Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners? (Yes, Here Is the Full Guide)

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Does Home Depot rent equipment, tools, and carpet cleaners in the program? That is a good question, and in this article, we will be addressing if the popular stores offer such expensive but one-time-use services. Please read along to the end.

To be able to ask yourself such a question, you must have heard about the Home Depot. Home Depot is a famous Home improvement and supply store for newbies. And if you are still wondering whether the store offers rentals besides selling carpet cleaners, then you are at the right place.

Well, there are two main reasons why you must consider renting rather than buying carpet cleaners. You will save money, and renting is more convenient than spending a lot on one-time and expensive equipment. When seeking to purchase the Home Depot carpet cleaners, they will only quote a typical price exclusive of the installation.

Renting is very simple, but we are here to set things straight because of the confusion. We seek to address the question of whether Home Depot is offering rental services on the Carpet cleaners. If you are curious, keep reading to the end and learn something worthwhile.

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Does Home Depot Offer Carpet Cleaner Rental Services?

Home Depot is a popular online and in-store store that sells and offers rental carpet cleaning services. They allow customers to hire their carpet cleaners tools lasting four hours up to one day, one week, 4 weeks, etc. However, you must pay a rental deposit of $50, which depends on your location and the rental duration. When you return late, the company also has plenty to charge you.

The professional rental carpet cleaning services above are impressive. It's safer, time-saving, and a more convenient method than buying. If you want to learn more about their carpet cleaners renting services, then you are at the right place. We will share more details, facts, and tips based on our experience. These ranges form the cost of hiring, the process depending on the duration, and many other aspects. Hence, keep reading with us to the end.

Renting Carpet Cleaner from Home Depot

Renting a carpet cleaner from this Home Depot is always simple. You must first access the available services on their website directly. You can also see this service's demonstration on the website to be well equipped with everything needed.

Once you are done opening their official website, you must set the location. This is done by entering your zip code where the field is located at the top left corner of the home page. This way, you will get access to the available carpet cleaner tools based on your location.

From this point, you can proceed by choosing the check availability option from the carpet cleaner, which seems appealing so that you can access more information, their availability or whether they are in stock, and the pricing depending on the duration.

Equally, customers can decide to navigate to the ideal store and then add the rental reservation stating the date and specific time they prefer. However, you must include your valid and clear photo identification. This can be a national ID or a passport, which is used when you go for collection.

Home Depot Carpet Cleaner Rental Charges

The services come at varying charges, especially on the Home Depot website. The cost is dependent on many factors. Among them are the duration you rent,  your locality or area, and the machine you choose from the stock.

Hence, our approximation here is based on the Rug Doctor for the regular carpet cleaner. First, if it is for 4 hours, it will cost you $27; one day costs $39 while one week goes for $156; hence 4 weeks, it is approximately $468.

Also, note that the site Home Depot needs a deposit of $50, and you can only pay this amount using a credit card.

Elsewhere, as a general rule, the regular carpet cleaners for house chores will cost you from as low as $200 to about $500, and the services depend on the living room size.

Hence, ensure you are in a position to pay for the tools or rental services before you start clicking that shopping button. Still, we encourage you to avoid carrying heavy tools such as shovels, rakes, etc, where possible. If you are unsure how to use it, consider hiring a professional to help you.

Where Should a Customer Collect the Home Depot Rented Carpet Cleaner?

Home Depot has over 1200 stores distributed, and you can place a reservation at any of these participating stores. The rental program is unavailable in all the stores, and you need to remember this.

Thus, Home Depot understands that these Carpet cleaners are heavy tools and challenging to carry. Hence, they can deliver the machines to your home or wherever they are needed for cleaning services.

Equally, when the Home Depot has the carpet cleaner ready for rental, and you have efficient and sufficient transportation, these guys will always permit you to carry the machine.

You only need to navigate to the How to Get It section and decide whether the carpet cleaner tool you picked is quality for direct delivery on the tool page.

Late Fee Charges at Home Depot on Carpet Cleaner Rental Services

Home Depot will charge you the late return fee if you return the carpet cleaner machines after the agreed time frame. Still, the late fee charges also vary, depending on how late you are while returning the carpet cleaners.

For instance, if you are late for 4 hours, the store will charge you the regular 4 hours. The same also applies if you are late for a whole day, which is 24 hours. Note that the store will always take the agreed percentage even if you return the tools early enough before the time you agreed to elapse. Some claim the company charges you $100 for additional hours or late hours.

Do Carpet Cleaners from Home Depot Feature the Cleaning Services?

All customers are entitled to get one bottle of the carpet cleaner solution on top of their rental machines. Still, if the rental carpet cleaner will not feature the solution or you might want more than they will provide, you will have to purchase the extra solution if not the carpet shampoo.

Before checking out the carpet cleaning solution, you must read the instruction manual to identify the safe solution for the machine. From Home Depot, you will get carpet cleaner answers from as little as 22 oz upto 116oz, where the pricing varies from $8 up to $30.

It would help if you used the same ingredient type on all the products to keep your home safe. This will give you more benefits, like making it easy to vacuum.

Should Home Depot Customers Buy or Rent Carpet Cleaners?

The experts state that your carpet only needs deep cleaning for at least every one and a half years using professional tools. Therefore, consider renting the carpet cleaners from the Home Depot rather than purchasing them because of such an extended time. This will help you make a significant saving on budget.

From Home Depot, the low maintenance carpet cleaner will cost you about $156, while the industrial carpet goes for a cost ranging around $1060 ~ $3000.These tools can clean the home carpets within 20 minutes and be much cheaper to rent at $27 for four hours than purchasing the machine.

Another benefit of carpet cleaner rental is saving on extra home storage space. But when you need to perform a big job often, you might prefer purchasing Carpet cleaner tools. Hence, Home Depot presents you with lucrative monthly payment offers that should last at least 6 months when you are going for higher price items like the talked carpet cleaners.

Alternative Places to Rent Carpet Cleaners

Besides Home Depot, other stores offer the same carpet cleaner rental services. Thus, anytime you realize the Home Depot in your area does not have sufficient carpet cleaner machines available, you can opt for these alternative sites. Among them are as listed below:-

You can navigate through the selection on the above stores and gauge which offers the ideal selection at an affordable price.


Home Depot is an ideal store for buying and renting a carpet cleaner machine for reasonable service and pricing. In the above article, we have reviewed the Home Depot Carpet cleaner rental from the services through the pricing, how to reserve, and potential extra charges on the late return. Most people prefer renting carpet cleaners to buying for many reasons. Over 1200 stores are participating in the carpet cleaners rental program. Select one that suits your accessibility.

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