Singer 4432 VS 4452: Which Is Better For You?

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If you are a fan of sewing, you might have owned either Singer 4452 or 4432; it might also be the first time for you to purchase one. Before that, questions may hover in your mind on why buy Singer 4452 and not 4432? What is the difference between Singer 4452 as compared to Singer 4432? Below is a comparative guide of the two heavy-duty machines from Singer.

Does sewing interest you? What heavy sewing machine should you buy? Well, singer heavy-duty sewing machines are best for all light and heavy fabrics projects, whether you want to make your pair of pants sheer, thicker fabric, or even vinyl. Keep reading this extensive comparative guide on Singer 4452 vs. 4432 heavy sewing machine.

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General  Overview

Singer 4432 and 4452 are high-speed heavy-duty sewing machines. Their shading is grey, and their body material is metallic. They are from the Singer manufacturing company of Consumer sewing machines. Every time you peep at these machines, their identifications are almost similar. They are popular machines for sewing all projects from denim, leather, and vinyl to canvas. The machine's powerful motor allows high-speed sewing, thus saving you time.

Singer Sewing Heavy Duty 4452 

The Singer 4452 sewing machine is simple to set up and use. It has 34 built-in stitches, which include 18 decorative stitches, seven stretch stitches, and six basic stitches. The Singer 4452 sewing machine is suitable for all sewers. It has a sewing speed of 1100 stitches per minute. The company claims that one of the distinct features of the Singer 4452 sewing machine is its motor strength, which makes the machine stand out for heavy-duty projects like leather. Its needle threading is automatic, and the needle positioning is adjustable.

Singer Sewing Heavy Duty 4432

Singer 4432 is a heavy-duty sewing machine for both beginners and advanced sewers. The machine comes with four pressure feet of different sewing. Singer 4432 has 32 built-in stitches, which include decorative stitches, basic stitches, and stretch stitches. Also, removing the onboard accessory container is possible to enable free arm sewing for clothes like kid clothes, sleeve cuffs, and collars. Singer 4432 has 32 built-in stitches, which include decorative stitches, basic stitches, and stretch stitches.

What is the included number of pressure feet?

Singer 4452 heavy-duty sewing machine has six pressure feet more than most Singer sewing machines. They include the following:

There are four total pressure feet included with Singer 4432 heavy-duty sewing machine. Here is the list,

What Is the Difference Between Singer 4452 and 4432?

Singer 4452 and 4432 are nearly similar; they have almost the same color with a slight difference.

Stitching features

Singer 4452 and 4432  have no difference in stitching features. They are all similar. The only minor feature to note in stitching is Singer 4452 sewing machine comes with heavy sewing needles, but you can buy them easily at a good cost.


The two major and distinct difference in performance features is the number of pressure feet in singer 4452 is more than in singer 4432. Also, Singer 4452 has a bonus clearance plate.

In Singer 4452, the sewing speed is poorly controlled because of the poor speed control pedal. There is a minor difference in Singer 4452 of possible knee lift while sewing.

Other features

Bobbing winding is manual in Singer 4432.

What Are the Similarities Between Singer  4452 and 4432?

Stitching features

Adjustable pressure foot pressure helps you sew materials without leaving a mark. The stitching features include one buttonhole style without custom stitches or lock stitching. The stitch length and width are adjustable in both singers. The number of stitches is 32 in both singers, with a built-in reverse lever to make reversed sewing possible, and the selection is a dial. Also, the stitch width and length can be modified to 6.0mm each.


The sewing speed is 1100 stitches per minute with pressure foot pressure adjustment and free arm configuration. The thread cutting is manual, and the thread tension control and sensor are absent. Additionally, needle threading is automatic, and positioning is adjustable on all sides, right, left, and center.

Other features

Singer 4452 and Singer 4432 have automatic buttonholes, but the speed adjustment is not automatic. The start and stop button is manual, with LED lighting present. The warranty is for up to 25 years.

 Singer 4452 bonus clearance plate

The bonus clearance plate in the Singer 4452 aids in lifting the presser foot while sewing thick fabrics. It is also useful when attaching buttons to place the clearance plate between the fabric and the button. A clearance plate of any model can be used, non-Singer or Singer.

What Accessories Come with Singer 4432 Box?

The Singer has multiple included accessories stored in an accessory container which include: A -purpose foot, zipper foot, buttonhole foot, button sewing foot, seam ripper, an edge guide, needles, bobbins, screwdriver, extra spool pin, Soft-sided dust cover, Manual instructions, power cord, and a foot controller.

What Accessories Come with Singer 4452 Box?

General purpose foot, zipper foot, Buttonhole foot, Button sewing foot, Edge guide, Pack of needles, Bobbins, Spool Caps, Auxiliary spool pin, spool pin Felt, Seam Ripper, Soft dust cover. Also, it comes with bonus accessories, including a Walking foot/Even Feed for layers of fabric, a Nonstick foot for vinyl and leather, a 5-pack of size 16 needles, and a clearance plate for thick seams.

Singer 4432 vs. 4452 Which is the Best?

With the information on the two Singer sewing heavy machines, it is wise to note that the only major difference is the bonus clearance plate and more compressor feet in Singer 4452. It is possible to acquire these added features separately at a  fair cost for your 4432 machines. Both machines have high ratings and reviews, so it's difficult to tell which is best. The heavy machine suits all sewing projects, homewares,décor, and clothing.

Singer 4452 and 4432 Advantages


Singer 4452 and singer 4432 have little difference, and the two major ones can be solved. Overall I recommend both machines to beginner and advanced sewers. With heavy machines comes heavy duties; becoming comfortable with sewing 1100 stitches per minute will require a memory train. Always ensure you use the supposed needle for each fabric; if you doubt, the Singer app will help.

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