Does Amazon Sell Contact Lenses? (All You Need to Know)

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Can you log in to Amazon and order a pair of contact lenses? Yes, in fact, you will find a variety of contact lenses to choose from. This comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know about purchasing contact lenses on Amazon.

More people opt for contact lenses instead of glasses because of the more natural vision they get. If this is your first time buying contacts online, finding a reputable and trustworthy vendor might be a major hassle. 

Amazon’s inventory is quite overwhelming. The e-commerce giant sells almost anything that comes to mind. From diapers to office equipment, Amazon has you covered. But what about contact lenses? Most people would first go to an optometrist to get a prescription and then most likely get the contact lenses there. But what if you already have the prescription? 

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Does Amazon Sell Contact Lenses?

Yes, Amazon does sell contact lenses. Amazon offers a variety of contact lenses from different brands and in different types, such as daily disposable, monthly disposable, and colored contacts. Customers can purchase contacts online and have them delivered to their doorstep.

What Should You Consider When Purchasing Contact Lenses on Amazon?

Buying contact lenses on Amazon is as easy as buying any other product. However, if you use contact lenses regularly, you know there is more to consider than price. Factors you need to consider include quality, brand, and lifespan. Buying contact lenses on Amazon can be quite challenging since most brands and retailers do not provide adequate information about the contact lenses in the product description. To get you started, we have compiled the following lists of contact lenses based on specific criteria.

A product's price is a significant factor in determining whether or not it will be purchased. For contact lenses, there are many options available on Amazon. On Amazon, contact lenses range from $15 to $150 for more expensive brands. If you are lucky, you may find the item being sold at a discount either offered by Amazon or the manufacturing company. Regardless of your budget, Amazon has you covered.

If you are a loyal online shopper who likes buying from a particular brand, worry not. At Amazon, you will find top-rated brands which guarantee high-quality products. Some of the contact-lense brands available on Amazon include O-Lense, Bausch & Lomb, and Aqualense. Once you get to the particular brand you like, you can further filter the contact lenses based on other factors such as color and type.

Depending on your particular use case, Amazon has the right contact lens for you. A significant factor that determines type is optical power. You can think of optical power as the level of corrections your lens must provide to enhance and sharpen your vision. Amazon provides over 15 options of optical power—from -0.50 to 9.00.

If you are buying contact lenses for cosmetic reasons, color is a significant factor you have to consider. Colored contact lenses come in different sizes, color patterns, and color densities. Additionally, you have to consider your skin tone to get the matching contact lens. The following are some of the colored-contact lenses you will find on Amazon.

So as to get the best results, several aspects, like your complexion and hair color, should be taken into account while selecting your desired color.

Other Online Stores to Buy Contact Lenses

Apart from Amazon, several other online stores offer contact lenses. At some of these stores, you can get the exact contact lenses at a better price. Additionally, some of these stores are dedicated to lenses, and you will have better-guided information before making a purchase. Eager to learn where you can get contact lenses for a better price? Read on.

At Warby Parker, you will not only get stylish and affordable eyeglasses, but you will also get a wide variety of contact lenses too. Warby Parker even has its own contact lens brand—Scout. Other brands sold by Warby Parker include Biotrue, Dailies, Acuvue, and Air Optix.

With Warby Parker, you can get a three-month supply of Scout daily contact lenses for only $47. This is a good deal considering you will get a total of 90 contact lenses. If you want to try out the contact lenses, Warby Parker will give you a six-day trial pack to test them and see if they are suitable for you.

1800Contacts is one of the best-known contact lens brands. The company's customer service is also known to be better than other retailers. What sets 1800Contacts apart from the competition is its pricing matching—if you were to find a competitor with a better price, just contact 1800Contacts, and they will do their best to match the price. is one of the most reputable companies for buying contact lenses and glasses. Remarkable support for customers is another thing for which the organization is well-known. stocks contact lenses from reputable brands such as Ait Optix, Biofinity Toric, and Acuvue. also allows returns while covering the shipping cost for unopened boxes.

Conclusion, the largest e-commerce retailer, certainly sells contact lenses. Not only will you find contact lenses at an affordable price, but you will also find a wide range of them to choose from. Some of the brands stocked by Amazon include O-Lense, and Bausch & Lomb. If you are not satisfied with the contact lenses on Amazon, you can try out alternative retailers such as, Warby Parker, and 1800Contacts. There, you can get a greater selection of brands, as well as cheaper contact lenses.

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