Why Are My Headphones So Quiet? (And Ways to Fix)

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Wondering why your headphones are not loud enough? Asking yourself questions like: Why are my headphones so quiet? Discover why your headphones are so quiet and learn how to fix the issue in this post.

There's nothing more annoying than settling down to enjoy your favorite tunes or immerse yourself in a captivating movie, only to find that your headphones are disappointingly quiet. You increase the volume to the maximum level, but still, nothing happens.

If you have experienced this with your headphones, you've probably asked yourself questions like, "Why are my headphones so quiet?" Fortunately, several potential factors could contribute to this problem. And, of course, there are solutions to help you overcome it. Keep reading to figure out why your headphones are quiet.

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Why Your Headphones Are So Quiet?

There are numerous reasons why your headphones are quieter than normal. Let's explore some common factors:

Issues with Wired Headphones 

If you have wired headphones, you obviously use the audio cable to connect the headphones to your device. But did you know that if the cable is damaged, your headphones may suffer from various issues, including reduced volume? If you occasionally tug the cable or store your headphones without a protective case, unfortunately, your headphones wires won't be immune to potential damage.

A loose connection between your headphone and the headphone jack could also be the reason why your headphones are not loud enough. First, unplug the headphones. You should then replug them again to ensure a proper connection.

Issues with Bluetooth 

Wireless headphones often rely on Bluetooth connection to communicate with your device. If your headphones are far away from the Android or iOS device, the Bluetooth signal may weaken, leading to issues with volume and overall audio performance. Your headphones will either get disconnected or the audio quality will deteriorate and may freeze from time to time.

Issues with Volume Control

Volume plays a crucial role in determining the audio output of your headphones. So if the volume of your device is low or muted, your headphones will definitely reflect that and produce low or no sound. Increase the volume of your Smartphone or computer to the maximum level. And if your headphones have their own volume buttons, ensure that they are properly adjusted and not set to a low volume level.

Issues with Battery

Another common reason why your wireless headphones are so quiet is the battery level. A low battery level will negatively affect the sound of your audio resulting in a reduced volume. Before replacing your headphones with new ones, we recommend charging them fully and testing the volume again.

Issues with Dirt

When dirt and ear wax accumulates in your earbud-style headphones, they can block the sound pathways and decrease the volume of your audio. The headphone jack of your wired headphones can also accumulate dirt, grime, or lint, leading to poor connection and low sound.

Headphones Damage Issue

Did your headphones fall or come into contact with water? A significant fall or submersion in water may result in internal damage to the delicate components of your headphones. In fact, the internal damage could be the reason why your headphones are so quiet.

Issues with Audio Files

Did you know that it's not always the headphones themselves that are the issue? Sometimes, the audio file you are playing may be the culprit. If the audio was recorded to play at a low volume, the headphones will naturally be quieter when you listen to the song.

How to Fix Quiet Headphones Issues

Now let's explore some solutions to fix quiet headphones issues and restore the perfect volume levels.

Unplug and Then Replug Your Wired Headphones

If you are experiencing low volume with your wired headphones, you need to unplug them. Afterward, try cleaning the headphone jack to remove dirt and debris. Once the headphone jack is clean, gently insert it fully until you hear a click. Play audio on your device, and you'll notice an improvement in volume.

Check the Bluetooth Connection

The Bluetooth connection could be the reason why your headphones are so quiet. To fix this problem, ensure that your headphones and the device are within close proximity to each other. You also need to remove physical obstacles, as they can interfere with the Bluetooth signal. These obstacles include walls, furniture, and other electronic devices. Finally, ensure that your headphones are adequately charged before trying to connect them via Bluetooth.

Adjust the Volume

To address the issue of low volume with your headphones, you need to increase the volume of your iPhone or Android Smartphone to the maximum level. Here's how to increase the volume of your Smartphone:

Clean the Headphones

If adjusting the volume won't work, you should consider cleaning your headphones to remove earwax. Here's how to do it:

Remove Damaged Parts

Damaged wires may interfere with the audio quality of your headphones and cause reduced volume. That's why you need to inspect your headphones cable and look for any visible damage. In case the cable is damaged, consider replacing it with a new one.

If your headphones have fallen or come into contact with water, inspect them thoroughly to determine the level of damage. In some cases, severe damages may be too costly to fix, and it would be best if you purchase a new pair of headphones.

Store Your Headphones Properly

Properly storing your headphones is essential for maintaining their performance and preventing any issues that may lead to low volume. When not in use, store the headphones in a good case that will protect them from the following:

You also need to stop winding or coiling them tightly in order to avoid damaging the cables.

Summing Up

That's it, guys. We hope that by now, your headphones are not so quiet and are delivering the audio experience you desire. To prevent the issues from recurring, make it a habit to clean your headphones regularly to prevent earwax buildup. Also, invest in a suitable protective case that will accommodate your headphones comfortably. But keep in mind that listening to loud sounds for prolonged periods can contribute to hearing loss.

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