How to Use GarageBand (The Complete Guide for Beginners)

Ali Abdaal

Facing budget constraints in music production? Discover how to use GarageBand, a free Mac and iOS tool, to record, edit, and share music professionally, irrespective of your expertise.

Most artists think of recording and producing their music from a studio with the support of an expert producer. But worry less if you're working on a low budget and cannot afford to hire a producer.

In this article, we shall guide you on how to use a GarageBand to record and share your music at no cost. Keep reading! GarageBand is software available on Mac and iOS devices. It contains free-virtually installed musical instruments that enable musicians to create, record, mix, edit, and share their tunes with ease if you have knowledge of how it is utilized.

Whether you're a beginner or a veteran musician, this article on how to use GarageBand will help you create music like a pro producer without incurring any cost.

Table Of Contents

Getting Started on GarageBand

To get started on GarageBand, you must have the application on your device. If the application is not already available on your device, you need to install it on Play Store. Then we shall proceed to utilize it.

How to Record and Edit on GarageBand?

GarageBand allows you to record live audio or edit a saved track. You need to do as follows.

1. Recording

2. Editing

Editing a song makes it sound professionally done. GarageBand has several editing tools to help edit songs from Apple loops, your recordings, and imported audio files. To edit your piece;

How to Add Loops and Samples on GarageBand?

Adding loops in GarageBand is an exciting feature that enables musicians to learn vital sampling skills using this App. There are several pre-recorded loops in this App. To add loops, you're required to;

How to Mix and Master Audio on GarageBand?

Mixing your song with effect plug-ins is a fantastic way to develop fine tunes after adding loops and samples. To mix tracks, you need to access the mixing tools first. So, you need to;

How to Share GarageBand Projects?

After you’re finished creating and editing your track, you may need to export the project to your device or directly to social media platforms, do as follows;

How to Use GarageBand without Instruments?

When using GarageBand, you don't necessarily have to engage Instruments since the application allows for creating music without physical instruments. To effectively create music on GarageBand, you can use;

1. Apple Loops

Several pre-recorded Apple loops on GarageBand can be utilized without engaging any instrument. They require to be imported and edited to fit your project.

2. MIDI Keyboards

The MIDI keyboard or MIDI controller are software instruments in GarageBand that enable recording instruments even in their absence.

3. Drummer Feature

The drummer feature on GarageBand enables you to add and customize drum tracks on projects.

4. Samples

With GarageBand, you can import and manipulate samples, either those already available online or those recorded, to customize sounds.

How to use GarageBand on iPad?

When using GarageBand on iPad for the first time,

What is GarageBand for Mac?

GarageBand is a digital audio workstation application (DAW) containing a library of pre-installed instruments like keyboards, guitars, and drums to record music without using physical musical instruments. Alternatively, the App can be used to manipulate and edit recorded music.

For the above reasons, Mac Company has found it crucial to have the GarageBand software pre-installed on every macOS. The App is also free on every Apple, iPhone, and iPad device. Once you launch the GarageBand app, whether on Mac, iPhone, or iPad, it will display the preset instruments, including; drums, software keyboard collection, sound and voice, beats, the input and output devices, and amp collection, to name a few. When you click on any of the projects, it will prompt you to create a new project.

How to Delete a Project on GarageBand?

The GarageBand App automatically saves your project in your computer's Music folder. To delete a project you don't need anymore, you need to;


Q: Is GarageBand free?

A: Yes, GarageBand is a free application that is pre-installed and supported on devices compatible with Apple. It is available on Mac and iOS devices.

Q: Is GarageBand a DAW?

A: Definitely, yes. GarageBand is an application with virtually installed musical instruments that enable music recording without necessarily using physical instruments. Therefore it is a DAW since it can be utilized as discussed above on how to use GarageBand.

Q: Is the Procedure for using GarageBand on iPhone similar to Mac and IPad?

A: GarageBand is supported on all Apple compatible devices, which include Mac, iPad, and iPhone, and it is a pre-installed App or can be installed from Play Store. For these reasons, the procedure of using the App on these devices is similar.


GarageBand is a vital tool for creating nice tunes on a low budget. From the information provided above on how to use GarageBand, the application is free of charge, and it offers a wide range of tools and features which can be manipulated to create music. Moreover, it is straightforward to use, thus an excellent choice for musicians and producers of any level.

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