How to Remove Sublimation Ink? (From Shirt, Tumbler and Mug)

Elanor E. Gary
Do you have a shirt, cap, cup, tumbler, etc., with a design you no longer like and wish to remove? Sublimation inks are tough to remove, even when subjected to harsh chemicals. Worry not! Here is a complete guide on removing sublimation ink from various materials without damaging their surfaces.

Do you want to remove a design but don't know how to get rid of the sublimation ink? Sublimation makes printing on various blanks, such as glass, tumblers, clothing, wood and more possible. Despite that there are many new kinds of ink; sublimation ink is the most reliable form of dye due to its effectiveness.

Sublimation ink is superior to other types since it dries rapidly and does not peel off easily. Additionally, it's not only very resistant to washing but also remains intact when materials are stretched to their breaking point. However, the quality of the prints correlates inversely with the ease with which the sublimation ink can be erased. Keep reading to learn about various methods to eradicate sublimation ink from multiple materials.

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How to Remove Sublimation Ink on a Shirt?

Printed apparel is a popular choice among consumers. Such clothing is viewed as highly alluring and appealing. But what if you don't want the picture or words anymore? Here are a few approaches that can be taken.

Method 1: Use Cold Water

To get rid of sublimation ink, use cold water. The water should be between 40 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Do this:

Method 2: Use Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is another method that can be used to get rid of sublimation ink. A dryer will be required for this process. Just do this:

Method 3: Use a Bleaching Agent

Do this:

Method 4: Use Soda Treatment

For optimal results, use this method on new sublimations. Here is the process:

Method 5: Use a Commercial Stain Remover

Commercial stain removers are specially formulated treatments that utilize potent chemicals to dissolve and eliminate stains. Using one is as follows:

Method 6: Using Dish Soap And Water

Sublimation ink on fabric can be easily removed with dish detergent and water. The exemplary method is to:

Method 7: Use Of White Vinegar

Do this:

Method 8: Use Of Starch

Shirt sublimation ink can also be removed with the help of a cotton swab dipped in starch. When the stain is still liquid, lightly blot it with a paper towel, and when it has dried on your shirt, rub it out with a soft cloth.

Method 9: Use Of Salt 

You may also use salt; table salt and sea salt work wonderfully. However, if you can access sea salt, use it as table salt contains chlorine, which can deteriorate the fabric. Sea salt is far cheaper than dryer sheets for removing ink, thus being an affordable option.

Method 10: Denatured Spirits

Sublimation ink can also be removed using denatured spirits (alcohol). This procedure entails the following:

How to Remove Sublimation Ink On a Tumbler?

When the sublimation ink on your tumbler is dry, you'll need to rub it off with alcohol and a cotton ball to clean it. Tumbler ink removal using rubbing alcohol is similar to removing shirt ink by blotting with a damp paper towel. Then, wipe away any leftover ink with a cotton swab.

How to Remove Sublimation Ink From Mugs?

Are you looking to save some cash by reusing a sublimated mug and printing on it again? If you want to eliminate sublimation ink from a cup, vinegar is your best bet. To proceed:

You'll soon see the print removing itself, revealing a nearly brand-new cup beneath.

How to Clean Wood Of Sublimation Ink?

Cleaning products designed specifically for removing ink from wood, or a combination of baking soda and warm water, can remove sublimation ink from wooden surfaces. The ink can be removed by making a thick paste with baking soda and warm water, which can then be applied to the area in question and rubbed with a damp cloth.


If you're trying to remove sublimation ink on a specific item, now you know it takes effort and expertise. Some sublimation ink removers are more successful at eradicating ink from particular surfaces than others. Whether or not sublimation ink can be removed depends on the age of the ink, the fabric on which its painted, and the removal procedure used.