Fax from iPhone Review: Personal Fax Machine in Your Pocket

John Hilario

Fax from iPhone is an advanced application that is aimed at assisting with faxing. This is up-to-date technology that keeps you from any outdated machinery. You can use your phone to send and receive faxes without a single problem. The technology is quite convenient and makes faxing really easy. You are no longer required to stay at the office or home to deal with your document sharing.

With fax via iPhone, you can receive and send your documents from any place and at any time. This improved convenience makes the work much more efficient for all the people. Besides, the advanced Fax from the iPhone application brings a list of extra features that allow enjoying the faxing routine in full. It is also always safe to use the application in your work or personal affairs.

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Fax from IPhone Review

For many people who are greatly involved in the business world, faxing is a typical activity. You may need certain documents to be sent to you quite often. Also, you need to send your documents to other people. Most business people used faxing as their typical daily routine. What is more, many businesses have a wide set of fax machines they use to deal with all their corporate correspondence.

Still, even a personal fax machine at the office is not as convenient as you may think. In the modern era, having an opportunity to fax from phone iPhone is much more beneficial. Once you can send and receive documents by using only your phone, you can improve your work efficiency greatly. Moreover, you can be free from staying at the office for long waiting for an important fax once installing a modern fax app.

Fax from iPhone is an advanced up-to-date application that allows dealing with faxing more efficiently. Also, as with any other app, it can be used on your phone. You simply fax with app on your phone to deal with your important corporate correspondence. The app allows sharing of a wide variety of documents. It includes books, receipts, passports, notes, pictures, IDs, posters, cards, newspapers, certificates, letters, scripts, etc. In fact, you can send or receive all possible types of documents by using a fax with app on your phone.

Why Choose Fax from IPhone

The decision to use a special application on your iPhone to fax is surely quite progressive. And you cannot succeed once avoiding any progressive tools and software. The most advanced and efficient applications and devices must be your most widely used business tools. With Fax from the iPhone, you can fax even once while walking on the street or drinking tasty coffee at a cafe at lunchtime. You will not have any issues with faxing once using a special app on your iPhone.

Moreover, you will be happy to have an app that turns faxing into a minute-long process. It is really easy to fax via iPhone. Besides, you get a lot of additional features to enjoy once you download and install the Fax from the iPhone app. Once registered, you get a special fax number to use further for sending and receiving your faxes. This number is always provided without any extra charges.

Paramount Features of Fax from IPhone

Fax from the iPhone app improves the faxing process greatly by adding extra features. You will not get the named opportunities once operating a standard fax machine in your office. Besides, not a single old-fashioned fax machine can be put into your pocket and brought to any place you are staying. The Fax from iPhone is a progressive application that can be easily installed on your iPhone. Further, you can use it from any place and at any moment you choose. The app offers a wide set of extra features that make faxing even more convenient.

Super Easy Scanning Process

You can send fax via iPhone anytime and from any place needed. You just open your phone, look for an app, select the needed document and proceed with your faxing effortlessly. The entire faxing routine is easily manageable and fast.

Convenient Fax Receiving

It is as easy to receive the needed faxes as to send them. Once you are registered, you get your special fax number. Any person who wants to send you a document uses the provided fax number. You get an opportunity to get documents shared with you from any place in the USA and Canada.

Quick and Effortless Import of Files

You can import any required documents effortlessly. It includes files in dozens of different formats, including PDF, PNG, JPEG, etc.

Handy Built-in Scanner

You need to take a quick snap to proceed with sending your documents. The built-in scanner allows sending of the chosen files in seconds.

Convenient History Tracking

The app allows registering and checking the entire history of your documents sending and receiving. You can also create a personal directory of documents. Thus, you will always make sure the documents you need are reachable.

Available E-signature

You can sign any document you need with your finger only. This improves the security level of your scanning activities.

Good Subscription Terms

You can pick any of the most fitting subscription options. The flexible terms and easy account navigation help to enjoy the app in full.

Fax from IPhone Pros

Fax from IPhone Cons

Most options available for subscription in the USA and Canada only


Fax from iPhone is an advanced application that operates by using the latest technological solutions. It brings a wide set of advanced features for users. It covers an easy scanning process, a handy built-in scanner, security-improving e-signature, effortless import of files, history tracking, and great subscription terms.

The application is fast and can be used at any time and from any place required. It also allows arranging the documents in the directory properly and due to certain categories. The Fax from iPhone is a trustworthy and quite effective modern application. You can always select the most fitting subscription terms with Fax from iPhone to enjoy your faxing routine as you never did it before.