Who Makes Kirkland Golf Balls? (All You Need to Know)

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Have you been asking who the person behind the design of the Kirkland Golf Balls is? Then your worries are sorted out today. Read our comprehensive article as we unveil the person behind the design and manufacturing of the Kirkland Golf Balls.

There are many things people purchase when it comes to sports. That is okay. Costco features an extensive collection of products targeting different occasions from the local through the national brand names as well as the private labels.

When we talk about the Costco private label products, you will find the Kirkland signatures like the gold balls. Because of reputation, quality, and other reasons, you might ask: Who makes Kirkland Golf Balls? The answer will shock you.

If you’re curious about the Kirkland Golf Balls, a few facts, the history and name behind the signature, then we have reached everything and read the article as we unveil more.

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Who Makes Kirkland Golf Balls?

Based on the research, we have found that most of the Kirkland products, including the Kirkland Golf Balls, are subcontracted. Therefore, Kirkland Golf Balls are subcontracted to an independent contractor from China by Qingdao SM Parker. This is according to the reports on Golf Circuit, Golf Sidekick, then Seconded by Tell Me More Golf websites. They are also responsible for manufacturing the Kirkland golf clubs, which are then stocked in the Costco stores or warehouses for sale.

These Kirkland Golf Balls and other products are designed with sound quality yet affordable, and all customers can get them at a budget-friendly price. If you’re looking for unique golf balls, try these Kirkland ones from a third-party company. Kirkland understands that the technology involved might cost them a lot in designing these balls from scratch. Research online claims that Nassau Golf also engages in the production of Kirkland Golf Balls in Korea. Nassau Golf balls are still high-end. Generally, the Kirkland signature products are made by Qingdao SM Parker, where the golf products make the headlines of their major productions.

One of the famous pieces of golf balls around the ball is the Kirkland Performance+, featuring 3 pieces of golf ball. They are well known as the Kirkland Performance+. Its pricing is affordable compared to the available alternatives with guaranteed quality.

Note that Costco only stocks the Kirkland Golf Balls. Ideally, they source these golf balls from China, a third-party company known as the Qingdao SM Parker. The company is solely focusing on sports products targeting the golf sector. Hence, these Costco Kirkland Golf Balls come with much-needed quality made by professionals, though you don’t have to break the bank to own some as a golf enthusiast.

Types of Kirkland Golf Balls at Costco Stock

Costco stocks different types of Kirkland Golf Balls on their shelves. This section will highlight some profound types for your information and consideration. Let us get started with the first one:-

Kirkland Signature-3-Piece Golf Ball

This is also well known as the Kirkland Performance+. They are one of the popular Kirkland Golf Balls on Costco today. As a golf enthusiast, this is an ideal and excellent alternative with an affordable pricing plan.

This is the perfect option if you are a slower golfer with a slow speed. You can compare these golf balls with the Pro V1 golf balls, which most professionals rely on. Still, remember that Kirkland Performance+ is highly recommended for golf beginners and mid-level learners. These pieces from Costco are very cheap. This is a perfect pricing even for the Urethane-covered-golf balls. Why not give them a try today? They are worth it. They are also available on Amazon.

Kirkland Signature -4-piece Golf ball

These types of Kirkland Golf Balls were first introduced in 2016. because of so many reasons, they scored excellent reviews. Unfortunately, the Costco store got into a deeper Lawsuit with the firm Acushnet Holdings Co, which is behind the manufacture of the Titleist Golf Balls.

Many reviews online claim that Kirkland was accused of potent violations, counting up to ten. They settled the case in court later, but it was halted. Then, later, in 2019, Costco reintroduced these Kirkland Golf Balls again. Sadly, the balls have issues with the quality, and many reports of the balls cracking and featuring damaged covers. The store recalled all the balls sold and refunded each customer. They are yet to return to the market and hopefully will shortly but gloves are available 4-piece.

Otherwise, grab the Kirkland Golf balls on the Costco website as Kirkland Golf Ball 2-Dozen white and Neon Yellow. They are currently going for $34.99. They are made with 3-piece Urethane cover, 2 Dozen features 24 counts and limits five per membership.

Kirkland Golf Balls and Titleist

As mentioned, Kirkland Golf Balls come with multiple advanced features, and the price is affordable. However, Titleist remains the industry giant. It is designed with higher-end materials to withstand the taste of time and is made for professional golf enthusiasts.

Comparing the features, these balls are alike, but the level of performance is different. Kirkland covers less distance of 7 to 10 yards and has a reduced speed. It has no impact if you are a beginner because it is cheaper than Costco stock. Titleist golf balls give you a giant performance while on the field.

Kirkland Golf Balls Return Policy

If you purchase the Kirkland Signature golf balls and realize the quality or something is wrong with the pieces, then as a customer, you can return to Costco as long as it is done within 90 days. This is only from the date you purchase these golf balls.

However, based on the Costco return policy, we can confirm that the store claims all the products ordered from the warehouse can only be returned to any warehouse location at the counter. But when you purchase the Kirkland Golf Balls online, return them to the nearest Costco store. Head to their website and initiate the return process.

If you have a problem initiating the return, the Costco customer support team can help you. ConnectConnect with the support team and finish up the return process.

Are Kirkland Signature Golf Balls Worth the Investment?

Kirkland Golf Balls are worth the investment, especially if you are a beginner or mid-level golfer. This is because it covers less distance and has a slower speed. However, we recommend a different golf ball brand for professional golfers.

The Kirkland Golf Balls are designed with urethane, making them high-quality golf balls to try. They are high and readily available at a cheaper price tag. If you want to order the Kirkland Golf Balls, they are available in-store or online from the Costco stores. Opt for any shipping method based on your preference and budget. However, please understand that using the express shipment will incur extra handling charges.


Like other Kirkland signature products, Kirkland Golf Balls are subcontracted to a third-party company. Thus, in the above article, Qingdao SM Parker, a Chinese company, designs Kirkland Golf Balls. Hence, they are stocked in Costco warehouses around the world. The Kirkland Golf Balls are high quality, affordable, have less distance coverage, and have a slower speed, which is highly recommended for beginners.

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