How to Control Chromecast? (Step-by-Step Guide)

Maria D. Stephens

Have you lost your remote for the Chromecast from Google TV? That is not an issue; there is a way. Read this in-depth, step-by-step article and learn how to control Chromecast with the PC using the remote app and keep streaming. Become a pro with the below procedure.

Technology is advancing day and night. If you have ever encountered Chromecast, Chromecast has managed to advance how we stream media content from our device. With your handy device, you can stream anything from the movies to the music and shows or videos from the device of your choice. Lately, people are using Chromecasts to stream while connecting to the TV as well as monitors.

Therefore, most of the users are relying on smartphones or mobile as well as personal computers to control the streaming experience. It is equally possible to connect any HDMI-ported TV to a smart TV with a relevant cable on the Chromecast.

Therefore, regardless of which way you want to go, you are likely interested in understanding how to connect and control Chromecast. The procedure is straightforward. and in this article, we will explore in depth the step-by-step procedure to gain control and manage the Chromecast. Let us get started without wasting time.

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How to Control Chromecast?

The procedure of how one can control Chromecast is straightforward as long as you follow the steps keenly. However, before starting the process, you must understand that there are a few things you will need to get started.

These are the TVs featuring the HDMI port, then Wi-Fi connection, as well as the PC installed with the Chrome browser. With all these in place, you will make everything very simple and easy. Here we go:-

You can cast the Chromecasts to the TV using other available applications. These are YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, etc, as long as the application comes with compatible features with the Chromecast. Casting the sites to the TV is also simple. Start by launching them and head to the cast button before navigating to the Chromecast device found within each device, and you will see the content playing on your TV screen.


To this end, you should be struggling with how you can control the Chromecasts. There are many third-party applications to make your experience seamless. Managing the Chromecast session using the computer is simple, though the procedure seems complex. In the above article, we have shared a detailed step-by-step procedure to guide you in controlling the Chromecast from setting up to disconnecting the session with the necessary tools in place.

Though Teamviewer and Google Home are the favored approaches, there are still many other applications and Chrome extensions to count on. Enjoy hassle-free streaming with the Chromecast from the comfort of your zone.

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