Bombas Socks Review: *Pros and Cons* Are They Worth to Buy?

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A comfortable pair of socks can relax your body. Bombas is known for producing socks, and if you haven't worn one yet, this review will help you make the right decision.

If you have been looking for premium quality socks that will compliment your shoes or make you feel comfortable when you wear shoes. Socks do much more than just prevent your feet from forming those blisters. You might find it difficult to get a sock that will create the right environment that will aid moisture control and help maintain temperature. Bombas is a company that specifically produces premium socks that are simple, sharp, and aesthetic. They help to deliver these quality socks for all genders.

They also produce T-shirts. However, the T-shirt clothing line is not the main business line. They target kids, women, and men with their innovative products. If you have been finding it hard to shop for the best socks that are reliable for all temperatures, that will balance moisture, then you might want to consider using Bombas socks. As they do not only premium socks but also produce nice shirts meant for all genders. Read this review to know everything about this company, it will help you know how worthy it is.

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Bombas Socks Review

Bombas is a company that helps in producing, selling, and delivering premium socks for men, women, and children. Their socks are aesthetic, sharp, and very simple. You can easily identify their socks because of the customization of the brand logo on them. They make durable products with quality fabrics, there are different ranges of designs for you to choose from.

This company was founded in 2014 by David and Randy. That was when they made their first online appearance. One of the outstanding differences between this brand and the other is the seven materials used in producing these premium socks. They are designed for better performance and comfort.

This review is made to cover various aspects concerning Bombas socks including the pros and cons of the brands, customers review, check if the brand is worth it, I will explain the things I like about the brand, discounts, promotion, FAQ, and also ways to contact them if you need more information not contained in this review.

Bombas Socks Pros

Bombas Socks Cons

Why Do We Like Bombas Socks?

The Dress Socks

For this type of Bombas socks, you can get it starting from $15. there are made in a way that will emphasize ribbed styles, over the calf, and on the calf. Some of the main patterns are the stripes and floral patterns. The colors of these socks are endless, you can choose a different color. Most times, you can choose a specific color type you want. For instance, you might be looking for a blue color, they have different types of blue for you to choose from.

You have the opportunity to select the exact type of blue you want. They carry a stylish look that makes your outfit complete. You can select from the various length available. They make use of a mix of cotton, nylon, spandex, and polyesters to make the socks. it is elastic, it grips your feet well to avoid slipping. It provides comfort and softness.

The Running Socks

You can always see this type of Bombas socks for $16. they are available for ankle or quarter styles. They are also made with cotton, spandex, polyesters, or nylon. They are flexible and lightweight to create comfort and high-performance ideal for intensity. The running Bombas socks are designed with a distinctive feature that provides moisture control and ventilation. The airflow features allow the socks to be breathable.

These types of socks are made to withstand high tension usages such as constant running, exercise, or other sports activities. They are simple, sharp, and aesthetic.

The Merino Wool Socks

This type has a different variety for you to choose from. Starting from the no-show socks, and as high as the knee. It can be made of a combination of wool and other fabrics or only wool. You can get these socks for $14. They can even use spandex, wool, cotton, and nylon to blend it. They are made with these fabrics to ensure they are comfortable for all-weather and any outfit. There is a fantastic feeling at the contour of your feet when you wear these socks. It can also control moisture and help to circulate air.

The Ankle Socks

Nowadays, most people prefer ankle socks. They want to wear comfortable socks yet they don’t want it to be seen. Some outfits do not require you to see the socks you wear to make them perfect and stylish. These socks perform underground duties. You can get these socks for as low as $12. They are made with rubbers, polyesters, a mix of cotton, and spandex. They have simple designs with solid colors. They are high-performance socks. They help to deliver Y-stitch, honeycomb arch, and seamless toe support system to enhance comfort.

The No Show Socks

The no-show socks produced by this brand have received awards and recognition because of their features. You can get it for $12. They are no-show socks because you cannot see them when you wear them inside your shoe. It is made from polyesters, cotton, nylon, and spandex. This sock prevents slipping off and it delivers high performance.

Customer Review

This brand has been able to make a relevant spot in the community already. I carefully made my research on the things customers were saying about this product. From the statistics of my review, I found out that most customers gave good remarks about these socks. They were pleased with the high performance of this product.

Trust Pilot had a balanced review. Hence, I used the website for this analysis. 4.5 was the star rating on the TrustPilot.

I love these products. I bought 4 different types of socks, and they met all my expectations. I love to exercise, so I bought Bombas running socks. It is comfortable and helps to control moisture anytime I use it.

Where to Buy Bombas Socks

You can get exclusive deals when you buy directly from the official website

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Is Bombas Worth It?

You might ask yourself why you should go ahead to get a Bombas sock. This company aims to provide simple, aesthetic, and high-performing socks. They have good discounts and promotions, affordable prices, and they have good customer reviews. Unlike other brands, they try to make a difference by providing several varieties to choose from. I honestly recommend this brand.

Bombas Discount

You can enjoy the following when you shop on Bombas

Bombas Contact

You can get in touch with Bombas if you have a further question not contained in this review via the following means


Q. What are the means of payment accepted by Bombas?

They accept American Express, Master Card, Discover. They also accept other payment methods such as Paypal, Apple Pay, and Amazon pay.

Q. What is Bomba return policy?

There is no limited time to return. Your shipping and product are covered by the company when you want to return. This fantastic feature is sponsored by Bombas Happiness Guarantee.

Q. Is Bomba ship internationally?

For now, Bomba only ships to Australia and Canada at the same flat rate. They have a flat price of $15 for international shipping. It will take around 1-3 to receive your order

Q. How can I apply to be a partner forgiving?

For now, it will take about 12 months to add new partners to the giving mission. However, you can fill out a form if you are interested in being a donating partner.


There are different reasons why people wear socks. However, quality socks should be designed in a way that meets their basic requirements. Bombas aims to meet the requirements and also add to them. This is why their product is different.  

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