Does McDonald's Have Gravy? (It's Not that Simple)

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Does the McDonald's breakfast menu feature the Gravy for sale? If you are craving this traditional southern breakfast menu, here is all you need to know about McDonald's and Gravy. Read and grasp the plain truth.

Mcdonald's is among the popular restaurants that have established its name for the breakfast and meal menus. Many people have varying tastes and preferences when it comes to menu selection. While some are going for the modern, some still need the traditional dishes.

Thus, disregarding the modern, some customers are interested in discovering if McDonald's sells the Gravy menu. Therefore, this article will evaluate and present our findings based on meticulous research.

Gravy is famous but hard to find. Read our article and find out if McDonald's has it in their store, as well as learn other related aspects.

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Does McDonald's Have Gravy?

The online claims confirm that McDonald's still has the Gravy in some locations. This contrasts with the fact that McDonald's removed the Gravy and biscuits from their official national menu. We recommend visiting those McDonald's stores in the South to place a bet and sure bet. 

Other restaurants feature breakfast on the menu. Among these are the likes of the Waffle House, IHOP, etc. These restaurants offer not only biscuits but also sausage gravy on the menu. If you want to learn more and go beyond a simple explanation, then we have researched for you. Keep reading and find out more.

Do All the McDonald's Stores Serve Gravy?

From the internet, most of these McDonald's locations do not feature the Gravy on their breakfast menu. Previously, they served biscuits and Gravy on the breakfast menu in most fast food restaurants.

Therefore, with frequent access, you will likely get Gravy and biscuit servings in southern United States restaurants because southern customers value Gravy and biscuits served for breakfast. The report indicates that customers can still, in rare cases, find Gravy serving in places like Tennessee and Michigan. These are the only places that have upheld their traditions to serve the Gravy menu.

Also, remember, since the Gravy and biscuits are not featured on the McDonald's national menu, these servings are only available as the secret breakfast.

Gravy is made using a blend of pork sausages and Gravy. We recommend avoiding the McDonald's gravy menu if you don't eat meat, specifically pork. Mcdonald's uses 100% pork sausages to make Gravy, hence one of the most tasty and ideal in most of the other fast food restaurants around the world.

How to Order Gravy and Biscuits at McDonald?

To order biscuits and gravy at McDonald's, you should follow these steps:

1. Visit a McDonald's location during breakfast hours, as biscuits and gravy are typically only available during this time.
2. Ask the staff if they serve biscuits and gravy, as it may not be listed on the menu at all locations. It's considered a regional item and may be part of the secret menu in some areas.
3. If available, specify whether you want sausage or bacon in your gravy. If you do not specify, the default is usually sausage gravy.
4. Be aware that the gravy usually comes in a small cup, so if you prefer more gravy, you may need to order additional sides.
5. Confirm the order and enjoy your meal.

Since the memorial, the Gravy and biscuits have been going for $1.99 on the participating breakfast menu. Thus, if the local McDonald's store offers these items, expect the same or slightly higher pricing.

Mcdonald Gravy and Biscuits Ingredients

Regarding the contents, the Sausage Gravy and Biscuits feature 430 calories in a single serving at the participating McDonald's restaurant or store. More here under Allergen Information. Besides the calories, this meal also contains 16g fat, 25mg cholesterol, 13g protein and 50g carbs. On top of that, it also comes with 1610mg sodium, which is an essential part of the 2300mg any healthy adult needs for daily intake.

However, McDonald's Gravy and biscuits have dairy products like flour and milk. If you are lactose intolerant, avoid this breakfast at all costs. Still, you can take a minimal quantity with care.

Equally, most of the restaurants that sell Gravy utilize dairy products. Hence, before ordering, take caution and ask for clarification or ingredients.

Alternative Breakfast Menu at the McDonald's Restaurant

We understand that not all McDonald's stores and restaurants offer Gravy and biscuits on their menu. Still, there are at least other options available on the McDonald's national menu for breakfast. From their website we have noted many breakfast menus for you to try. Some of these are not limited to:-

The list is very long. Navigate to the website as directed above to see the complete breakfast menu. You can find either of the above breakfast menus at any McDonald's restaurant or store since it is a national menu. They are available for you irrespective of the location.

The food chain and stores serving Gravy and Biscuits

Definitely, we all agree that McDonald's took off the Gravy option from the National breakfast menu. However, many other food chains and stores still offer the same menu. Thus, we have good news if you love the delicious and traditional Southern staple Gravy. some of the alternative places to enjoy Gravy and biscuits are as listed below:

Many of the above lists offer Biscuit and Gravy nationwide on their breakfast menu. If you are unsure, then before going to order, contact the local store or food chain and ask if the items are available.

Also, remember that many small and upcoming local restaurants have the Biscuit and Gravy on their breakfast menu. Try out these small local stores and restaurants and review their menu.

No, this is because Gravy contains meat; if you detest animals or animal products/dairy, avoid it. It has pig sausage made from the pig 100%. To an extent, Gravy has dairy products like flour and milk.


One of the most hidden menus in the US is the Biscuit and Gravy. However, some McDonald's restaurants and stores in Tennessee, Michigan, and the South serve this traditional and popular morning breakfast. Unfortunately, McDonald's took it off their national breakfast menu. In the above article, we have shared alternative stores and food chains that offer Biscuits and Gravy on their premises, as most McDonald's outlets don't have it on the menu.

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