Airpods Flashing Orange? (Ways to Fix It)

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Over the past few years, Airpods have become quite popular due to their new design and features. But still, they are flawed and may sometimes blink green, white, or Orange to alert you that there is an issue. In this article, we will provide some useful tips on what to do when your Airpods are flashing Orange.

If you have Airpods, you may have noticed a tiny light on their case. Airpods have different blinking light colours and patterns depending on the device's status, which requires you to be keen to know the cause. Most people have a problem with their Airpods blinking Orange. But don’t worry; we have prepared this piece to help you learn how to fix Airpods flashing Orange.

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Airpods Blinking Orange

Airpods blink with different colours, such as orange, white or green. What do these colours mean? That's what we will explain in this section.

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Ways to Fix Airpods Flashing Orange

This section will teach you six ways to fix Airpods flashing Orange. They include:

1. Reset and Reconnect the Airpods.

Resetting and reconnecting your Airpods is a primary step, but it's the most effective method to fix them. When you reset, you delete all the data from your device so that it starts afresh. But, before resetting, ensure that the audio device and Airpods you use have a battery of at least 20%. To reset and reconnect the Airpods, proceed as follows:

Step 1: Go to the device's Bluetooth settings and "forget your iPods" by clicking "i".

Step 2: Confirm that both iPods are in their case.

Step 3: Behind the case, you will see a button. Press and hold it for about 15 minutes until the lights flash amber.

Step 4: Release the button and close the case once the amber light flashes thrice.

Step 5: Hold the AirPods next to your iPhone and open the case. You will immediately see a pairing screen on your iPhone. Click on "connect" to pair them together.

2. Reset your Device/iPhone.

Sometimes, the device you connect your Airpod device to can cause connectivity and performance issues. For instance, if you are using an iPhone, these problems can be due to a runtime error, CPU overload or a minor operation issue. You can correct this error by resetting your device or iPhone and reconnecting to your Aipods. Here is how to reset your iPhone or Ios device.

3. Charge the Airpods Case.

Sometimes your AirPods case may blink Orange for another reason other than pairing. If this is the case, then charge the AirPods case. Once it's fully charged, it will have a green light.

4. Clean the Airpods.

Your AirPods are prone to collecting a lot of dirt which you should try to avoid accumulating. Too much dirt will eventually cause poor connection and affect proximity sensors. The accumulated debris will also cause "minute contact" problems with the charging case, which can make the case stop charging, or the lid may fail to close.

Now, cleaning Airpods is more than just using a cloth and some water. There is an effective way to clean it thoroughly and, at the same time, avoid any damage. First, you should have the proper cleaning materials: a toothpick, cotton swabs and 70% isopropyl alcohol.

5. Contact the Apple Support team.

If you try fixing your AirPods flashing Orange using all the methods above, but none works for you, consider contacting the Apple support team. The main advantage of using Airpods is that the Apple Limited Warranty protects them against manufacturing problems for at least one year after you buy them.

6. Update the Airpods’ Firmware.

Did you know that Airpods are run by firmware? When there is a discrepancy between the firmware an Airpod uses and your device, it may sometimes cause connectivity problems. Again, your Airpods may not work effectively if the left and right Airpod have different firmware versions.

These are some reasons you need to update your AirPods firmware regularly. Unfortunately, Apple does not alert users when they have updates on their firmware, so it's upon you to check if there are any changes and make updates. But how do you do that? Follow these simple steps.

Once you do this, your iPhone will automatically update and install any pending updates to your AirPods.

How can you check the battery level of your AirPods?

There are two main ways to check the percentage battery of your AirPods.


The new features and design are helpful for most Airpod users, which have made its market grow drastically. You may also experience charging and connectivity issues when using your AirPods like other devices. In case of such a problem, your AirPods will blink either Orange, green or white, depending on the situation.

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