Amazon Chargebacks (Reasons, How to Respond, and More!)

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There is nothing more frustrating for many vendors than dealing with an Amazon chargeback. Being an Amazon Marketplace seller exposes you to the possibility of chargebacks. So, how to do about it?

This sort of event occurs when a consumer contacts their bank directly to dispute a charge on their credit card for an unsatisfactory purchase. By reading this article, you'll be able to handle chargebacks with ease. Is this your first time getting a chargeback email from Amazon? Perhaps you find yourself wondering, what exactly is a chargeback? A chargeback happens when a client contacts their bank or credit card provider to dispute a charge for online purchase.

A cardholder might file a claim for a variety of different chargeback reasons. It's possible the charge was made in error or the consumer received substandard goods. If a customer files a chargeback with their bank after purchasing on Amazon, the bank will decide the result of the claim.

A chargeback, also known as a charge dispute or a reversal, is a kind of financial dispute that may be filed in response to several instances, including fraudulent use of a credit card. Keep reading for more information about Amazon chargebacks, including how to respond to Amazon chargebacks and other related topics.

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What Are The Reasons For Getting Amazon Chargebacks?

The following are some of the many reasons which a buyer could initiate a chargeback claim:

How Do You Identify A Chargeback Notification?

When a bank gets a dispute over a credit card from a cardholder, the bank will get in touch with Amazon. Amazon will send a notice to the seller via email after they have received the chargeback claim. The following details are included in the chargeback notice emails from Amazon Pay for every chargeback:

A section of the email will require the seller to confirm if the item was delivered by media mail or another traceable delivery method. The email will also specify the conditions of the agreement under which Amazon will help you and outline what information the company needs from you to dispute the chargeback claim.

How Can I Respond To Amazon Chargeback?

When a customer approaches their credit card company to dispute a charge, the credit card company will then get in touch with Amazon to inquire about the transaction and request additional information. In response, Amazon will get in touch with you through email in order to inquire about the transaction. A chargeback claim may be responded to in one of two ways:

It's important to note that it might take the disputing bank up to 90 days from the day the charge was disputed to provide a final verdict on the chargeback. An Amazon investigator will go through the information you provide and compile the required documents to present to the bank on your behalf. The person responsible for the chargeback will then be identified. However, decisions are made by the issuing bank and are often final and cannot be appealed.

How Can You Avoid Chargeback Claims?

Failure to meet Amazon's fulfilment and delivery criteria is a common cause of chargebacks. To avoid chargeback claims, use the following guidelines:

Step 1: Select a shipping method that has a verified tracking number.

Step 2: If you're shipping anything expensive, make sure you have proof of delivery (with a signature).

Step 3: Use the Amazon shipping address. If you change the shipping address on a purchase, you will be held responsible for any complaints that result.

Step 4: Keep the order's shipment date, tracking information, and shipping method for at least six months after the order date.

Step 5: Detailed chargebacks should be avoided in the future if corrective action is taken to address the underlying causes.

Bottom Line

If you think you were debited for a chargeback in error, reply to the email. Amazon will investigate. In most cases, the bank's decision is final and cannot be appealed. Chargeback notifications must be responded to within 11 days of the email date. If you don't respond in time, Amazon will debit your account.

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