout for all eligible Target Afterpay items and then come back to checkout for the ineligible ones.

Can I Withdraw Cash If I don’t Exhaust the Loan I Collected for Target Afterpay?

This depends on the kind of account you run with Afterpay itself. If you are having an active account with Afterpay, you can easily create a savings account that can allow you to withdraw cash, pay your bills, and make budgets. You can take a long time for that purpose. However, if you take a loan just to pay for the items you bought from Target, you will not be able to withdraw the remaining because it is a Target Afterpay intended shopping loan.

You cannot even use the Target Afterpay to settle with other online retailers. For instance, if you bought items from other online retailers, and you are looking at paying for the items using the loan in the name of Target Afterpay is impossible. If you did not exhaust your limit of $1000 while shopping for the first time, you can come back to shop again at Target till you meet the limit if you want. You need to make sure you use it before the time the loan expires.

Can My Target Afterpay Affect My Credit Score?

The Target Afterpay won't affect your credit score positively even if you are paying on time or responsibly. Your credit score remains the same without having issues or without adding to the score. However, if you don’t service your loan on time, you have missed payment entirely, there is a default on your loan, or you don’t want to service your loan again, the brand has the right to report your account so they can recover their money.

This will affect your credit score negatively. You know what it means to have a bad credit score. It is advisable to spend responsibly so you can be able to service your loan.


You must be happy to find out that Target accepts the Afterpay payment method online within the US, while Australia and New Zealand can enjoy the full feature of online and in-store purchase in 2022. Not all items on Target are eligible for the Target Afterpay in 2022. you can use the payment method when you checkout on the official website of Target, the Target app, and the AFterpay card.

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