Lawn Tractor Won’t Start No Click (Fix Ways)

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Trying to start your Lawn Tractor, but it fails? It can be frustrating and alarming, especially if you're set to begin work. Before considering other alternatives, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot and fix the issue. Keep reading for detailed information on a lawn tractor won't start, and there's no click.

A lawn tractor may fail due to several factors. They can be technical or straightforward factors like the battery and its connections, starting procedure, and ignition key to name but a few. It's no big deal since with our expert guide a lawn tractor won't start, and there's no click; whichever brand you own, you can perform a quick examination and fix the lawn tractor, which is both cost and time-saving.

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How to Fix Lawn Tractor Won’t Start No Click?

Examine the Battery and Its Connect

When any engine fails, the first thing to suspect is the battery and its connections. That is no exemption for a lawn tractor. You need a voltmeter to carry out this examination. Alternatively, switch on the dash lights and examine the density of the light. Brighter lights indicate that your battery is okay; if otherwise, it’s an indication of a dead or flat battery.

Dim Dash Lights

If you observe dim dash lights, you should;

Where Dash Lights Don’t Work

After carefully examining the battery and its connection in vain, you ought to move to the next step.

Step 1: The Starting Procedure

The lawn tractor won't start, and there's no click if the starting procedure is not followed. Most modern lawn tractors are fitted with sensors, although their positioning varies depending on the type of mower. The primary lawn mower sensors include; the seat, the brake pedals, the gear lever, and the blade engage control switch.

Step 2: Check the Control Module

The control module consists of relays and resistors. They receive commands and transmit current to the ignition switch through the solenoid. If one is faulty, the transmission channel is botched. Therefore, ensure all ignition system components are stable to prevent broken power transmission, which can cause a riding lawn mower won't start and no clicking.

Step 3: Check the Safety Switch/ Sensors

Most lawn mowers are fitted with safety switches that prevent them from starting if a particular criterion is not met. These switches are rarely damaged, but for the striking plates which push them on, occasionally misalign opening the sensors. That makes the engine to stop responding. Therefore, ensure your lawn mower safety switch (located under the seat) is properly functioning and replace it if damaged.

Step 4: Check the Starter Solenoid and Solenoid Coil

When the ignition key is turned, the starter solenoid transmits electrical current from the battery to the starter motor. Using a multi-meter, you can establish whether power is smoothly transmitted to the red terminal. Do as follows;

Upon verifying that the red terminal receives power, change gear to establish whether the solenoid coil receives power when the key is turned. The starter motor will click upon receiving power from the solenoid. But, if the solenoid is faulty, it won't click.

Check Fuses

These include a circuit of wires connected to the fuse, the ignition switch, the brake switch, and the blade switch. If the fuse blows, the circuit is broken; thus, the lawn tractor won't start, and there's no click until it's replaced. Do the following;

Pro Tip! A blown fuse may be a result of a wiring fault. If you need help solving that, you should find out or seek expert assistance.

Check the Ignition Switches and Loose Wiring

Ignition switches are fundamental components of the ignition system. Faulty ignition switches can leave you with a lawn tractor that won't start, and there's no click since they are responsible for sending commands to the control module in lawn tractors fitted with one. They should be replaced, and loose wires tightened to prevent connection problems.

How to Fix Riding Lawn Mower Won't Start No Click?

Although the features of a lawn tractor and riding lawn mower are distinctive. There are a lot of similarities when it comes to troubleshooting and fixing failure to start. Having learned how to troubleshoot and fix a lawn tractor that won't start and there’s no clicking, let’s do a run-down for a riding lawn mower won't start and no clicking.

Check the Battery Charge

A battery in good condition should read about 12.05v-12.65v. Anything below that indicates a defective battery that may not charge. A half-charged battery reads 12.05v and should be charged to about 70% before conducting a crank test to avoid a riding lawn mower won't start, and no clicking. Alternatively, you can jump-start the battery by connecting it to a pair of jumping cables directly connected to a car or a 12 volts battery to power it.

Check Safety Sensors

A riding lawn mower won't start, and no clicking if the starting procedure is incomplete. With safety features fitted on the mower, for instance, the weight sensor requires you to sit on the mower when starting. Unless that is done, the procedure is incomplete and it won’t start. Someone else can sit on it as you start.

Check the Control Module

When the ignition switch is turned, it relays a command to the control module to start the starter. Ensure all the components are intact to avoid botching the relay system.

Check Ignition Switch

Ignition switches are crucial in relaying commands to the control module. Ensure the switches are correctly connected for the smooth functioning of the ignition system.

FAQs about Lawn Tractor Won’t Start No Click

How do I know if my starter solenoid on a riding lawn mower is bad?

A starter solenoid is a crucial component of the ignition system. Provided your riding lawn mower battery is in perfect condition, your riding mower should start when the key is turned. If not, there's a possibility the solenoid is broken and won't pass current. So, when turning the key while starting the riding mower, it must produce one click when the solenoid engages; otherwise, it’s an indication of a bad starter solenoid.

Why won’t my riding mower start just click?

This can result from a faulty or uncharged battery, fuse, control mower, and safety features. They should be checked and replaced, or the battery charged for proper current transmission.

Final Thought

When a lawn tractor won’t start and there’s no click, it could be due to minor factors, as we have indicated in this article. It is vital to inspect all the main components of a lawn mower to establish where there is a fault and fix it. Most of these problems can be fixed by minor adjustments and replacements. Take a few minutes to troubleshoot and fix the problem as discussed above, but if it doesn't work, go for another alternative or seek expert help.

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