Best Twitter Proxies for Account Management & Scraping: 2023 Guide

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Managing multiple Twitter accounts or scraping data can lead to a ban. Learn how residential proxies can help you avoid Twitter's anti-spam system. Are you looking for the best proxies you can use for Twitter — either for account management or even scraping? Then you are on the right page, as the article below recommends some of the best providers and Compare top providers for session management and data extraction, then you can get them from. 

Twitter, the social media platform, was renamed to "X" after Elon Musk acquired the rights to the domain and established X Corp. as the parent company of Twitter . X Corp. was founded by Elon Musk in 2023 as the successor to Twitter, Inc., and it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of X Holdings Corp., which is also owned by Musk. The company owns the Twitter social networking service and has announced plans to use it as a base for other offerings.

  • For account management, static residential proxies are best to maintain sessions without detection. Proxy-Seller, Netnut and Proxy-cheap offer good options.
  • For scraping Twitter data, rotating residential proxies are ideal to avoid blocks. Bright Data, Soax and Smartproxy provide high quality rotating proxies.

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Overview of Best Twitter Proxies

Twitter is like every other social media platform — it does have its rules and terms of usage. It does allow scraping its data via its official API, which is considered limited. It also does allow users to create multiple accounts, but there is also a limitation to that.

If you want to use Twitter as you wish in other to grow your business and you don’t want the Twitter anti-spam system to stop you, then you will need to make use of proxies. I won’t recommend rotating datacenter proxies to use as they are easily detected and blocked. Instead, I will recommend you make use of residential proxies. The specific residential proxies you should use will be determined by the task you need the proxies for.

This article will be divided into two sections — proxies for Twitter account management and proxies for scraping Twitter. I will recommend the best proxies you can use for each of these for you to make the right choice.

Best Twitter Proxies for Account Management

Provider Proxy Type Pricing Speed Success Rate Purpose
Proxy-Seller Static Residential Starts at $3.49/month 72.75 Mbps 97.31% Account Management
Netnut Static Residential Starts at $350/month 74.62 Mbps 95.73% Enterprise Account Management
Proxy-cheap Static Residential Starts at $0.99/day 63.69 Mbps 93.65% Account Management

For managing your Twitter account either via automation by using a Twitter bot or even done manually, you are better off making use of static residential proxies. These proxies, otherwise known as ISP proxies, route your requests via a residential IP hosted on a datacenter infrastructure. This gives it the undetectability of residential proxies and speed of datacenter proxies.

The reason you should use it for Twitter account management is that the IPs are static for each proxy and never changes. This is better compared to rotating proxies that will be suspicious since you will be maintaining a session.

1. Proxy-Seller — Best ISP Proxies for Managing Twitter Accounts

Proxy-Seller is known for its super-fast datacenter proxies. This same provider also does offer ISP proxies, and the ISP proxies it offers are some of the best for managing Twitter accounts. I have used 50 of their ISP proxies in a Twitter automation task to manage 50 Twitter accounts, and none of the accounts got banned.

The performance you get from this is quite good. I recorded a success rate of 97.31% with an average download speed of 72.75 Mbps and a response time of 123 ms. For this service, you can choose to use IPs from 20 countries. This provider has got a good pricing system that is flexible and allows you to purchase proxies for shorter and longer durations. You can purchase weekly proxies up to a year proxy.

General, the more proxies or rental periods you purchase, the cheaper the price per proxy monthly becomes. When you purchase multiple proxies, the proxies are given to you from multiple subnets to protect against the subnet ban. I have used their customer support in the past, and the performance I got was impressive too.

2. Netnut — Best Twitter Proxies for Enterprise Account Management

The Netnut service is the first proxy provider in the market to offer static residential proxies. Interestingly, it has consistently maintained the quality of the proxies it offers from back then. Currently, its static residential proxies are some of the best for managing multiple Twitter accounts. For this service, it wouldn’t make sense for you to want to manage a few accounts because the minimum you can spend on their proxies is actually $350, which is quite high for small Twitter marketers.

However, if you have a large Twitter account farm, then this is a good fit for you. I did a performance test and discovered that the average download speed for this service, based on my own setup, is 74.62 Mbps, with a success rate of 95.73%. The response time was quite faster, at 98 ms. The service has got over one million static residential IPs in its pool, making it one of the largest out there. One thing you will come to like about this provider is the numerous locations it supports which can help provide you with better anonymity.

3. Proxy-cheap — Static Residential Proxies with ISP Targeting

Another provider I recommend for managing Twitter accounts is Proxy-cheap. This service is one of the best in the market and provides you with a flexible pricing system so you can purchase proxies for the duration you need. It does support daily, weekly, and monthly pricing. If you just want to automate Twitter accounts for a day or a week before they are thrown away in a churn-and-burn scheme, then Proxy-cheap is the service for you.

One thing you will come to like about the Proxy-cheap service is its large ISP coverage. It currently supports more than 34 ISPs, and you can request for a specific unsupported ISP, and they will provide it for you. Aside from the ISP targeting feature, Proxy-cheap also supports country-level targeting.

