Is Apple AirTag Waterproof? (All You Need to Know)

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Are you planning to purchase the Apple AirTag, and you are seeking its properties? Please read our article and get answers on whether the Apple AirTag is waterproof. Also, understand whether it can be attached to withstand any plunges underwater.

Apple Airtag is one of the tools you have been dreaming of going for of late. But before spending money on such an item, you must know its features, capability, and waterproofness. You might have heard it is waterproof, but you never know to what degree.

Therefore, as long as the IP ratio matters, knowing the limitations of the Apple product is one step to your perfection. You can then buy and use the item to the maximum without causing damage. If you have invested in Apple products and are curious about the answer, keep reading with us.

Getting the answer to this question will also expose you to vital information related to the Apple AirTag. This topic is wide, and we will give you everything you need to know in this article. Let us get started by giving you a direct answer.

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Is Apple AirTag Waterproof?

AirTag is not waterproof. However, we can confirm that it is water-resistant. Customers can drop an Apple AirTag underwater for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter. It comes with a rating of IP67. This means you are not advised to leave your Apple AirTag in running water or do not submerge it in water for long. Still, When you are outside in the rain, it need not hurt the Apple AirTag.

Apple AirTag features battery covers, and the IP67 rating indicates that the device can resist the most splashing. If you drop them in the shower underwater, you can always get them within 30 minutes.

The above rating mentioned is under lab conditions. But with the typical condition, you must think twice before swimming with your Apple AirTag. Still, the company warns you that water resistance is never permanent. It tends to reduce this feature due to wear as time goes on. Entropy wins the day here, and the fact remains that the harder you treat your Apple AirTag, the faster it reduces the water resistance capability.

There are still a lot of things you can learn from this article. Regarding the Apple AirTag, when you are curious about more details, keep reading our honest and in-depth article to the end. We will give you more answers to your questions.

What to Do When Apple AirTag Gets Wet?

If you realize that your ideal Apple AirTag is wet, you might wonder what to do. First, you must ensure you dry it off as soon as you can to redeem its normal functionality.

This is a very simple thing to do. And here are a few steps you can follow while drying the Apple AirTag:-

Note that you should avoid using the blow dryer to dry your AirTag. Instead, use a soft cloth to wipe water or liquid that is likely to read the sealing. Still, note what tends to harm the circuitry as well as sealing.

When you effectively follow the above steps and press the battery into your AirTag, you will hear the tone that indicates your battery is connected and everything else is in good condition, ready to work effectively. But to be more sure, we encourage you to launch the Find My app on the iPhone, then choose the item tab and test if it's working. At all costs, avoid water in the future.

Can a Dog Swim with the AirTag?

From the information we have found online, experts recommend that allowing your dog to swim in the water with the AirTag on is not advisable. The reason is that AirTag is not waterproof but only water resistant.

The few scenarios are when your dog is running across the water sprinkler, and as such, everything is fine as the AirTag can withstand such a splash. However, when the dog swims deeper in the pool for an extended period, take off the Apple AirTag before allowing it to swim.

Still, as mentioned above, the water resistance capability reduces with time. Hence, the more you use the AirTag, the more it becomes susceptible to water damage, even with a slight splash.

Can Apple AirTag Survive Through the Wash?

From the information we have, we have never had a scientific test. However, the unscientific results indicate that the Apple AirTag works normally after going through the wash. But we can never recommend you try this as its risks are based on the states or your AirTag.

We can also attest that by mistake, if you get your AirTag to go through the normal or speed wash, then rest assured that it will be fine and work effectively as long as it happens occasionally.

Can I Shower with AirTag?

When you shower with the Apple AirTag, it is likely not to hurt the device at all costs. However, as the rules apply, you need to put your shower under the pivotal duration of 30 minutes. This will help you reduce the risks of the AirTag getting damaged.

What is the Durability of the Apple AirTag?

The duration, or rather how long those Apple AirTags take to last, is highly dependent on the frequency of use as well as how often it gets in contact with water. The battery's life is approximately one year, and customers must replace it afterwards.

Hence, you can replace your battery within 6 months upto 2 years as long as you ensure you never get your AirTag wet. This will help you preserve the battery life.

Can Somebody Swim with the AirTag on?

Though users can swim with the Apple AirTag on, it is recommended that you avoid submerging it underwater. This means that before going deep into the water, consider removing the AirTag. To an extent, the more often you swim with your AirTag on, the more you get to reduce its water resistance capability and risk its lifespan of getting damaged. It will eventually fail with constant water contact.

Can users Purchase the Waterproof Casing for an Apple AirTag?

You will discover multiple Apple AirTag casings when you navigate the internet, and the EPS varies.

The waterproof casing features an IPX8 rating, which indicates such casing can withstand being underwater for an extended period. Hence, when you want to stay underwater for more than 30 minutes with your AirTag, consider purchasing the waterproof Apple AirTag case. It is best to invest in the casing but save your AirTag from water damage while you utilize it to its full potential.

Can Apple Air Tg survive When Dropped in a Puddle?

The Apple AirTag will likely survive when you accidentally drop in the puddle. This is because puddles are somehow shallow. Still, puddles are not used to test the absolute limit of the Apple AirTag water resistance features.

When an Apple AirTag gets Wet, does it Affect the Tracking Signal?

Definitely, the answer is yes, but we might have a mixed result here. First, water damages or affects your Bluetooth signal. But As long as the Apple AirTag is not submerged under water beyond 3 ft, you will still get the signal without interference. Beyond that, the tracking signal is lost if not affected.


Apple AirTag is water resistant, and these devices are not waterproof. Under 1 meter depth, these devices can survive upto 30 minutes and feature a rating of IP67. This range does not guarantee a reasonable water resistance capability; hence, it can only survive short-term cases when exposed to water.

In the above article, we recommend taking the necessary precautions once you learn about such device limitations. Take care of your favorite belongings without damaging them and increase their durability.

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