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Globally, coffee is one of the most common beverages consumed by adults and children. Most families enjoy this beverage almost every day. If you are thinking of buying another household equipment for your home, purchasing a coffee grinder is a good decision. Most families now want to get involved in the process of making coffee. Instead of getting instant coffee, they opt for making coffee drinks and enjoying the process.

A Coffee grinder is a little machine used in crushing your coffee beans into particles. They are made to grind the coffee beans which can be used to brew coffee. Coffee lovers like to use it because of the fresh taste. Which coffee lover wouldn’t want the fresh taste of their coffee? 

However, choosing the right coffee grinder is always an issue since there are numerous varieties in the market. But in this guide, we’ve listed certain features you need to consider before buying a coffee grinder for yourself or your family.

Our Coffee Grinders ranking is based on our detailed evaluation of 1014 Coffee Grinders products and analysis of over 350557 consumer satisfaction reviews. We have come up with the 20 best Coffee Grinders you might be interested in and rated them on factors such as  particle size, speed, cost, capacity .

At a Glance: Our Top Picks

Top 1

Coffee Grinder by Cusinart, Electric Burr One-Touch Automatic Grinder with18-...

CPR Score
Top 2

Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind Electric Coffee Grinder for Beans, Spices and More...

CPR Score
Top 3

OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder , Silver

CPR Score

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The Best Coffee Grinders Rated by CherryPicks

Market Overview
Coffee Grinders Reviewed
  • Reviews Analyzed: 350,557 Items
  • CPR Avg. Rating: 9.0 / 10
20 Products Evaluated
  • Highest Price: $198.50
  • Lowest Price: $14.99
  • Avg. Price: $66.18
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Top 20 Coffee Grinders on Amazon (Verified You can Buy)

Coffee Grinder by Cusinart, Electric Burr One-Touch Automatic Grinder with18-Position Grind Selector, Stainless Steel, DBM-8P1

8.75 x 12.25 x 7.5 Inches
4.5 Pounds
  • Unknown: English

Ratings for Cuisinart (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping -
Electronic Express 2,869


ENJOY OPTIMUM FLAVOR: Burr grinding provides a uniform grind to your fresh coffee beans with its 18-position grind selector – move the slide-dial from ultra-fine to extra-coarse to ensure your coffee grounds are exactly the way you prefer.BPA Free.
REMOVABLE FEATURES: Our 8 oz. bean hopper is fully removable as well as our built-in grind chamber for ease-of-use and accessibility during the cleaning process, Heavy-duty motor
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Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind Electric Coffee Grinder for Beans, Spices and More, Stainless Steel Blades, Removable Chamber, Makes up to 12 Cups, Black

Hamilton Beach
3.74 x 3.54 x 7.13 Inches
1.3 Pounds

Ratings for Hamilton Beach (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping -
Wishful Home Goods -


EASY CLEANUP — DISHWASHER SAFE GRINDING BOWL: The grinding bowl on this coffee bean grinder is designed with durable stainless steel. It's removable for easy filling and pouring and is dishwasher safe.
GRIND ENOUGH TO BREW UP TO 12 CUPS OF COFFEE: If you love the delicious taste of coffee made from freshly ground beans, this electric coffee grinder is perfect for the job whether you're grinding coffee for a quick cup or a full pot
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OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder , Silver

6.8 x 11.8 x 14.8 Inches
6.58 Pounds

Ratings for OXO (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping -


Stainless steel conical burrs create uniform grounds for optimal flavor
15 grind size settings (plus additional microsettings) from fine for espresso to coarse for French press and cold brew
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JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder — Stainless Steel Manual Conical Burr Coffee Bean Grinder with Hand Crank and 18 Adjustable Settings, Fine to Coarse — Portable Espresso Grinder for Camping or Travel

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder
1.8 x 1.8 x 7.5 Inches
0.5875 Pounds

Ratings for JavaPresse (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
JavaPresse Coffee Company -


