Does Target Accept EBT? (What You Need to Know)

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Are you stuck with your food stamp and confused about which store offers accessories using the EBT? Read our article and find out if Target accepts EBT for your grocery needs. We have exhausted everything you need to know.

About 41 million Americans participated in the SNAP-Supplemental Nutrition Assistance program. This article indicates most Americans are low-income earners, and thus, they rely on the  EBT card as the source of their needs. While shopping for groceries as well as related necessities at any retail store, you must first ask yourself if the store accepts the EBT.

Target is among the growing and well-established grocery retailers for US consumers. The store takes multiple payment methods, which has made customers enjoy an efficient shopping experience. If you are among the dedicated customers, you need to explore deeper.

If you have SNAP or food stamps and want to know if Target accepts the EBT, this is the right place. We will explore details on whether the store accepts the EBT cards. From the research, here is everything we have accessed for you.

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Does Target Accept EBT?

As one of the largest American stores, Target currently takes EBT cards as the payment method. Therefore, an eligible customer can navigate through the qualified  Target stores, purchase nutritional groceries, and pay. These groceries range from milk, cheese, canned fish, juice, vegetables, fruits, whole bread, grains, cereals, and meat. The list is long, but there are exceptions, which we intend to cover in the next section.

Keep reading to the end for more information concerning the EBT cards and Target stores. We will explore the prohibited EBT users,  how to use the EBT card at the Target store, etc. Let us start with the policies of the EBT at Target stores.

What Is Target Store's Policy about EBT Cards?

Target, as stated, is a profound retailer that not only takes the WIC but also offers customers the option to enjoy the SNAP benefits by purchasing EBT cards. However, these benefits are only limited to the groceries products. Target features over 1900 stores well spread in the United States and gives you numerous eligible products to select from.

Therefore, Target operates with the policy that customers can utilize the EBT card balance to purchase only eligible grocery products. If your order features additional items not covered by the EBT card, then you must pay using alternative methods or cash.

From the information we have accessed, most of the Target stores feature the WIC signs, which easily distinguish these eligible products. This makes it easy for the customer to identify the EBT-eligible products while navigating through the Target store.

Also, keep in mind that all the EBT eligible products are covered by the lucrative standard return policy at Target stores, which has a 90-day return window. Unless stated otherwise, all the products purchased with the EBT card are eligible for return within the mentioned duration.

Considering federal law, giving customers a cash refund for a purchase made using an EBT card is illegal. Therefore, Target will only give you a store credit when you show them a receipt you purchased with the EBT card. Then, you can search for identical exchange products or items in the store instead of having cash refused to you.

How to Use an EBT Card at Target?

Upon shopping at the Target store, there comes a time when you arrive at the operated register. At this point, customers are advised to separate the EBT card-eligible products from other normal items before loading them at the checkout and making payment.

From this section, the cashier will pick up your EBT-eligible products and finish with them by making payment before proceeding to the typical order. You will only be required to produce your EBT card and swipe it on the magnetic strip. Some customers prefer inserting the card into the gadget and then entering the relevant PIN to make payment with the EBT.

However, when you refer to going for the self-checkout service, then it will not be necessary to separate your products. The computer will calculate and apply the EBT discount when you scan every product while shopping in the Target store.

Which target stores accept EBT cards?

You might ask yourself about the eligible target stores currently taking EBT payments. Well, that is a good question, but remember that Target has over 1900 stores, and all these stores participate in offering customers SNAP benefits. Thus, these popular stores accept EBT cards.

However, if you are a WIC enthusiast, then understand that this service is only limited to the authorized Target store locations. In most cases, the Target superstores are the only ones eligible to accept the WIC payment method. This is because superstores give customers access to a broader grocery collection than those located in urban areas.

But the best way to be sure with your local target stores is to call them and find out if they accept EBT cards. You can also prefer going to the competitor's stores online.

Does Target Accept EBT Online?

