Does Costco Take Discover? (No, Try This Instead)

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Is Discover among the popular payment methods at Costco? Well, here is everything you need to know. Read our in-depth article and find out if Costco takes Discover cards through their shopping /selling services.

Among the genuine online stores lies Costco. Regarding the payment methods these guys accept, they come out plainly to clarify in-store and online or drive-thru methods.

We understand that online retailers use multiple payment methods throughout their operations. However, the methods sometimes become limited based on your in-store or online shopping preference.

Besides the other popular payment methods, many online people are still confused about whether the company accepts Discover. Let us continue reading and find out what the internet has highlighted in the next section.

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Does Costco Take Discover?

No, Costco does not accept Discover cards as a form of payment in its physical stores. Costco has an exclusive agreement with Visa, so only Visa credit cards are accepted in-store. However, as of November 15, 2023, also stopped accepting Discover cards for online payments. Before this date, customers could use their Discover cards to make purchases on the Costco website or to buy Costco gift cards online, which could then be used in-store.

Please read our article and grasp multiple facts and basic knowledge about the subject and Costco's alternative payment methods. Let us start by highlighting a few alternative payment methods.

The Alternative Payment Methods at Costco

Costco accepts many payment methods. From their website here, they have clarified various methods. Without wasting time, we will go through each category. First of all, at the Costco warehouse, they are currently accepting the payment methods listed below:-

Regarding the gas station, Costco accepts payment methods not just limited to Visa cards but also extended to Costco shop cards, pin-based ATM and debit cards, and Costco anywhere Visa cards.

Lastly, on the website, there are multiple methods listed. On top of the typical ones, they are also taking payment methods like the Visa, master cards, visa cards, Costco shop[ cards, and Costco anywhere Visa.. when purchasing online, always keep in mind that all Canadian and US-based customers must provide a billing address to cater for the deliveries.

You must understand that Costco currently has a strong link or contract with Visa. Thus, you can never utilize the cards, mainly sourced from the three main networks that are competitors, while making payments for in-store purchases at Costco. They do not accept in-store payments using American Express, MasterCard, and Discover. Though gas stations do not also accept Discover cards, you can utilize Visa cards.

Why Costco Doesn't Accept Discover in Their Physical Stores/In-Store

Costco is a well-known retail store due to its strictness. Because they have a contract with Visa, they are not accepting Dicscovers, Mastercard, and American Express as payment methods for in-store purchases. Because of their exclusive partnership, they accept Visa cards for in-store and online purchases, including gas stations.

Previously, the store restricted customers from using Amex-issued cards alongside American Express. But unfortunately, they announced that Visa replaced American Express in 2016 and up to today; the visa card remains their preferred payment method.

From Forbes, Costco is also accepting the Visa and Costco credit cards through their warehouses and other payment methods, as mentioned in the above section. Even though Discover is among the profound credit cards, Costco warehouses are not accepting them. It is only used to make payments on the Costco website.

Using her clarified Visa credit cards, you can receive lucrative deals and generous rewards. You can use the Visa card at all the Costco locations, not only in the US but also in Puerto Rico.

Another reason why Costco is avoiding Discover and American Express is because these credit cards are more costly. It explains why Costco is switching to Visa credit cards to help merchants lower the charges.

Costco Has Stopped Discover Cards for Online Payment

On their payment method as listed online here, they do not mention Discover as their payment method. The only credit cards they will accept are Mastercard and Visa, both in-store and online.

The good thing is that for in-store orders, Costco accepts checks for business, personal, and travelers, Apple Pay and other mobile payment methods, pin-based debit cards, all visa cards, etc. You can utilize these methods and many more to make payments henceforth.

You can still learn many more things from the Costco payment method. Without wasting time, let us review some of the FAQs below and give you an honest verdict.


Q. Can I pay for the Costco travel using a Discover card?

If you are a dedicated member, you can utilize the Costco travel feature, enabling you to pay for vacations, cruises worldwide, and hotel stays. Currently, customers cannot pay for Costco travel using a Discover card. Their website makes it simple and mentions ideal payment methods like the MasterCard, visa credit as well as debit cards if making online payment and reservation.

You can also use the Costco shop card to settle the bill in a few simple steps for the vacation package. They are also not accepting other payment methods for Costco travel, which include checks, American Express, Costco Anywhere, visa cards, mileage payments, money orders, or American Express.

Q. Can customers use Discover cards at the Costco gas station?

From the above article, we have noted that Costco doesn't accept Discover at their gas station. But based on the available methods, you can utilize options like visa cards, pin-based debit cards or ATM, Costco shop cards, Costco anywhere visa cards, etc.


Though Costco allows customers to use Discover cards, you are only eligible to sue for the online payment. For Instroe and gas stations, Costco doesn't take Discover cards. Costco accepts multiple other alternative payment methods since they signed a contract with Visa. Please read our article and grasp these alternative payment methods in detail since soon, they stop Discovers even for online payment.

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