How Much Do Golf Carts Cost? (Prices in 2023)

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Golf carts have gained popularity on golf courses, retirement homes, resorts, and even in suburban neighborhoods. Whether you are driving around town or heading out for an enjoyable round of golf, they provide an easy and environmentally responsible method to get around. One of the first things that might cross your mind when buying a golf cart is how much it truly costs.

We will learn about the many kinds of golf carts in this post and compare their features and costs for you.

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Types of Golf Carts

Gas-powered and electric golf carts are the two varieties available. Gas-powered vehicles are more widely used and have a more extended history. Nonetheless, electric golf carts are becoming increasingly common in many nations. First, let us compare these two varieties of golf carts to discover if they are exact replicas!

Electric vs Gas Powered Golf Carts: Which is More Cost Effective?

A) Cost

Although prices can differ greatly, there are certain common patterns. You should budget between $7000 and $14,590 for a golf cart, based on the features you need.

Electric When brand-new, they may cost a bit more than their gas-powered equivalents. On the other hand, used gas-powered golf carts are usually more expensive than used electric golf carts. If money is tight, this provides you with a bit of leeway!

Gas When purchased new, gas golf cars are typically less expensive than electric ones. However, compared to electricity, it costs more to purchase used. This indicates that the cost of gas-powered golf carts, whether new or old, is more evenly distributed than electric golf carts, which have a far more comprehensive pricing range.

B) Upkeep

Golf cart maintenance is necessary for both varieties. Below, we have listed each person's requirements for you.

Electric Electric golf car batteries must be maintained and charged frequently, as well as after each use. If not, you will have to change the batteries every two weeks. Each pair of batteries for an electric golf cart should last several years and be purchased along with the vehicle.

Gas They need the same routine upkeep as a car that runs on gas. Regular oil changes and part replacements as they wear out are required. If something major breaks, you must also send it to a shop for repairs. The price of gas to keep it fueled will also always be an expense.

C) Performance

There is a discernible performance difference when comparing gas-powered and electric golf cars. Let us examine both to determine which best meets your needs.

Electric These carts can reach a top speed of 24 mph on average! They can be modified to reach a speed of thirty miles per hour! Electric golf cars frequently have strong torque, particularly the most recent 48V ones. The electric models are fantastic for those who wish to make their golf carts street-legal due to their incredible speed.

Gas Compared to electric variants, gas-powered carts have a lower top speed of approximately 20 mph on average. Furthermore, a few changes can be made to increase their speed. But as workhorses, these gas-powered golf cars typically perform better than electric ones.

D) Range

Golf carts are used for various purposes, and one major consideration is their operating range. Which golf car best meets your travel demands?

Electric The range is constrained since they require charging, and most locations need golf cart charge facilities. Your golf cart has a range of approximately 40 miles on a full charge; to maximize this, you should choose the 48V model. As a result, you can't travel as far or discover an entire island with these.

Gas carts have the range to allow you to journey across several beaches and extend your tropical holiday or day trip. You may use gas stations all day because they run on the same fuel as other gas-powered cars. You can increase your range until you can buy petrol alone!

E) Comfortability

Comfortability is an important consideration when purchasing a golf cart, so we must check the distinctions between these two models.

Electric Because they run on a battery instead of a combustion engine, these are usually quieter. Compared to gas-powered carts, they can attain their maximum speed more quickly and silently.

Gas Although the latest models do an excellent job of limiting the noise of the combustion engine, these are usually louder. Now, when you live in a hot environment, the seat may grow warm due to the gas engine, which is not ideal. Finally, there is always a danger that when you refuel, you will spill fuel on the cart.

Advantages and Disadvantages of electric and gas carts

Depending on your needs and tastes, gas- and electric-powered golf carts have special benefits and disadvantages. As a result, It is crucial to weigh aspects like cost, performance, maintenance, and environmental effects while deciding between the two. The following contrasts golf carts that run on gas versus electricity:

Electric Golf Carts:

  1. Environmentally friendly: Electric golf carts are more environmentally friendly because they emit no emissions.
  2. Quieter operation: Golf courses and residential communities may find it advantageous to use electric golf carts due to their quieter operation compared to gas-powered models.
  3. Lower operating cost: Electric golf carts usually have reduced running costs since they don't need fuel and electricity is usually less expensive than gasoline.
  4. Less maintenance: Due to the reduced number of moving parts, maintenance and repair requirements for electric golf carts are lower.
  5. Smooth acceleration: Golf carts that run on electricity accelerate more smoothly than those that run on gas.
  6. Limited range: The battery capacity of electric golf carts limits their range. Thus they may need to be recharged more frequently.