ENJOY THE PERFECT CUP OF FRESH COFFEE ― The Manual Coffee Grinder by JavaPresse Coffee Company has a built-in adjustable ceramic burr with over 18 manual grind settings to ensure you have 100% precision & control over the coarseness of your grind. This hand coffee grinder is great for all brewing methods to enjoy the perfect cup of fresh coffee and espresso in the morning.
CONVENIENT, PORTABLE AND EASY-TO-USE ESPRESSO GRINDER ― The hand crank coffee grinder mechanism eliminates over 90% of the noise that electric coffee bean grinders produce. Unlike electric burr grinders for coffee beans, the patented JavaPresse dual plated manual ceramic burr coffee grinder assembly requires no batteries, power or long plastic cords to operate. This allows you to enjoy fresh ground coffee beans at home or on the go as the best camping coffee grinder.
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Black+Decker Grinder One Touch Push-Button Control, 2/3 Cup Coffee Bean Capacity, Stainless Steel

3.5 x 3.4 x 7.28 Inches
0.1875 Pounds

Ratings for BLACK+DECKER (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping -


Stainless Steel Blades and Bowl - The sharp blades and durable grinding bowl are built to last, delivering uniform grinds with every use
Grind Your Favorites! - Stainless steel blades quickly grind your favorite coffee beans, herbs, spices, grains, and more
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Krups Precision Plastic and Stainless Steel Flat Burr Grinder 12 Cup 110 Watts 12 Grind Settings, Drip, French Press, Espresso, Pour Over, Cold Brew Black

0.5 Pounds

Ratings for KRUPS (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping -


Premium & precise burr grinder: The metallic flat burr coffee grinder provides full control over the grind size with 12 grind fineness settings plus intermediary settings for precise grinding. Adjust from coarse to fine to achieve a uniform grind and unlock the full flavor of your coffee.
Mess free grinding: Equipped with an on/off button featuring auto-stop at the end of the grind and a removable top burr with an integrated cleaning brush, maintaining your grinder is as smooth as using it
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Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder (Black)

6.3 x 4.7 x 13.8 Inches
6.8343 Pounds
  • Unknown: English

Ratings for Baratza (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping -
Kitchen Kapers 9,926
Gold Label LLC 1,643
Peppercorn -
J.L. Hufford -


SPECIALTY COFFEE ASSOCIATION AWARD WINNING GRINDERS - Baratza grinders are preferred by coffee professionals and backed by Baratza’s world class support.
GO-TO ENTRY LEVEL GRINDER - Baratza’s best-selling grinder, with its small footprint, is THE choice for brewing coffee at home. Available in White or Black.
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COSORI Pour Over Coffee Maker with Double Layer Stainless Steel Filter, 8-Cup, Coffee Dripper Brewer, High Heat Resistant Carafe, also for Camping, Hiking

Pour Over Coffee Maker,
5.51 x 4.33 x 8.46 Inches

Ratings for COSORI (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping -


Double-layer Filter: Dual layers of 304 stainless steel allow fine oils from coffee powder to infuse themselves into your coffee, creating a richer, fuller flavor and no coffee ground deposits
Heat-resistant Glass: The borosilicate glass decanter is thermal resistant enough to be heated on the stove on a low flame
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Mr. Coffee Electric Coffee Grinder|Coffee Bean Grinder| Spice Grinder, Black

Mr. Coffee
13.2283 x 6.6929 x 7.874 Inches
1.4 Pounds

Ratings for Mr. Coffee (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping -
Like Supplies Inc -


Customize the grounds for all your brewing methods from coarse to super-fine.
4- to 12-cup capacity
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Breville Smart Grinder Pro Coffee Bean Grinder, Brushed Stainless Steel, BCG820BSS, 2.3

8.5 x 6.0 x 15.5 Inches
6.4 Pounds
  • Unknown: English

Ratings for Breville (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping -
quickquility -


Stainless steel conical burrs designed to minimize grinding heat and protect the essential oils in the coffee bean
60 precise grind settings from the finest Espresso to the coarsest French Press Grind. Voltage: 110 120 Volts. Power: 165 Watts
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Mueller Austria HyperGrind Precision Electric Spice/Coffee Grinder Mill with Large Grinding Capacity and HD Motor also for Spices, Herbs, Nuts, Grains, White