This provider is a high performer, as I was able to record an average speed of 63.69 Mbps with a success rate of  93.65%. The response time for this service is 118 ms. The pricing for the service s quite affordable as it starts from $0.99 daily, $1.99 weekly, and $3.49 monthly.

Best Proxies for Scraping Twitter

Bright Data Rotating Residential Starts at $15/GB 34.82 Mbps 99.43% Scraping
Soax Rotating Residential Starts at $99/8GB 27.47 Mbps 94.95% Scraping
Smartproxy Rotating Residential Starts at $8.5/1GB 31.65 Mbps 98.56% Cheap Scraping

Static residential proxies aren’t good for scraping Twitter. This is because they will get blocked after a few requests. You need rotating residential proxies that will switch and rotate IPs for you frequently enough to avoid reaching the request limit per IP that will lead to a block. In this section of the article, I will recommend the best rotating residential proxies you can use to collect any publicly available data you see on Twitter without getting blocked.

1. Bright Data — Best Proxies for Scraping Twitter

Bright Data is regarded as the leader in the residential proxy market. And the proxies it offers for this service are the best out there. This provider has been my de facto provider for scraping proxies, and I have used it to scrape Twitter countless times consistently, and it performed extremely well. While carryout out research to write this article, I tested the proxies and got an average download speed of 34.82 Mbps and a success rate of 99.43%.

The response time was quite fast at 747 ms. Looking at this value, you can tell the ISP proxies above are faster — but these values are the best you will get from a rotating residential proxy network. The service has got over 72 million residential IPs sourced from all countries around the world.

The proxies here are high-rotating proxies that change IP after every request. Interestingly, it does have support for sticky ports that can maintain session and IP for up to 30 minutes. Pricing for the service is based on bandwidth and starts from $15 per GB for their Pay-As-You-Go option.

2. Soax — Clean Proxy Pool with Reduced Retries

The Soax service does have a special place in the residential proxy market. As with other rotating residential proxy services, it monitors its proxy pool for inactive and bad IPs. However, it does so frequently and meticulously to ensure its pool is clean. This keeps the number of retries low.

Using this service for scraping Twitter, you need to consider one thing — IP rotation time. Unlike Bright Data, which switches IP after every request, this service switches IP after a specific period of time. To stay on the safer side, I will recommend you use a bunch of its ports and rotate them if your project is fairly large.

The smallest plan gives you 300 ports which are quite OK. In terms of proxy pool size, there are about 5 million IPs. My major problem with this provider is its pricing, it requires a minimum of $99 to get started, and this only gives you 8GB. The performance is quite average — 94.95% success rate, 27.47 Mbps average download speed, and a response time of 1.02 seconds.


3. Smartproxy — Cheapest Proxies for Scraping Twitter

Smartproxy is a premium provider of rotating residential proxies for scraping. And surprisingly, it is cheap. With just $8.5, you get 1GB of bandwidth to use. For scraping Twitter, it is as effective as Bright Data. In fact, it has the best response time in the market with a value of 653 ms, as tested by me. The average download speed I got was 31.65 Mbps, with a success rate of 98.56%.

Looking at this performance data, you will agree with me that it is a good alternative to the Bright Data service. Its residential proxy pool is also quite large, with over 40 million residential IPs in it. The IPs are sourced from over 195 countries across the globe. One of the features you will come to like about this service is its proxy list generator, allowing you to generate as many proxy endpoints as you need at no extra cost.


Q. Does Twitter Support Proxies?

Twitter, like most other social media platforms, does not support the use of proxies. This is because it makes their anti-spam system less effective. However, the use of proxies is not illegal. The only major problem you are going to have is that Twitter does have anti-spam systems in place to detect and block web traffic via proxies that seem abusive.

For you to use proxies in most cases, you will need to make use of high-quality proxies that are undetectable. The proxies mentioned above have proven to be the best in such regard as they have been tested and the result positive.

Q. VPN Vs. Proxies — Which is Best for Twitter Account Management?

When this kind of question comes up, I usually say VPN is best for managing Twitter accounts. This is because of the extra level of privacy and security it offers that proxies don’t. A good VPN comes with data encryption and  kill switch, among others. Proxies are not the best when it comes to privacy, aside from keeping your IP address hidden. However, there are legitimate reasons you will want to use proxies. This is especially true for tasks that require you to have many Twitter accounts.

Q. Can I Use Datacenter Proxies for Twitter?

Datacenter proxies will work for Twitter, but you are advised not to use them. This is because they have got a bad history of spam, and as such, they easily get blocked. Except you are able to get your hand on one with a low spam score, I will suggest you ditch the idea of using datacenter proxies.

Even for the ones that work, you have to be careful with their usage. It is just a lot of tasks and risks, making your accounts with Twitter that I will advise against. You are better off making use of static residential proxies for managing your accounts and rotating residential proxies for scraping data from them.


As a way of concluding this article, I want you to know that things are changing at a fast pace on Twitter with the change in ownership and management. You have to keep up to date with the latest information and make changes accordingly. But for now, and at the time of writing this article, the proxies mentioned above work for Twitter. If things change, I will effect the changes here immediately without wasting time.

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