Does Amazon Own Goodreads? (Things You Need to Know)

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Learn about the history and acquisition of Goodreads by Amazon, and the impact it has had on the popular social cataloging website for books. Discover how this ownership affects book lovers and authors alike. Read on for a comprehensive guide.

Amazon is one of the largest online retailers in the world, and they're also an e-commerce company. That means they handle shipping, customer service, and other logistical tasks that go into running a store.

One of their largest operations is, a social media platform where readers can find and follow millions of books they like. This platform connects with the infrastructure of Amazon's website. It helps to drive sales on Amazon through personalized recommendations from friends -- which marketers often use to help drive bigger profits. Read on from this post for more information!

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Does Amazon Own Goodreads? 

Goodreads was acquired by Amazon in 2013 and is now owned by the company. This new feature allows Amazon customers to link their accounts and leave reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. Although Goodreads was initially criticized, its user base has grown to 60 million. The acquisition of Goodreads has allowed Amazon to continue its book sales and publishing leader position.

The company has grown its market share from 5% to 20% over the last five years. Goodreads is a place for users to share book reviews and for authors to release their books for free. This allows them to reach a larger audience than by sharing their work through social media channels or paid advertising.

Why Did Amazon Buy Goodreads?

As part of its strategy to further strengthen its position in the book industry, Amazon acquired Goodreads. Being the world's largest retailer of books, Amazon has a unique advantage in tracking book trends and providing its customers with the books they want to read. By acquiring Goodreads, Amazon can now provide customers with more information about books, such as reviews and ratings from other readers.

This will help them make better choices when buying their next book. With the purchase of this website, Amazon also gained access to data about what people are reading on other sites like Facebook and Twitter. Amazon's acquisition of Goodreads may also give it a competitive edge against other e-commerce sites like Barnes & Noble and Google Play Books, which have recently launched their own ebook reader devices aimed at consumers who read ebooks on their mobile devices.

How Much Did Amazon Pay For Goodreads?

Goodreads' initial purchase price wasn't disclosed to the press or media when Amazon acquired it. After the merger, media sources reported that Amazon spent $150 million to acquire Goodreads, which surprised them, given Goodreads' small following. Amazon's acquisition of Goodreads is a rare example of a company buying another company because it wanted more content.

That a company like Amazon would spend so much money on a social media platform that seems irrelevant has been a source of consternation for some observers. However, there are a few reasons this acquisition makes sense for Amazon and its long-term strategy.

Was Amazons Purchase Of Goodreads Bad?

The news of Amazon's purchase of Goodreads was met with a lot of hostility, and the news media referred to this book community as stunned. It was disappointing news for many book readers because they enjoyed Goodreads. After all, it was a comparatively smaller company than Amazon. The book community felt that Goodreads' addition to Amazon's brand line-up would diminish its authenticity and enjoyment for several reasons, including the Amazon advertisement featured in the app.

Purchasing Goodreads will help Amazon expand its library to include ebooks and increase its presence in the book market. Acquiring a platform millions of users have used will help Amazon get more customers and increase sales. However, some argued that this is good for Amazon and its backers. They believe that the purchase will enhance the functionality of their platform and help it compete with other ecommerce platforms like eBay or Etsy. They also think it will help Amazon compete better with other players in the market, such as Apple, Google, and Facebook, which are developing similar platforms.

How Did Amazon Change Goodreads?

Amazon altered customer and member communication between and Goodreads slightly. With the new Goodreads login capability, customers can now access Goodreads directly from their accounts. This will allow customers to order from Amazon's book list without having to log into their account on Goodreads, which is more convenient for them than logging into two sites at once.

The new Goodreads Login allows you to go directly to your account on the website rather than having to log in through your browser or app (if you're logged in already). You can see what other members have reviewed or read a book, make profile updates and post reviews yourself. Customers can add books from their Amazon purchase history to their Goodreads profile to keep track of the books they're reading on their Kindle Device and other books. Through their Goodreads profile, customers can share notes and highlights from their Kindle books with friends and groups they are a part of.

Do Goodreads Reviews Show Up On Amazon?

When customers sign in with their Amazon accounts, customer and reader reviews are synced across Goodreads and This allows readers to see what other readers have said about the book they're reading, which can help them decide whether the book is right for them.

Goodreads members will automatically be able to view the reviews for a book when they add their review on their Goodreads page. Syncing only works one way, so customers don't see their book reviews on Goodreads if they leave a review on

Did Amazon Ruin Goodreads?

Media outlets in the book industry were hostile to Amazon's acquisition of the Goodreads community. This is because of the fear of the Goodreads community that Amazon would ruin its operations. The fears were unfounded. Goodreads became one of the most popular websites for book lovers, and it continues to be an important tool for authors to reach readers.

Amazon's acquisition of Goodreads was not just about acquiring more customers or making more money through advertising; it was also about bringing together two communities, one on the Internet and one on paper, into one powerful force for good. Due to this, Amazon has managed to keep Goodreads' user experience authentic and intact despite being a titan among book publishers.

Bottom Line

The Amazon purchase of Goodreads was a controversial but ultimately positive move for the companies and the book industry. It allowed Amazon to expand its customer base and increase sales while giving Goodreads users a more convenient way to access their favourite website. It also enhanced the functionality of both platforms and helped them compete better with other players in the market.

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