Does Amazon Own Chewy in 2024?

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Chewy is a relative newcomer to the pet-focused retail area, yet it has managed to establish itself as one of the industry's leaders. But does Amazon really own Chewy? Let’s find out…

Apart from the wide range of items available on, the retail giant owns a range of subsidiary companies. Most of them were actually acquired by Amazon, thanks to their standout performance in industry niches that Amazon also targets. Chewy is one of Amazon’s most recent acquisitions (well, not very close, though).

Chewy is a leader when it comes to the same of pet foods and related products. Having known that Amazon owns Chewy, in this post, we’ll help you draw some parallels between Chewy and Amazon. Keep reading to learn more……

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A Brief History of Chewy

Chewy is an American online retailer that sells pet food and other pet-related items in Dania Beach, Florida. Petsmart owns Chewy, a pet supplies firm that paid $3.35 billion for Chewy in 2017. At the time, it was the most prominent e-commerce acquisition ever made. Chewy is an online retailer.

Pet food, snacks, supplies, and pet supplies and pharmaceuticals are available through the Company's retail website and mobile application for dogs, cats, fish, birds, small pets, horses, and reptiles. Chewy serves customers in the United States. Continue reading this post for more valuable facts, advice, and information on this issue, including if Amazon owns Chewy, if Chewy is better than Amazon, and other relevant FAQs.

Does Amazon Own Chewy In 2024?

PetSmart owns Chewy, but Amazon does not own it and purchased the firm in May 2017. On the other hand, Chewy is one of Amazon's key competitors in the pet supply sector. Furthermore, while Amazon does not control Chewy, it does own the Wag pet supplies firm.

Who Owns Chewy?

While Amazon does not control Chewy, PetSmart owns it. It is a pet supply firm that paid $3.35 billion for Chewy in 2017. Chewy was the most expensive e-commerce company ever purchased when PetSmart bought it in 2017. In addition, PetSmart sold a 20% stake in Chewy to BC Partners, a private equity group that has controlled PetSmart since 2014.

Is Chewy Affiliated With Petsmart?

Yes, Chewy is in the same league as Petsmart. PetSmart purchased Chewy in April 2017, and the two firms have been operating as one.

Is Amazon A Threat to Chewy?

Amazon and Chewy both provide a wide range of pet items, and Chewy is one of Amazon's main competitors in the pet supply sector. However, unlike Amazon, Chewy delivers a broader range of animal medications and even has a dedicated pharmacy area on its website.

Furthermore, according to recent Chewy research, pet stores run as small companies are a more significant threat to Chewy than Amazon at the time. As a result, while Amazon does compete with Chewy owing to its large assortment of pet items, the firm is not seen as the most severe threat to Chewy.

Does Amazon Sell More Pet Products Than Chewy?

Customers think that Amazon or Chewy can outsell the other for pet supplies. Nevertheless, because Amazon has many more good ratings on pet supplies than Chewy, some shoppers may believe Amazon sells more pet products than Chewy. Customers should be aware that, while Amazon has more reviews on its pet items than Chewy, many of those reviews are likely to be generated by bots and fraudulent accounts.

As a result, it's logical to say that Chewy and Amazon sell at a comparable level regarding pet supplies. Both firms are pretty popular among pet owners and outsell each other in specific areas.

Chewy Vs. Amazon: Which Is Better?

In terms of pet products, many consumers consider Chewy to be better than Amazon. Chewy, for example, has a more extensive selection of pet care categories, including a specialized pharmacy department for all of the animals they serve. Furthermore, Chewy's pet items have stable costs, whereas Amazon's prices change based on the time of year and the popularity of a product.

Moreover, Chewy sells feed, bedding, and other supplies for farm animals such as pigs and cows, whereas Amazon primarily sells stuff for domestic pets and horses. While Amazon's pet care assortment isn't as extensive, it does provide a large range of pet food supplies.

Customers regard it as a solid option for customers who primarily care for home pets. Even though both Amazon and Chewy are fantastic places to buy pet supplies, many people believe Chewy to be the best because of the extensive range of animals they serve and their constant prices.

Does Amazon Own Any Pet Stores?

While Amazon does not control Chewy, they also own a pet supplies brand called Wag, an Amazon house brand for dog and cat food. Pet lovers may also shop the AmazonBasics brand for pet beds, cat trees, cages, bowls, toys, and other items for cheaper rates than other pet brands on

What Pet Foods Does Chewy Sell?

Chewy is one of the most fantastic online pet supplies stores, selling the following pet meals:

What Pet Food Brands Does Chewy Stock?

Chewy carries several well-known brands, including:

Bottom Line

Amazon does not own Chewy; instead, PetSmart owns Chewy. PetSmart bought Chewy malt in 2017, but the firm is presently for sale. As a result, Chewy will be purchased by another brand soon. While Amazon does not control Chewy, it does have its house brand for dog and cat food called Wag.

AmazonBasics also sells pet toys, furniture, and other products to dogs, cats, and small animals. Both Amazon and Chewy provide pet supplies, and Chewy is one of Amazon's key competitors in the pet supply market. Chewy and Amazon sell at a comparable level regarding pet supplies. Chewy offers an extensive range of items and regular discounts on their "Today's Deals" page, and free delivery on purchases over $49.00.

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