12 Best Japanese Clothing Brands: Most Popular and Fashionable (2023)

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Japanese are among the most fashionable people in the world, and even though most of their clothes are dull in colour, they often have the best quality, and you can wear them after ten years. Unfortunately, buying some of these brands online can be daunting as many scams exist; that’s why we have prepared this list of the 12 Best Japanese Clothing Brands to help you make shopping easier.

If you love to wear trendy items, you know Japan has the best clothing brands worldwide. Some of these brands have opened physical outlets in other countries and online shops you can order from and have the products delivered. Are you considering buying some Japanese clothes? If yes, here is a list of the 12 Best Japanese Clothing Brands and their key features.

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1. Uniqlo

The Uniqlo clothing brand has always offered its consumers high-quality textiles since 1949. It has expanded its operations to over 20 countries and has over 1000 physical stores worldwide.

However, although Uniqlo has online stores in many countries, these stores only sell in the local market. So, you must get a buying service if you want products from the Japanese market.

Key Features.

  1. Uniqlo has durable clothes you can wear for ten years.
  2. High-quality and skin-friendly clothes.
  3. Uniqlo offers you affordable clothes.

2. GU

GU clothing brand is both a manufacturer and retailer owned by Fast Retailing Co.Ltd, a famous clothing brand. GU has more than 450 physical stores in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China.

Key Features.


In Japan, Rei Kawakubo, a self-taught designer, founded the COMME des GARÇONS brand in 1970. If you would love to see some of their design, they showcase them at the Paris Fashion Week. Most designs they showcase on the Runaway may not be your ideal daily wear, but you can find casual outfits on their Play-Line.

Key Features.


Tetsu Nishiyama is the founder of the WTAPS clothing brand. The brand is ideal for minimalist people as it offers clothes in neutral colours. You will find undergarments such as boxers and socks to wear on the weekend. Even so, there is a limit to the number of items you can buy at once.

Key Features.

5. Neighbourhood

Shinsuke Takizawa founded the Neighbourhood clothing brand in the 1990s. The founder had a passion for motorcycles, and that was the source of inspiration for the Neighbourhood clothing brand. Neighbourhood brand sells beanies, caps, sweatpants, jackets, and boots.

Key Features.

6. Asics

Kihachiro Onitsuka founded the Asics brand, which offers quality sports shoes. Besides selling sports shoes, you will also find suitable quality sports hoodies for less than $100.

Key Features.

7. A Bathing Ape

The Bathing Ape is among the famous street clothing brand in Japan. Nigo founded this brand in 1993, and it has continued to gain popularity and get collaborations with big brands such as SpongeBob. This brand is well known for its graphic cartoon designs.

Key Features.

8. Wacko Maria

Wacko Maria has various products for you, including shoes, clothes and accessories. You will also notice that clothes from this brand are brightly coloured and have beautiful prints. Wacko Maria, the founder, inspired this brand from the Latin-American culture.

Key Features.


Muji is a retailer from Japan that sells consumer and household products. Unlike many clothing brands, Muji lacks a logo and emphasizes recycling and minimizing environmental pollution.

Key Features.

10. Undercover

Undercover is a clothing brand founded in 1990 and produces very fashionable clothes. Takahashi, its founder, was once a member of the "Tokyo Sex Pistols" band, from which he got the inspiration for his clothing brand.

Key Features.

11. Wego

Wego clothing brand is one of the most popular brands in Tokyo. It sells very fashionable clothes and mainly focuses on youths in their mid-20s. Wego has gained a large customer base by collaborating with brands like Disney. Currently, Wego has more than 150 stores in Japan.

Key Features.

12. Peach John

Peach John is a brand that sells high-quality lingerie and mainly targets teenagers and women in their 20s. Mika Noguchi and her husband, Shoji Noguchi, established this brand in the year 1994 in Tokyo. The duo initially wanted to resell “Bomb Bust bra” from America but later began manufacturing their unique lingerie.

Key Features.

Which colours do Japan Clothing Designs Have?

Japanese designers mostly use neutral colours such as beige, white, soft grey and soft brown. Clothes with a neutral colour are simple but at the same time high quality and obsolete.


Japan has the most fashionable clothes than the rest of the world. Their designers use neutral colours to manufacture the clothes, and their quality is also very high, making them still great to use even in the next ten years. Also, many of these brands target youngsters, selling the clothes at affordable prices.

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