How to Dispose of Old Lawnmowers? (Ways +Where to Near Me)

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Lawnmower owners need to dispose of old or broken lawnmowers at some point. Disposing can be time-consuming and frustrating. Here is a guide to options, from old lawn mower disposal and donating to recycling.

It is essential to properly dispose of an old lawn mower to create space and make room for a new one. Please do not throw it in the trash or leave it on the curb; it is unethical and may have dangerous fuel and oil. Disposing of an old lawn mower securely and ethically contributes to environmental protection.

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What to Do with An Old Lawn Mower?

An old lawn mower may be used for several purposes, depending on your circumstances and need. Here are some suggestions:

Transfer it

Consider giving your old lawnmower to a nonprofit or community garden if it's still operating well.

Sell it

Try listing your old lawnmower on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or eBay to see if you can get some cash. How many individuals are willing to purchase secondhand lawnmowers could surprise you.

Recycle it

Old lawnmowers may be recycled through many municipal programs. Ask the trash management department in your area if they provide this service.

Reuse it

You can use certain lawn mower parts for other tasks if you're crafty. The engine, for instance, might run generators or boats.

Dispose of it properly.

If the lawnmower cannot be fixed or is no longer functional, dispose of it appropriately. Since some of its components might harm the environment, check with your neighborhood waste management office on how to safely dispose of it.

Where to Take Old Lawn Mowers Near Me?

There are a few choices in your area for getting rid of an outdated lawn mower:

Who Buys the Old Lawn Mower?

Several types of people might be interested in buying an old lawn mower:

Ways to Scrap A Lawn Mower?

There are a few actions you can take to dispose of a lawn mower in a way that is both secure and safe for the environment:

Following these instructions may minimize the environmental effect of your lawn mower's safe and responsible disposal.

Can We Recycle Old Lawnmowers?

Old lawnmowers can indeed be recycled. When an old lawn mower becomes worn out, its parts can be disassembled, and the materials can be used again or reused. Recycling old lawnmowers is an excellent way to cut waste and give the components of the machine new life.

Although, there are curbside pickup options or designated drop-off places for larger, heavier metal objects like lawnmowers. They can also be sold or given to a worthy recipient if they are still functional. Manufacturers have trade-in programs to save money on a new model when bringing in an old one.

Choose to Donate:

An outdated lawnmower can be donated. Used lawnmowers and other gardening tools are frequently presented to charities, civic associations, and nonprofit organizations focusing on sustainability or environmental protection.

Ensure your lawnmower is still in good working order or that it can be quickly fixed before donating it. Additionally, you should tidy it up and remove any identifying or personal information. Search for lawn mower donation groups online or by calling local community centers, churches, and charities. Reach out to local gardening organizations to connect with them.

Give It Away:

Is your lawn mower old but still functional? You may gift it to a friend or family member requiring a lawnmower. It could also be helpful to a relative, close friend, or neighbor.

Put Lawn Mower For Sale:

Selling lawnmowers can be a great way to earn extra cash. To ensure the lawnmower is in good working order, upkeep or repairs should be carried out, and the lawnmower should be thoroughly cleaned before being put up for sale.

Take time to prepare the mower for sale, choose a fair price, and give an authentic advertisement. Research the costs of comparable lawnmowers in your area and offer a warranty or return policy to reassure buyers.

Take note of the following: Old lawnmowers are difficult to dispose of due to their size, weight, and toxic compounds, thus making it difficult to transport them to a recycling facility.

Before taking your old lawn mower to a recycling center,  Call ahead to confirm recycling policies and fees, and empty the machine's oil or gas before bringing it to a recycling facility. Contact your local waste management agency: Local waste management organizations may provide a collection service or selected drop-off spot for large items, such as lawnmowers.


In conclusion, properly disposing of an old lawn mower necessitates careful consideration of the choices available in your region. Disposal alternatives include donation, recycling, and abiding by proper disposal procedures. This article guides you on disposing of your broken or old lawn mower.

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