Why Is My Amazon In Spanish - How to change back to English

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By default, Amazon sets your language to English. However, this is not cast on stone. It can change automatically whenever you travel to other locations which the system perceived to speak a different language. The change can also be the result of change in browser settings among other reasons. In this post, we’ll walk you through why your Amazon is in Spanish, and how to revert back to English. Keep reading to discover more….

Amazon has a large customer base spanning different languages worldwide. For this reason, the platform offers its services in different languages. They have inbuilt systems that can automatically detect and change language settings depending on location.

You can also tweak these settings to have your preferred language on Amazon. If your Amazon has suddenly changed to Spanish, a couple of reasons could be responsible. Below, we’ll provided answers and possible solutions to this problem.

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Why is my Amazon in Spanish all of a sudden?

Your Amazon could have changed from Spanish for different reasons. If there is a change in the account setting, maybe you or someone else mistakenly changed it. Another reason is a change of PC or iPhone location. A change in language settings on your browser often causes a similar change in Amazon. Meaning, if your browser language settings is in Spanish, then Amazon will also be likely in Spanish. To fix this problem, simply head over to the settings on your browser and make the necessary edits to revert the language to English. If the issue is no due to browser language settings, then simply change it from your Amazon account language preference settings.

How do I change my Amazon back to English?

To change your Amazon back to English, first, find out why it changed in the first place. Check and tweak your browser language settings. If that not the cause of the problem, change the language settings on your Amazon account. Here are the steps:

How do I change language from Spanish to English on the Amazon App?

Amazon allows users to choose their preferred language, which is then set as default. Here are the steps to get it done via the Amazon app:

Just like that and you have successfully changed your language preference to English.

Why does my Language keep changing on Amazon?

There are a couple of reasons why your language might be changing from time to time on Amazon. Some common one include a change in time zone when traveling. It could also be due a change in browser language settings. You can easily fix it directly from your Amazon account on from browser language settings.

How to change the language on Amazon prime.

The problem of language changes has also been reported among some Amazon prime subscribers. If you happen to be one of them, you can easily fix it heading over to language settings on your Amazon account and ten choosing your favorite language. Remember to save your changes.

Why are my Amazon emails in Spanish?

Are you receiving all your notifications text and email messages in Spanish? Do not fret; it can be resolved. The reason this is happening is because your language settings is in Spanish either on browser or on your Amazon Account. You can easily change back to English from the settings menu of either the browser or your Amazon account.

How to change the language preference to Amazon.

You can easily change your Amazon language on the browser or via your Amazon account. Here are the steps:

Why is my Amazon in Spanish now?

If your Amazon suddenly changed to English, it is likely due to a couple of factors. Some of these include accessing Amazon Spanish site, change of browser, change of device, or accidental change of language to Spanish in the Language settings. However, you can easily revert to the English language from the settings menu whenever you want to.

Why is my Amazon notification in Spanish?

Your Amazon notification language could have changed to Spanish for several reasons:

Why is my Amazon in Spanish on mobile?

If you notice a sudden change in your Amazon language settings while browsing on phone, the reason could be that you have recently travelled to Spain or any other Spanish speaking country or region of the globe. Also, the change could have been on your browser language settings or in your Amazon account settings.

How to change Amazon language back to English on desktop.

You can easily change from Spanish to English on Amazon by simply heading to the settings menu in your Amazon account and changing your preferred language to English. You can also change the language settings from your browser settings.

How to change Amazon language back to English on mobile

The procedure for changing language settings on Amazon on mobile is pretty straightforward for both Android and iPhone. It can be done from the settings menu on your phone. Steps to change the preferred language on Amazon. You can change your preferred language to English on Amazon in a few easy steps as outlined below:

Once the changes are saved, English will become your default language. This will apply for all transactions and communications on and from Amazon. You can also change your language preference to English from your browser and the change will still be effected on most sites that you visit, including Amazon.


When your Amazon language setting changes, you can rectify it from the language setting page or fix it from your browser or device setting. With that said, we come to the end of this post. Hope you found it useful. If you have any questions or suggestions be sure to drop them in the comments section below.

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