Can Snowblowers Be Used On Gravel? (Yes,But You Must Know This...)

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It's that time of the year again, and you might wonder, Can Snowblowers be used on gravel? Yes, but not all Snowblowers are suitable for gravel driveways. This post will cover all you need to know about using Snowblowers on gravel surfaces.

The winter season comes with the task of removing frost from the driveway to make it safe. Even though you can use a shovel, there may be better decisions than this because it's not very effective, especially if you are clearing a large area. So, can snowblowers be used on gravel? Yes, you can, but you must use the right Snowblower for your gravel driveway.

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The Three Types of Snowblowers.

There are three main types of snowblowers.

1. Snow Thrower

You can clear the snow using a snow thrower with a smooth driveway. Its rubber auger rotates, gathering snow and blowing it up through the chute. If you use this machine to remove snow from your driveway, it will collect snow, dirt, and gravel, throwing the rocks in the wrong places. Eventually, you will then have to add more stones to your driveway.

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2. Two-Stage Snow Blower

The two-stage snow bowler has two augers that pick, grind and push the snow into its impeller. This impeller moves the snow out via the chute, about 50 ft. away, at a very high speed. Its auger is relatively low on the ground, but you can constantly adjust it to a higher height to avoid picking the gravel. Now, if you are blowing out on a typical gravel driveway, you can set this Snowblower at the "normal" setting, but if the snow layer is thick, then a packed snow setting will help you dig under a thicker snow layer.

3. Three-Stage Snow Blower

The three-stage Snowblower has three augers, making it robust and fast. Two of its augers sit at the front, and the other one plays the role of an accelerator. The two augers at the front suck in the snow, grind and push it through the chute. Furthermore, these augers are close to the ground but don't touch it, so your gravel is safe. This machine has a more powerful engine than the two discussed above. The three-stage snow blower is the perfect machine to clear snow from your driveway. However, it is pretty expensive.

Does A Snowblower Clear All Snow From The Driveway?

The answer is yes. A Snowblower has a small engine that pushes the rubber paddles to remove snow. These rubber paddles can touch the ground if you are clearing snow from a smooth driveway or slightly raise them if you have a gravel driveway. As the rubber paddles move forward, they collect almost all the snow.

Maintaining a Snowblower

Be careful about the gas you use, and at least have a fuel stabilizer for each fuel tank since the gas starts to degrade after 60 days. Furthermore, always make sure you use gas highly concentrated with octane and mix it with some ethanol.

Snowblowers for Gravel Driveways

Some of the best Snowblowers for gravel driveways are:

What Is the Cost of A Gravel Snowblower?

Most two-stage Snowblowers effective for gravel driveways cost $800 to $3,000. But you must dig deeper into your pocket if you want a more powerful machine, like the three Stage Snow Blower. Therefore, evaluating how often you will be using a Snowblower and the surface size you will be working on before purchasing is essential.

Unique Characteristics of a Snow Thrower

These are the main features that distinguish a Snowblower from a snow thrower.

Main Features of Snowblowers

Good quality Snowblowers have:

What Should You Consider Before Buying A Snowblower?

What do you look for when buying a Snowblower?


A Snowblower is a crucial purchase because, despite their vital role, they are also quite expensive. When buying, you should note that there are three main types, the first is a snow thrower that is ideal for a smooth surface, and the other two, the second and third-stage snow blowers, are perfect for gravel surfaces.

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