Mueller Austria
HyperGrind Precision
5.9843 x 8.2 x 0.3937 Inches

Ratings for Mueller Austria (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
KNDirect 1,359
Better World Org -
The Connected Home 6,956


CONSISTENT GRINDS EVERY TIME – Unlike many others on the market, the Mueller HyperGrind gives you perfect consistency & precision control over the coarseness of your Javapresse, Pour Over, Drip, Chemex, Cold Brew, French Press, Percolator, AeroPress, Turkish, Espresso, Keurig K Cup, Herb, or Spices grind EVERY TIME!
COMPACT & STYLISH – Takes up minimum counter space and can be easily stored in cupboards and drawers but with its great modern Eurocentric styling, you just might want to leave it out in the open.
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Krups Silent Vortex Coffee and Spice Grinder with Removable Bowl 12 Cup Easy to Use, 5 Times Quieter 175 Watts Coffee, Spices, Dry Herbs, Nuts, Dishwasher Safe Bowl Black

4.33 x 4.02 x 8.46 Inches
2.4251 Pounds

Ratings for KRUPS (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping -


Super silent: The Krups Silent Vortex coffee grinder is built with patented technology that delivers an impressively quiet, smooth grinding experience. Enjoy the aroma of freshly ground coffee without the disturbance of noise
Mess-free: With a removable, dishwasher-safe bowl and a dedicated storage lid, keep your ground coffee, dry herbs, or spices fresh and tidy. No messy coffee grinding anymore!
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KrupsKRUPS F203 Grinder1500813248 Coffee Grinder with Blade Grinder

3.0 x 6.8 x 3.5 Inches
1.0 Pounds

Ratings for KRUPS (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
Shopsterstar -
Shopping Experts -
Just Get It Company -
MAJ Trading USA -
Chronos Gear -
HSM E-Commerce -
Dan&Dal LLC -


12 cup Grinder Capacity

SHARDOR Conical Burr Coffee Grinder, Electric Adjustable Burr Mill with 14 Precise Grind Setting for 2-12 Cup, Black

8.98 x 6.46 x 12.48 Inches
3.7 Pounds

Ratings for SHARDOR (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
liment us 9,783
quafe us -


Precision Grinding: The stainless steel conical burr coffee grinder gives you the perfect control over the grind size and uniform grinding for full coffee flavor.nch press for your customized brewing method.
Extensive Grinding Range: 14 adjustable grind settings allow users to go from Espresso to French Press with ease.
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SHARDOR Conical Burr Coffee Grinder, Electric Adjustable Burr Mill with 35 Precise Grind Setting for 2-12 Cup, Black

7.874 x 4.7244 x 11.811 Inches
4.5 Pounds

Ratings for SHARDOR (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
liment us 9,783
didilulu 6,595
quafe us -


35 Custom Grind Selections: Choose from 35 different grind selections from fine for espresso to coarse for french press for your customized brewing method.
Anti-static Conical Burr Coffee Grinder: The anti-static technology makes the ground coffee chamber mess-free, improving your user experience.
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Top 16

Manual Coffee Grinder with Ceramic Burrs, Hand Coffee Mill with Two Glass Jars(11oz each), Brush and Tablespoon Scoop

hand grinder with two jar and scoop
0.6875 Pounds

Ratings for TRIPLE TREE (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping


Lengthen stainless steel handle saves you effort when grinding beans, providing fun of grinding coffee beans.
Ceramic burr will not add heat during grinding. the coffee mill can use for longer time and can keep the original flavor of coffee, making this the best choice of coffee lovers.
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Top 17

Victoria Manual High Hopper Grain Grinder, Silver

18.1 x 0.0 x 13.7 Inches
4.36 Pounds

Ratings for Victoria (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping -
Line Seven Distributors -
Majuva LLC -


✔️ Adjustable. You can adjust the coarseness and fineness of your milling using the adjusting screw.Dimensions 5.2 x 6.1 x 12.5 cm
✔️Larger batch processing. The High hopper grinder has more capacity for grain content.
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Top 18