Yes, Target does accept EBT for online shopping. Customers can use their EBT card to pay for SNAP-eligible items during online checkout. To do this, customers need to sign into their account, add their EBT card as a payment method, and then use it to pay for eligible items at checkout. Please note that not all items are eligible for purchase with SNAP EBT. Items that are not SNAP-eligible, Target Plus™ items, substitutions, fees, delivery or shipping fees, and tips will need to be paid for with a secondary form of payment.

Products You Can Buy At Target Using EBT Card

It is clear that through the SNAP benefits, EBT cards are only limited to purchasing the essential groceries that carry nutritious value to the customer. Therefore, the target customers often stick to their nutrient plan or diet as advised by the specialists.

You can purchase numerous groceries from the target stores using your EBT card. The research highlights are listed below:-

Suppose you are a mother but an active member of the WIC enrolment. In that case, you will also go beyond purchasing vegetables, supplemental baby formula, cereals, food, and everything targeted to help the infant's development.

Still, for breastfeeding mothers, with the WIC, you will have additional choices to purchase iron supplements. But always remember to check the EBT card and ensure it has enough balance before ordering. This is because customers are only limited to the agreed amount on the EBT card.

Target Products that Customers Can't Buy Use Card

However, customers who are active members who engage in the WIC and SNAP benefits are not entitled to purchase non-grocery items or products from the target stores using the EBT cards. The list of these products and items is long. But generally, these involve household supplies,  prescribed and over-the-counter medicines, paper products, cleaning supplies, diapers, etc.

Again, one cannot purchase energy drinks with this card as they are removed from the list. However, few packages give you access to Red Bull. All EBT users are prohibited from buying illegal products such as cigarettes, alcoholic products as well as tobacco products.

Can the Target Cashier Know My Welfare Status When I Use EBT for Shopping?

Indeed, Target cashiers will quickly notice that a customer is on welfare when they use the EBT card to make payment. This is because your card type will be visible on the register.

Other products are EBT labeled, which is vital in helping the cashier and customer differentiate from typical products. Through this EBT label, cashiers can also know the welfare status of the customer.

However, Target is a professional retailer and always promotes an inclusive ethos in its business operation; hence, it is available to support all customers regardless of their background.

Can Customers Use EBT Cards at Any Target Mini-Store?

From any Target store, you will always find the mini-stores. Some mini stores are CVS Health Center, Starbucks, Opticians, Apple Stand, etc. Therefore, with the EBT card, customers cannot pay for the services offered through Target mini-stores like optician support, electronics, pharmaceuticals, etc. But with the specific SNAP package, you will be able to access some of the products from the Target mini stores, like the cakes and coffee from Starbucks.

What Is an EBT Card?

To this extent, some people find it hard to understand an EBT card. In simple terms, EBT stands for the  Electronic Benefits Transfer. This payment method comes in plastic card form featuring strips, and to make it more functional, customers need to activate their PIN to use the card. It targets citizens with financial difficulties.

Therefore, EBT card holders get an allowance fund to spend at any eligible store to purchase nutritional groceries. Hence, customers can only get EBT-approved groceries using the card.

EBT falls under the SNAP Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, and this was previously known as a food stamp in the US. SNAP is a federal program supporting low-income citizens in getting essential nutrients. Therefore, as a SNAP recipient, you use this digital system EBT card to make purchases and enjoy the entitled food benefits.

If you are curious to know more, go through our related articles on the site and learn more about EBT and Target.


Target, a prominent retailer, takes EBT card payments and allows WIC customers to purchase eligible products from their stores. Though the list of eligible groceries is limited, Target, through the EBT cards and SNAP benefits, serves families and individuals with financial difficulties in getting essential nutrients. However, Target only permits using EBT in eligible stores, and customers cannot purchase products online unless they are paying with another alternative method. We have covered the grocery category you can buy from Target using EBT cards and clarified the prohibited ones.

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