Gas-Powered Golf Carts:

  1. More extended range: Gas-powered golf carts can be easily and rapidly refueled at a gas station, giving them a more extended range.
  2. More power: Gas-powered golf carts can handle steeper terrain and carry larger loads since they usually have greater horsepower.
  3. Lower initial cost: Gas-powered golf carts are generally less expensive than electric golf carts.
  4. Higher operating cost: Gas-powered golf carts require more regular maintenance and more expensive fuel, which drives operational costs.
  5. More maintenance: Gas-powered golf carts need extra upkeep, including air filter replacements, spark plug replacements, and oil changes.
  6. Noisier operation: Golf carts with gas engines typically produce more noise than those with electric engines, which could be problematic in residential or quiet settings.
  7. Less environmentally friendly: Golf carts with gas engines emit emissions, which add to air pollution and the release of greenhouse gasses.

The decision between gas- and electric-powered golf carts will ultimately come down to your personal priorities and needs. An electric golf cart can be superior if you value silent running, reduced operating costs, and environmental friendliness. However, a gas-powered golf cart can be a better choice if you need more extraordinary power, a more extended range, and a cheaper starting price.

How much do golf carts cost?

1. Electric Golf Carts

Several variables can affect the average cost of electric golf carts. The cart's brand, model, features, and state are some variables that can impact how much it costs.

⮚    Average Electric Cart Prices

Consider looking at average prices to get a general idea of an electric golf cart's price.

Electric golf carts can fluctuate in price depending on the model, features, and condition. A new electric golf cart should cost you, on average, between $5,000 and $10,000.

On the other hand, if money is tight, you may also find second-hand electric golf carts for as little as $2,000. Remember that the cart's age, condition, and battery life affect pricing.

Furthermore, if you are looking for a high-end model with cutting-edge technologies, the cost may reach $15,000 or higher. For this reason, while looking for an electric golf cart, it's crucial to consider your needs and budget.

⮚    Factors Affecting Cost

An electric golf cart's price might vary depending on some factors, including brand, features, and condition.

Well-known brands like Club Car and Yamaha typically carry a higher price tag because of their standing and caliber.

The golf cart's features significantly influence the price of the golf cart. For instance, advanced models of carts will cost more than basic ones since they have features like built-in speakers or GPS systems.

Furthermore, the electric cart's state can greatly affect how much it costs. Compared to older versions that could need maintenance or repairs, newer carts with little mileage and wear and tear will cost more.

2. Gas-Powered Golf Carts

Buying a gas-powered golf cart might be costly. If you are considering purchasing one, you should know the associated costs. Let us begin by looking at the typical prices of gas-powered golf carts to aid your decision-making.

Brand Model Price Range
Yamaha Drive 2 $6,000 - $10,000
Club Car Onward $7,000 - $12,000
EZ-GO Freedom $5,000 - $9,000

The table illustrates how different brands and models of gas-powered golf carts can have different price ranges. Club Car's onward series costs between $7,000 and $12,000, while Yamaha's Drive2 series is priced between $6,000 and $10,000. EZ-GO's Freedom series provides a less expensive choice, which costs between $5,000 and $9,000.

Remember that these are only average costs; final costs could differ depending on extra features, dealer location, and customization. The long-term expenses of owning a gas-powered golf cart, such as gasoline, maintenance, and insurance, should also be considered.

Gas-powered golf carts can allow you to navigate your property or the golf course easily. Nonetheless, planning appropriately and evaluating costs is critical to choose the greatest choice that fits your requirements and price range.

What are the features and reliability of new and used golf carts

A) Features

If you buy new, you can personalize many features on your golf cart. This holds for both gas and electric-powered versions. Features like the color, seats, rims, tires, and so forth are all up to you to select.

In addition, used parts are available; therefore, you will need to find your unique pieces. If you want to source changes for used carts, you need to account for that in the overall cost of your cart.

B) Reliability

Used golf carts can have unreported issues. If you want to be sure you are purchasing a dependable used golf cart, you should evaluate the carts yourself from private sellers. Buying secondhand from a dealer is a far safer choice.

On the other hand, new golf carts might have some problems, but they are less risky and usually come with a guarantee. It's important to remember that you should have a professional inspect your golf cart if it develops mechanical issues.

How Customization Options Can Affect the Price of Your Golf Cart

After estimating the price of gas-powered golf carts, we need to check the many customization options and their potential effects on the final cost of these vehicles.

Customization is a common option for golf cart fans who want the flexibility to customize their vehicles to suit their needs and tastes.

The options are virtually limitless when it comes to personalization. Upgrades to the seats, a unique paint job, a sound system, or even unique wheels are all options. It is crucial to remember that every customization option has a corresponding cost.

The complexity and quality of the changes determine how much customization will cost. Simple improvements like new seat covers or a basic paint job can cost between $200 and $500. However, more complex additions like specialized body kits or high-end sound systems might run you $1,000 or more.

