It’s About Time For You To Discover the Magical World of Warcraft

Justin Shin

World of Warcraft is one of the first MMORPG’s which set the tone for everything after it. Here’s why you should play it if you’ve never tried before.

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Everything To know About World of Warcraft Before Playing It

If you haven't heard of World of Warcraft (WoW) before (and really, where have you been?!) then it's high time for you to get acquainted with this legendary multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). 

The game itself was released in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment, and very quickly became one of the most popular MMORPGs around. It set the tone for all kinds of games to follow, and its enduring legacy has a loyal and dedicated player base that continues to grow. 

The vast virtual world regularly receives expansions, just like the best online pokies NZ offers are constantly growing in numbers, ensuring that there's always something new for long-standing players to explore, and newcomers to experience. 

A Rich And Fabled Universe

It’s not surprising that WoW became so popular. It was ahead of its time by building a rich and detailed world (Azeroth), that was steeped in lore with a long and detailed history. All of which was derived from Blizzard Entertainment's Warcraft universe. This depth of world-building provided players with a fascinating environment that they can explore and immerse themselves in.

Customize All You Like

WoW allows players to join a multitude of races and classes within the world, each of which provides players with set class abilities that let users dabble in different playing styles. This ensures the game is endlessly customizable, and with gear-drops aplenty to enjoy, there’s plenty of replayability. 

World of Warcraft also caters to many diverse playing styles, they have it all. It doesn’t matter if you’re focused on player vs environment gaming such as going questing, exploring dungeons, or going on raids, or if you’re or testing their skills in Player vs Player combat, you’ll be able to do all this and more. 

Keeping it Fresh

Thanks to their commitment to the fan and player base, Blizzard regularly releases new content, including expansions, patches, and features. This helps to ensure the game stays fresh and engaging no matter what level you’re at. This continuous evolution of the game is what keeps players coming back for more. 

The latest release, WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria, includes the chance for players to get plenty of rare loot fairly easily (such as the Cloak of Infinite Potential), along with recolours of previously released mounts like the golden version of the Astral Cloud Serpent. This kind of dedication to assist new players and give older ones the chance to get anything missed, keeps players feeling valued, and ensures that there’s always something new for players to discover (or conquer!).

Keeping it Social 

WoW has a large emphasis on community and the game really is best enjoyed as a social one. There are features like guilds, social events, and if you’re stuck, group finder tools. These community-driven gaming aspects make it easy for players to connect, collaborate, and form friendships within the game, which can make raids and PvP excursions easier. Because life is truly better with friends.

While the game may feel like an uphill battle to catch up on gear, maps and levels for new players, the hours you put in are truly worthwhile at the end of the day. Since the fanbase of the Warcraft franchise spans decades, they’ve absolutely reached an iconic status that few other games can match, which adds to its overall appeal, drawing in both new and returning players, leaving a lasting legacy that continues to grow.