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Sleep healthier and live healthier with Denver Mattress Doctor’s Choice. The Denver Mattress Company is one of a kind, because it offers factory direct pricing. This simply means there is no middleman markup.
This factory direct pricing ensures that you get top quality sleep at a much affordable price range that is 50% cheaper compared to competing products. This company was created out of the waterbed boom of the eighties.

Denver Mattress started manufacturing innerspring beds for kids beds lineup in 1992 after the waterbed receded. Afterward, the company started manufacturing full-line adult-size sleeping items to compliment the bedchamber sets sold via Oak Express.

The first Denver Mattress store was opened in Denver in April, 1995. The store has developed into one of the major privately managed mattress company in the US with over ninety locations in thirty states.

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Overview The Denver Mattress Doctor's Choice


  • Zoned pocketed coil design for support
  • Pressure relieving memory foam layer
  • Good edge support from the coils
  • Minimal motion transfer
  • Durable double-lock edged coils


  • May be too firm for strict side sleepers
  • Could have more premium foam layers
  • Coils may develop some squeaks over time
  • Only available in one firmness option

Overall, the Doctor’s Choice is a quality hybrid mattress that offers a balance of comfort and support at an affordable price point. It accommodates most sleeping positions and body types.

Denver Mattress Lineup

Doctor’s Choice Plush Mattress $449.99 – $949.99 12 Quilt Layers, Comfort Layers, and Support System King, Queen Full XL, Full, Twin XL, Twin, & Cal King
Doctor’s Choice Elite Firm Mattress $669.99 – $1,399.99 13 Quilt Layers, Comfort Layers, and Support System Twin XL, Queen, King, & Cal King
Doctor’s Choice Euro Top Mattress $489.99 – $999.99 13 Quilt Layers, Comfort Layers, and Support System King, Queen Full XL, Full, Twin XL, Twin, & Cal King
Doctor’s Choice Firm Mattress $449.99 – $949.99 10.5 Quilt Layers, Comfort Layers, and Support System King, Queen Full XL, Full, Twin XL, Twin, & Cal King
Doctor’s Choice Elite Plush Mattress $669.99 – $1,399.99 13.5 Quilt Layers, Comfort Layers, and Support System Twin XL, Queen, King, & Cal King
Doctor’s Choice Elite Euro Top Mattress $969.99 – $1,699.99 15.25 Quilt Layers, Comfort Layers, and Support System Twin XL, Queen, King, & Cal King

Please Note: The prices you see have been recently updated, but are subject to change due to promotions and other factors. Consequently, we can't guarantee real-time accuracy of the prices. Be aware that costs and product availability may vary over time. Please refer to our Price Disclaimer for more information.

Who is Suitable?

The Doctor’s Choice Mattresses are suitable for people with back problems. According to Dr. Brian Wieder, it is extremely important for patients with back problems to get a good night sleep. Lack of sufficient sleep forces you to wake up mentally and psychologically fatigued.

The lack of proper ability to rest your spinal muscles forces you to begin your day from a fatigue standpoint. This is so since fatigued spinal muscles are not capable to provide the support your ligaments and muscles need, which may potentially lead to back problems.

The doctor has, over the years, experimented with different mattresses. He tried everything from air mattresses, water beds, futons, to standard mattresses. Overall, he felt that each mattress he tested did not feel any different from the previous design.

The doctor ended up buying a Denver mattress through one of his patients who was working with Denver Mattress Company. The doctor verified that the bed offered him the best night sleep that he probably didn’t have in years.

Most people may be wondering how a single mattress can be better for their backs than other options. Well, Doctor’s Choice Mattresses have several components that when put together create a better mattress for a better night sleep.

One of the main components of the Denver Mattress Doctor’s Choice is its high-density foam that measures 1.8 pounds as opposed to conventional beds that use only 1.1 to 1.5 pounds foam density. This helps to ensure pressure point relief, especially in the hip and side areas of the body.

This means that while you are sleep, the bed does an amazing job of adjusting to your body to reduce capillary cutoff, improving spinal alignment and reducing turning and tossing so as you get a better night rest.

Who is Not Suitable?

The Doctor’s Choice Mattresses are undoubtedly the best options for people with back problems. However, they may not be an excellent choice for people who are used to super soft mattresses, since they are designed to offer luxury firmness.


These mattresses come with the highest foam density of 1.8 pounds compared to conventional models. Therefore, they are very effective at eliminating pressure points in the hips and shoulders. This guarantees a good night sleep for a different type of sleepers.

Another amazing performance feature of the Doctor’s Choice Mattresses is the perfect edge that lets you take full advantage of the mattresses’ full edge to edge sleeping surface. These beds reduce the strain feeling, such as you sliding off the side or sinking into the middle.

In fact, the mattresses use pressure response coils that are designed with interchanging right turn and left turn structure. This creates the perfect balance of support and comfort thereby reducing sleeping partner disturbance.


This is, in fact, one of the most impressive features of the Doctor’s Choice Mattresses. The fact that Denver Mattress makes all their high-quality beds themselves in their own unique facilities, they are able to offer factory direct pricing.

This is why Denver Mattress is able to provide a much better bed for a much better price. This will, at the time, save you more than 50% compared to other major mattress brands in the market. So, look no further than Doctor’s Choice if you have a tight budget and you need a good mattress.

Doctor’s Choice Plush Mattress $449.99 – $949.99
Doctor’s Choice Elite Firm Mattress $669.99 – $1,399.99
Doctor’s Choice Euro Top Mattress $489.99 – $999.99
Doctor’s Choice Firm Mattress $449.99 – $949.99
Doctor’s Choice Elite Plush Mattress $669.99 – $1,399.99
Doctor’s Choice Elite Euro Top Mattress $969.99 – $1,699.99

Return Policy

Denver Mattress offers you a 365-day guarantee for a better night sleep. The company offers you a factor direct savings because they do all the production by themselves. There is no one time you will buy a Doctor’s Choice bed through a middleman.

