High Visibility Laser Level - Is it Worth Purchasing? 

Forrest Kritzer

A laser level is a useful tool for industrial segments such as surveying, architecture, construction, etc. The laser technology is useful for this application combined with several algorithms. The tool is greatly helpful in leveling, alignment and similar applications. You can use them for professional results such as hanging a photo frame, drawing a straight line for construction purposes and more. 

Laser levels come in several types such as cross-line level, self-level, rotary, etc. Previously, I have used the laser levels for leveling purposes, however, with the DOVOH High Visibility Laser level with 3D 360-degree self-leveling, you get the added advantage of a brighter green beam, comparatively. 

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How Does a Laser Level Work? 

As the name depicts, the laser levels use a laser i.e. a beam of light which is emitted via optical enhancement. It is based on the electromagnetic radiation effect to emit stimulated light that travels a long distance. Such tools are useful for the construction industry and civil work where alignment over long distances is crucial. 

The green beam is the commonly preferred beam for laser levels as it travels a larger distance than the red one. Also, you should buy a laser detector or receiver for use during daylight over larger distances. It helps detect the accurate location, preventing manual errors. 
Things to Consider When Choosing a Laser Level

There are a number of things that you must consider when selecting a laser level. A few of them are listed below, 

How accurate is the laser level? 

If you’re looking for a laser level, you must make sure that the purpose it serves is up to the expectations. Depending on how professional the job is, ensure the precision range of the laser level. It can be up to mm till inches based on your preference. 

Is the laser level Manually operated or auto? 

Self-leveling or auto laser levels are preferred since they are easy to handle and require no expertise. In case of manual laser levels, it needs to be set exactly in a balanced condition without any disturbance. Usually, the manual ones are selected for small tasks. 

Does the laser level use the green beam or the red beam? 

The laser level using green beam are preferred due to their brighter and larger distance covering property unlike the red beams. 

Which Type of laser level do you require?  
There are multiple types of laser levels available based on the purposes and preferences. For instance for interior use, the dot laser or line laser are preferred types. Whereas, for the exterior use, rotary type should be used. 

Dumpy lasers are used for surveying while pipe laser is used for plumbing activities and pipeline laying related work. Grade lasers are used for measuring height, angle and distance related data at construction sites. Based on the various uses, the laser level type is selected. 

Why Choose DOVOH Laser level with 3D laser for outdoor purposes? 

The DOVOH high visibility laser level is built with sturdy material that prevents damage against accidental friction and impact. Further, it has rechargeable batteries with over 8 hours of life on a single charge at maximum capacity usage. The features that make this model an essential tool for your professional levelling and alignment-related purposes are enlisted below, 

In the package you shall find an adapter, Type C Cable, Toolbox, Glasses and Green Target Plate, Battery charger, Magnetic Bracket and Lithium ion Batteries alongwith Laser level.

Follow the instructions of usage as listed in the user manual. 

The DOVOH High Visibility laser level is light in weight, easy to handle and quite efficient to use. You can find this product at a reasonable price with long term usage comfort with precision guarantee. For a long term usage, this product will provide you an assured worth of its value and help you with your daily activities related to leveling and alignment.

Hope you find this review helpful in your decision making process. Thanks!