12 Best Airsoft Brands for Beginners in 2023 [Military Simulation Sport]

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Airsoft, a game involving tactical combat simulations where players use authentic military-style guns to shoot non-metallic projectiles at each other, has gained much popularity over the years. Whether you're a seasoned player looking to upgrade or a starter, choosing the right Airsoft gun is essential for your performance!

However, the flooding of different brands with different features and qualities in the market today makes it tricky to settle for the best! This article will discuss the top airsoft brands and what makes them stand out.

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1. Tokyo Marui

It is a notable brand established in Tokyo, Japan, in 1965. It is well-known for its ground-breaking battery-powered airsoft weapons. However, they lack a website; therefore, you must buy their products from other retailers through websites like Evike. The brand also offers direct sales to people who are in Japan or are proficient in Japanese.

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2. Classic Army

Classic Army is a relatively new brand from Hong Kong that has gained an amazing reputation in its operation; for a decade. It is known for its realistic and high-quality airsoft weaponry. To acquire their products, visit the website of Classic Army's sole distributor, Kinwa.

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3. Umarex USA

It is a subsidiary of Umarex, a German corporation, and is widely recognized for its extensive line of airsoft guns. What distinguishes it from other airsoft brands is that they ship directly to the United States, which is not typical among other companies.

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4. Guay and Guay

It is an excellent Taiwanese AEG manufacturer known for their high-performing restructured V2 gearbox. It has a unique firearm design that includes a good pistol grip, retractable stock, rails, or handguards that allow you to mount various accessories.

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5. Redwolf

It is the most trusted and best-voted airsoft website in the world and offers budget-friendly items. Redwolf Airsoft brand has a large international consumer base, with warehouses in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The wide spread of their warehouses makes their products accessible.

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6. Cybergun

Cybergun is a French-based airsoft brand that distinguishes itself from its Asian competitors through licensing arrangements. Their guns have a more authentic look with real steel replicas and logos.

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7. CYMA Airsoft

This Chinese brand produces low-cost replicas of high-end models from brands such as Tokyo Marui. They have AEG versions with full metal gearboxes and receivers that provide excellent value.

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8. Systema

It is a high-end brand known for producing airsoft guns with a realistic feel and dimension to real steel using computerized optical technology. Their kits require assembly skills and tools to put them together.

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9. Lancer Tactical

Lancer Tactical, founded in 2012, is a renowned airsoft manufacturer in Southern California, USA. It's a good choice if you want to upgrade from entry-level models, but you still need to get ready for advanced weapons.

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10. AGE

AGM is a well-known producer of airsoft firearms in Poland, offering a variety of models, including historical replicas.

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11. APS

APS, established in 2001, specializes in designing Simulation Training Equipment. APS signifies three components: Accuracy, Pneumatics, and Shooting. It offers you high-quality Airsoft at an affordable price.

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12. ICS

I, Chih Shivan Co., am a leading airsoft gun manufacturer based in Taiwan. They are known for producing high-quality AEGs and constantly seeking innovation. ICS ships its weapons with all necessary accessories, but its parts are incompatible with other producers, meaning you'll need to buy parts from ICS for any repairs or upgrades.

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How to Buy the Best Airsoft

Identifying the top airsoft brand and buying one are two different things! Here is a guide to help you settle for the best!

i) Quality

When purchasing a gun for Airsoft, it's important to avoid models that feel too bulky or unrealistic. Fortunately, airsoft suppliers are constantly improving their products' design, functionality, and durability, ensuring players access high-quality and realistic options.

 ii) Price

Airsoft is a costly sport where guns can come with expensive features! However, you should consider if you’ll need all the features making your desired model expensive. Ensure to spend on features that will give you a seamless adventure.

iii) Safety concerns

It's important to know all potential safety hazards when handling these guns. Check out the user manual and keep the guns out of reach for children.

iv) Technical features

Different guns offer features such as larger magazines, red dot sights, or battery-powered mechanisms. These features are essential when choosing a gun, as they can affect performance, accuracy, and ease of use.

v) Accuracy

When it comes to airsoft guns, even a pistol should have decent range, precision, and accuracy to hit targets from afar. Gas-powered pistols offer pinpoint accuracy and are a great option for beginners, but finding a pistol with good range can be challenging.


There are many excellent airsoft brands (Tokyo Marui, Classic Army, Umarex, and CYMA Airsoft), each with its unique features. Consider the price, quality, technical features, and safety concerns when buying Airsoft to ensure the gun meets your needs. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, selecting the right airsoft brand is key to enjoying this exciting and challenging sport.

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