Apart from the lowest prices possible in today’s market, the company offers you the ideal satisfaction promise of one year. This means that you have a year to test your new bed and decide whether or not it is a good fit, but terms and conditions apply.

For the first four months after purchase, you get a hundred percent credit toward exchange or refund. However, you are required by the company to keep on using the bed for at least 30 days so as to allow your body to adjust to your new mattress.

You get seventy-five percent of credit in exchange for a changed mattress in the second four months, but no refunds. You get a fifty percent credit in exchange for a changed mattress in the final four months, but with no refunds.

You do not get returns on customized orders, including Full XL, Split Cal King, and Split King. The 365-day guarantee starts on the date you take ownership of your new Doctor’s Choice Mattress. The guarantee also allows for a one time refund or comfort exchange.

Top 3 Rated Doctor’s Choice Mattress Reviews

Doctor’s Choice Plush Mattress

The Doctor’s Choice Plush Mattress is the best buy under $800. It offers you an exceptional combination of comfort and support at a very manageable price range. This bed comes highly recommended by over 150 users.

The mattress is available in seven sizes for preference, including: King, Queen Full XL, Full, Twin XL, Twin, and Cal King. Unlike other products in the market, the Doctor’s Choice Plush is made of 1.8-pound high-density foam.

Therefore, this mattress does an amazing job of cradling your body all night long. This helps to relieve pressure points, turning and tossing, especially on the shoulders and hip areas. This is true for all the sizes of the Doctor’s Choice Plush Mattress.

The bed has four quilt layers: natural rayon fire barrier; 1-1/2-inch of 1.8-pound convoluted EF foam; 1-inch EF foam; and micro denier jacquard ticking. The comfort layers are: one flex net insulator; and 2-1/2-inch of 1.8-pound convoluted EF foam. The support system is made up of the balanced orthopedic sleep system.

Overall, this bed is made to feel soft. However, it offers adequate firmness feel to allow for proper weight distribution and spinal alignment. It is one of the best choices for back and side sleeping because of the extra cushioning.

  • Relieves pressure points
  • Reduces back pain
  • A better choice for side sleepers, especially those who like the fetal position
  • You can add softness with pillow-top systems
  • Good edge to edge support
  • May tend to grow softer with time, reducing its effectiveness

Doctor’s Choice Euro Top Mattress

If sleep has become your enemy, the first thing to do to design the right sleep environment checks the condition of your mattress. If you are like many people today, the mattress you sleep on is not in pristine condition.

In fact, if you are the kind of person who keeps your mattress for decades, then you certainly need a quick switch to the Doctor’s Choice Euro Top Mattress. This bed will keep up with changes in your age, fitness level, or weight.

Like all Doctor’s Choice beds, the Euro Top is made up of 1.8-pound high-density foam, which is very effective at eliminating pressure points, especially on the shoulders and hips. As opposed to the traditional mattresses, which have density foam of 1.1 to 1.5, the Euro Top is more durable.

Quick look: The mattress uses pressure response coil system that is designed with alternating left-turn and right-turn structure. This develops the ideal balance required for proper back support and spinal alignment when sleeping after an eventful day.

It is available in seven sizes for preference, including: Cal King, King, Queen, Full XL, Full, Twin XL, and Twin. It features four quilt layers, two comfort layers, and the support system (which is made up of the balanced orthopedic sleep system).

  • Superior combination of support and comfort at a manageable price
  • High-density foam offers better pressure point relief
  • Unmatched edge to edge to support
  • Better back care
  • Best for couples
  • A better wakeup call
  • Not the best choice if you are looking for a firmer mattress

Doctor’s Choice Elite Firm Mattress

If a firm bed that is specifically designed for back care is what you are after, then the Doctor’s Choice Elite Firm Mattress is what you need. This bed offers you a well-appointed sleep experience for the matchless value.

The balanced orthopedic sleep system offers you enhanced support and surrounds you in superior comfort. The 4LB gel and 2LB HD luxury plush layers offers a cooling, supportive surface for an unmatched night sleep.

It is incorporated with individually wrapped coils that offer superior motion separation, ensuring that you do not disturb your partner’s sleep. For extra durability, the mattress is topped with Denver’s signature anti-microbial quilting.

It seems obvious that luxury firmness benefits those who have back problems, because it reduces irritation by minimizing joint pressure. If you are suffering from spinal problems, then look no further than the Doctor’s Choice Elite Firm Mattress.

  • Offers a luxury firmness for unbeatable value
  • Balanced orthopedic sleep system enhances support
  • Individually wrapped coils offer superior motion separation
  • Anti-microbial quilting layer enhances the mattress’ durability
  • Facilitates a neutral spine position, helping to keep the body straighter
  • Prevents the lumbar spine from collapsing, especially for people with back problems
  • Allows you to use props, such as pillows between your knees
  • Body weight may end up creating indentations
  • Switching from a softer option to this one may be challenging for some people

The Wrap Up

The Doctor’s Choice Mattresses are among the best choices for people with back problems. It is Denver’s special lineup. The six available options offer you unmatched performance that you will hardly get from traditional beds.

They may all appear similar in construction, but they surely offer unique performance. A feature unique to these mattresses is the 1.8-pound high-density foam, which provides superior pressure relief compared to conventional designs that are made of 1.1 to 1.5-pound high-density foam.

There is a comfortable firmness level for every type of sleeper; the most popular ones being plush and firm. We recommend the plush model for slimmer, lighter people; and the firm model for heavy people.

Use our Checklist when you shop for a mattress to help you compare features of the mattresses you like.

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