Cuisinart DCG-20BKN Coffee Grinder1, Blade Grinder, BLACK

4.25 x 3.5 x 7.0 Inches
1.57 Pounds
  • Unknown: English

Ratings for Cuisinart (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping -


EASILY GRIND LARGE QUANTITIES: You'll easily process up to 70g/2.5oz of beans at once; enough to make up to 12 cups of fresh coffee
MODERN DESIGN: We bring a modern touches to this coffee grinder with black body to seamlessly blend with your appliances
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Cordless Coffee Grinder Electric, DmofwHi USB Rechargeable Coffee Bean Grinder with 304 Stainless Steel Blade and Removable Bowl-Black

1.0 Pounds

Ratings for DmofwHi (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping
FeiWei -


【Cordless & Portable Coffee Grinder】~DmofwHi electric coffee grinder is designed to be cordless, and USB rechargeable. The cordless coffee grinder comes with a large capacity for repeated usage. A battery indicator helps you check the battery whenever you grind. Put the coffee bean grinder into your suitcase, and enjoy the quality coffee when traveling.
【Powerful & Evenly Grinding】~ The powerful 200W motor of DmofwHi's small camping coffee grinder let your every-time grinding finer and more evenly. A 170ml removable grinding bowl can provide you with enough ground coffee powder to get 12 cups of coffee at one time.
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Cuisinart DCG-12BC Grind Central Coffee Grinder, Blade, Silver

8.9 x 5.9 x 5.0 Inches
0.55 Pounds

Ratings for Cuisinart (CPR Score)

Seller CPR Rank Amazon Fulfilled Prime Free Shipping -


EASILY GRIND LARGE QUANTITIES: You'll easily process up to 90g/3.2oz of beans at once, enough to make up to 18 cups of fresh coffee
MODERN DESIGN: We bring a modern touches to this coffee grinder with popular brushed stainless steel to seamlessly blend with your appliances
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How to Pick the Best Coffee Grinders Fit for Yourself

Benefits of coffee grinders

  • Even grind: Coffee grinders come with the ability to grind uniformly. The appliance is very easy to use and it grinds your coffee beans evenly. The best-brewed coffee drinks are the ones evenly grounded. Moreover, always remember that coffee beans have more to do with the taste and the grinder helps in bringing out the taste and freshness
  • The aromatic flavor: Grinding your coffee yourself using coffee grinders brings out its aromatic flavor. Most instant coffees do not have aromatic flavor because you cannot grind your beans at night and brew it in the morning and expect to still have their aromatic taste. You should grind it and brew a few minutes later to get the best aromatic flavor.
  • It gives you more control: Coffee grinders give you 90% or more control during the entire coffee-making process. It comes with a setting that allows you to choose the grinding level you want. As a coffee lover, you know exactly how you want your coffee to look and how it should taste. 
  • Setting the exact amount of coffee: Coffee grinders always have a pause button. This is to ensure that you measure the exact number of cups you want to brew. You can also control wastages or leftovers because the appliance can store them for you for later use. 

What to consider before buying coffee grinders

Consistency and particle size 

It is an important aspect and factor you should be thinking about when you are about to purchase a coffee grinder because it relates closely to the aroma and flavor you will derive from your coffee. To appreciate the quality of the coffee beans, you will have to grind it right before you brew your coffee and get the grounds very fine, and also the size should be as consistent as possible. This is a secret to a good cup of coffee.

 As a result of this, you must consider the consistency and size if you want to have the best coffee drink enjoying the flavor and aroma perfectly. When buying a coffee grinder, it should be among your top priority. 

The speed of the coffee grinder

Most people think the high speed of your coffee grinder is the selling point or its efficiency. However, a coffee grinder with high-speed ability is relatively cheaper and does not last long. Coffee grinders that have high-speed motors generate more heat, which poses a risk of burning the coffee and affecting the aroma and flavor of the coffee negatively.

However, there are some coffee grinders with high-speed motor gear reduction, it can solve this problem. Generally, you should consider the high speed of the coffee grinder when buying it so that you can enjoy the freshness, flavor, and aroma without running into problems  

Consider the cost

A good coffee grinder is not always cheap. If cost is an important factor or concern for you, then you have to pay attention to the cost compared to your budget financially. Most times more expensive coffee grinders are often made from better materials that can last long due to their design and are durable. With the proper usage and care, it will last longer and these will save you the money of having to buy a new coffee grinder again and again. 