When selecting customization choices, it's important to consider your preferences and spending limit. Although these additions can improve your golf cart's look and performance, they can also greatly affect the final cost.

The Most Luxurious Golf Carts on the Market Right Now

A) 4 Passenger Maoifaec Golf Cart

The Maoifaec Golf Cart should be your first choice for a golf cart with performance and luxury. A very effective 48V 5000W AC motor made in Japan powers this vehicle. You may confidently tackle hills because the AC motor has a stronger power performance than DC motors.

Key Features

Additional Perks

B) Kandi America 4 Passenger Electric Golf Cart

The Kandi America 4 Passenger Electric Golf Cart is an excellent choice for individuals who want to maintain luxury and quality. With its 5000-watt electric motor, this cart is a powerhouse that will let you easily navigate any terrain.

Key Features

Additional Perks

C) Kandi America 6 Passenger Electric Golf Cart

One of the best options for blending luxury and functionality is the Maoifaec 4 Passenger Golf Cart. This cart is made for more than just golf; it can be used for hunting, visiting beautiful places, farms, and schools.

Key Features

Additional Perks

D) Kandi America 2 Passenger Electric Cart

The Kandi America 2 Passenger Electric Cart is an excellent option for anyone seeking a small yet robust electric cart. This heavy-duty work cart with a dump bin is useful for a variety of activities and is not only for play.

Key Features

Additional Perks

Top Golf Carts and Price Points to Consider

We have examined both gas- and electric-powered golf carts, and now that we have, we have put together a list of some excellent options to get you going in the right direction!

A) The Bintelli Beyond 4PR – $12,995

This electric golf buggy is well-made. Its MSRP of $12,995 is typical for a recently upgraded electric golf car.

The durable aluminum frame of this cart will make sure it lasts for many years! Not to add, Bintelli has added a ton of other features and accessories.

Premium seats, integrated chargers, Bluetooth technology, and an expanded roof are all included. View The Bintelli Beyond complete feature list.

B) VILLAGER 2+2 LSV – $13,800

Clubcar manufactures this golf car. This electric golf cart is perfect for both the road and the greens because it is suited for the street!

There are several incorporated accessories, including a 48V battery, 3-point seat belts, and an aluminum frame. Make sure you review the whole set of specifications for the Villager.

C) EZGO Express S4 – $12,749 to $15,256

Because it comes in three different model kinds, the EZGO Express S4 is an intriguing golf cart. You can choose between their Elite Lithium model, a 72V battery, or gas.

This allows you to select the engine type that best fits your needs and maintain the fantastic accessories and features of the S4! Examine how the EZGO Express S4 may be customized.

D) The Bintelli Beyond 6PR Loaded – $14,510

Although it only has four seats, this Bintelli model can fit six people! Along with further changes and accessories, such as a reverse camera, this full package offers you and your passengers!

If you have a big family or wish to bring more than two friends in your cart, the Bintelli Beyond 6PR is fantastic.

The Top Golf Cart Brands for Off-Roading Adventures

Although there are numerous golf cart manufacturers, the following are some of the greatest and most respected names on the market:

  1. Club Car: Known for making high-quality golf carts since 1958, Club Car is an American manufacturer of golf carts. Along with a large selection of utility and personal mobility vehicles, they sell gas- and electric-powered golf carts.
  2. E-Z-GO: Another significant American golf cart company, E-Z-GO, has operated since 1954. They have a range of gas- and electric-powered carts available, including street-legal, utility, and personal transportation types.
  3. Yamaha: This Japanese business manufactures a variety of goods but is most renowned for its fine golf carts. With an emphasis on dependability, comfort, and performance, Yamaha provides golf carts that are both gas- and electric-powered.
  4. Cushman: Founded in the United States in the 1900s, Cushman is an American manufacturer of utility vehicles and golf carts. They provide a selection of gas- and electric-powered carts with an emphasis on dependability and longevity.
  5. Garia: Producing high-end golf carts, Garia is a Danish company. They provide a range of fashionable, highly functional electric carts renowned for their distinctive styles and upscale features.
  6. Star EV: An American company called Star EV manufactures electric golf carts, utility vehicles, and personal mobility vehicles. Their specialty is creating energy-efficient and ecologically friendly carts that offer a range of customizing choices.
  7. Tomberlin: Based in the United States, Tomberlin produces electric golf carts that are legal to drive on public roads. Their cars are renowned for their svelte styling, advanced safety systems, and premium build quality.

Remember that your unique requirements, tastes, and financial situation determine which golf cart brand is perfect for you. Before choosing a brand, it is crucial to do your homework and take some of the models for a test drive.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, a number of variables can affect how much a golf cart costs. When figuring out how much you are prepared to spend, it is critical to take your budget, intended use, and desired features into account. You may select a golf cart that meets your demands and budget by researching several models, comparing features and costs, and speaking with dealerships or industry experts.


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