Does Nintendo Switch Come With Games [NO!]

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The Nintendo Switch console is a powerful device that you can play some of the most popular games. You can opt for the original Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch OLED model, or Nintendo Switch Lite.

Nintendo Switch is a gaming console that users use to play a wide variety of games. The game prices are fair to make it possible for anyone to buy and start playing. If you are thinking of buying a Nintendo Switch or already have it in hand, you may be wondering whether it comes with any games.

Such information will help you estimate what you will spend on gaming. The games can either be in digital or physical form. In this article, we will provide information on why the Nintendo Switch console is a great choice! In your own opinion, do you think it comes with games? Carry on, to find out more.

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Does Nintendo Switch Come With Games?

Well, it doesn’t come with games, but you can purchase them either in digital or physical form to play on the console. Also, you can purchase Nintendo Switch bundles that come with the console plus a few games.

You can opt for the cost-friendly games first, then purchase the more costly ones with time. The games you purchase depend on your budget and the kind of gaming experience you want. You will have one of the best experiences on Nintendo Switch. Your free time will always be sorted out.

How Are The Nintendo Switch Game Bundles?

Since the Nintendo Switch console device comes plainly as that, you can always look out for Nintendo Switch bundles. They are often available during certain events or game launches. Also, the bundled games come as digital copies and not physical copies.

Luckily, the Nintendo Switch eshop has a lot of demos and free-to-play titles that you can play initially before purchasing other games. Some of the free games include Warframe, Arena of Valor, Fortnite, Pokemon Unite, and Super Kirby Clash. However, you will still need a Nintendo Switch online membership to access these games.

What Are The Different Nintendo Switch Types?

When purchasing, you can either opt for the normal Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch (OLED), or Nintendo Switch Lite. The original Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch OLED can be handheld, or used in TV mode, or tabletop mode while the Nintendo Switch Lite is only handheld.

The Nintendo Switch (OLED) also has a larger screen. Even with their differences, they can all be used to play different games comfortably. The Nintendo Switch bundles come with different accessories based on the type. These include the TV dock, joy-cons, joy-con comfort grip, power cable, switch dock, HDMI cable, documentation, etc.

Can I Buy A Nintendo Switch Console With A Game?

Well, most of the Nintendo Switch packages don’t come with games. However, there is one exception, the Nintendo Switch that comes with a Mario game. Therefore, if you aren’t in for it, then you will need to just buy the console alone.

How Much Do The Nintendo Switch Games Cost?

The games cost between $5 to $60. When games are on offer, they can even cost as low as $5. New games tend to cost between $20 and $60, indie games between $10 - $30, mid-tier games between $40 - $50, and big-budget games cost $60. Luckily, on the games eshop, you get to see newly released games, special offers, and those with a demo.

When searching for games, you can filter based on features, availability, game type, edition, character/series, price, ESRB rating, and number of players. You can’t miss finding a game in the vast number of game titles. Some of the games are costly because they come with some downloadable content. For example, Fortnite has in-game currency that you can purchase with real money, making the cost of playing the game more.

Are Physical Game Copies More Expensive Than Digital Copies?

Yes, if you decide you want a physical game copy, be ready to spend more than someone opting for a digital copy. The physical copies of Nintendo Switch games can be purchased at video games stores, or even online retail shops. Even though physical game copies may be a bit expensive, they come with the advantage of being able to resell or lend the game to friends. The Nintendo Switch digital copies can be bought directly on the Nintendo eshop.  Plus you can download them directly to the console.

What Are The Different Nintendo Switch Online Membership Plans?

Nintendo Switch Online membership is subscription-based. It allows users to get access to games and cloud storage for their data. You can either choose the individual or family membership option. The family option allows up to 8 Nintendo account holders. An individual plan is $20 a year, while a family plan goes for $35 a year. You can also opt for the Nintendo expansion pack that has a more extensive library at $50 per year for an individual plan, while $80 for a family plan.

Enjoy a Wide Variety of Games on the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch has a wide variety of games that you can purchase either as physical copies or digital copies. The best place to purchase would be the official Nintendo eshop, however, you can still buy from other online retail shops like Amazon. However, you need to be careful where you make the purchases, to ensure you get a valid console or games. Nintendo Switch is a great platform, and you will enjoy using it to play games.

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