You might consider the cost based on your present financial capacity before purchasing but you should also put into consideration the best value for your money. This is important because it eradicates the wastage of money in the long run.

Consider the capacity   

All coffee grinders are built to hold a certain amount of coffee for every time you use it. As you know you can only get the freshness of the coffee when you grind and brew almost the same time. Coffee lovers enjoy this. Because of this, you might not want to purchase a big grinder but a portable one that takes care of the amount of coffee you want at a time. You should consider the capacity when buying a coffee grinder.

Coffee lovers will be able to process and enjoy homemade coffees with the aid of coffee grinders. You’re also able to make the right choice when it comes to buying coffee grinders using this guide. What you have to do is to consider your state of finance, coupled with other factors to ensure that you only get the right item for your home. 

Top 10 Coffee Grinders Sellers: CPR Seller Rank List

CPR sellers rank is based on CherryPicks-AI bestselling ranking system that helps us analyze each seller's sales trends. The List of top seller ranks is our in-house data, essential for our product ranking to help you make the right shopping choice.

Rank Name Yearly Feedbacks Avg. Ratings
🥇 KNDirect 2,624 4.9
🥈 Gold Label LLC 2,324 4.9
🥉 Electronic Express 1,558 4.7
4 Better World Org 1,538 4.9
5 didilulu 836 4.9
6 The Connected Home 797 4.9
7 Kitchen Kapers 517 4.9
8 385 4.7
9 quafe us 376 4.9
View or download top Coffee Grinders seller & rating report
KNDirect [2624] Gold Label LLC [2324] Electronic Express [1558] Better World Org [1538] didilulu [836] The Connected Home [797] Kitchen Kapers [517] [385] quafe us [376] TRIPLE TREE BRAND LLC [374] KNDirect 23% Gold Label LLC 21% Electronic Express 14% Better World Org 14% didilulu 7% The Connected Home 7% Kitchen Kapers 5% 3% quafe us 3% TRIPLE TREE BRAND LLC 3%

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Now hundreds and thousands of Kitchen & Dining supplies are available on Amazon, Picking the right one is not easy, and that may take a lot of your time, Right? and What is the best Coffee Grinders to buy for new July 2024?

CherryPicks’s Methodology for Evaluating Coffee Grinders

We developed the CherryRatings-AI system to identify and score reviews and the CherryPicks-AI ranking system that uses TensorFlow framework to generate the best list, It will help us evaluate Kitchen & Dining items that sell on Amazon. The score of items is based on over ten parameters such as analyzing customer review content, product reviewing rating statistics, brand reputation evaluation, comparing product price with features, etc, You can visit How We Rank to learn more in detail.

We collected and analyzed 1,014 of Coffee Grinders reviews based on our selection criteria. It helped us shortlist the top qualified and rated Coffee Grinders for Kitchen & Dining, We found that most customers choose Coffee Grinders with an average price of $66.18, and the top brands are OXO, BLACK+DECKER, Cuisinart, Hamilton Beach, Mueller Austria, Mr. Coffee, COSORI, Breville, Victoria, KRUPS, TRIPLE TREE, DmofwHi, SHARDOR, Baratza And JavaPresse. 

Then our expert-level editors reviewed all those quality items and selected the top 20 Coffee Grinders for you, We have researched hundreds of sellers and picked the top sellers for Kitchen & Dining, including KNDirect, Gold Label LLC, Electronic Express, didilulu, The Connected Home, Kitchen Kapers,, quafe us, TRIPLE TREE BRAND LLC, FeiWei, quickquility And Peppercorn. The Coffee Grinder by Cusinart, Electric Burr One-T... are available for purchase right now, and The seller of #1 rank product has received honest feedback from 45,451 consumers with an average rating of 4.4.

We've helped a lot of satisfied users get the right Home & Kitchen product based on their needs, and save lots of time for them to pick Coffee Grinders to buy.

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