Does Popeyes Take EBT? (All You Need to Know)

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Curious if Popeyes accepts SNAP benefits and how to qualify for Popeyes EBT under RMP? Look no further. We've got you covered. Read on to learn more.

SNAP is one of the impressive programs established through the federal government to help the elderly, homeless, and disabled gain access to other basic necessities or food. Qualified individuals get an EBT card that they can use to purchase the listed grocery or food items from participating retailers.

For the same reason, disregarding all other retailers, we wonder if Popeyes takes EBT. Out of curiosity, we went into the field and spent time researching, and now we would like to present all our findings.

Therefore, read and grasp all the tips, FAQs, and step-by-step procedures alongside the participating Popeyes stores.

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Does Popeyes Take EBT?

In 2024, Popeyes will take Electronic Benefits Transfer Cards (EBT) for qualified customers alone. We all understand that only 15 states across California have restaurants that participate in offerings.  Many online articles and LinkedIn reviews clarify the same.

Therefore, you can only use the EBT cards to purchase eligible products at the Popeyes locations listed in the participating states. Many other stores and fast-food restaurants also accept the EBT card as a payment method. Some of the other alternatives are Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, KFC, etc. More in the next section.

The listed locations accept the EBT through the restaurant meals program. Other places are still piloting the services to develop their unique RMP.

The list will increase as time goes on. Thus, if you want to learn more about Popeyes, the policy of using EBT cards, eligible products, how to use them, and more tips, we have you covered. Here is all we have uncovered from the research.

SNAP benefits at Popeyes

Popeyes is one of the giant chicken sandwich chains that accepts SNAP benefits. This is facilitated through EBT food stamps only for purchasing food products. Also note that the program is only among eligible or qualified SNAP individuals.

Through the RMP-Restaurant Meal program, the eligible SNAP beneficiaries or participants can obtain food from participating and SNAP-authorized restaurants such as Popeyes. You must have a loaded EBT  debit card to purchase these foods.

Therefore, as long as you are qualified, you can get food and pay at Popeyes using the  EBT account. All the EBt cards are debited to help you settle your bills at Popeyes restaurant as long as you get eligible products. If you are qualified, enjoy Popeyes food without spending money alone.

How to Use an EBT Card at Popeyes?

Purchasing food products from Popeyes and paying with an EBT card is easy. And in case you are a newbie, then follow the below steps to get it done successfully:-

Thus, it is important to note here that at Popeyes, when you pay for SNAP benefits foods with the EBT card, you are exclusively free—there are no charges like with other regular cards.

How to Qualify for the EBT Under RMP at Popeyees?

There are a few procedures and requirements to qualify for the EBT card in the RMP. Well, the EBT card enables you to purchase uncooked, not ready-to-eat hot food as well as  raw products; there are still a few things to get you into the RMP at Popeyes. for you to get considered, you must indicate the incapability to cook and also meet either of the following requirements:-

Popeyes Location that Accepts EBT

The question of whether Popeyes locations accept the EBT card becomes complex. Each Popeyes location must register as an independent chain to offer SNAP benefits and participate in the RMP, which explains why only a few Popeyes locations have been approved to participate in this program.

You can refer to the website to find out the Popeyes participating locations, stores, and more. This will save you time. To date, there has been a report that only 15 states are participating in the SNAP benefits, though the list is increasing as more are piloting to launch the program.

Why Don't All Popeyes Location Accepts EBT?

Many reasons explain why not all Popeyes locations accept EBT cards. One of these reasons is that not all states participate in the RMP program today, which restricts them. For the participating location, there are particular criteria they need to meet so that they can qualify for the program. Also, RMP participation is something done voluntarily by the restaurant. To date, over 3700 Popeyes locations offer SNAP benefits.

Some politicians and healthcare advocates have been able to resist this program in their locations and its expansion in a particular state. Paperwork intimidates even the existing Popeyes location, and government demands and compliance requirements put more restrictions on it.

How to Check the EBT Card Balance at Popeyes?

You can use different approaches to check the balance on your debit card. First, you can confirm this from your last printed receipt. You will always find the new balance printed at the bottom of the receipt or ticket after purchase.

If you can't access the last receipt, you can find the balance by asking the Popeyes cashier. They can use the POS terminal machine to confirm the balance.

Equally, you can give them a call for assistance. Visit the EBT website and Popeyes website and enter the information to confirm the balance on the EBT card.

Still, they recommend that when you lose the card, you contact the support team using the toll-free number 1-877-328-9677. The associate will help you and guide you on how to get a new EBT card to avoid other people using it.

The food stamp also has a particular amount of money you can receive on the EBT card, the minimum or lowest you can receive. The minimum benefit you can enjoy in all locations is $16, excluding people in Hawaii and Alaska.

EBT-Eligible Products at Popeyes

When you have the EBT, remember that there are particular products that you are entitled to purchase. Your selection is limited at this point. thus from the Popeyes, you can use the EBT card to purchase items like:-

Fast Food Restaurants that Accept the EBT Cards

Other than Popeyes, many other fast food restaurants in the USA accept the EBT, SNAP benefits, and RMP. The location determines the restaurants that participate in the program. Most Popeyes in Arizona, California, and California accept debit cards. Hence, it ranks as the leading fast food chain where participants participate in the program as stipulated by the federal program guidelines.

Therefore, in addition to the location mentioned in The Sun, some other US locations that participate in the SNAP and EBT programs are Maryland, Hawaii, Michigan, Missouri, New York, Illinois, Rhodes Island, and more. These locations allow the program in particular cities.

The other alternative fast food restaurants that accept the EBT cards are as listed below:-

Alternative Payment Methods at Popeyes

Other than EBT cards, Popeyes accepts many other alternative payment methods. Amongst the popular methods are  as outlined below:-


Popeyes is one of the fast food chain restaurants participating in SNAP benefits. Thus, they accept EBt in the participating locations. However, only authorized or qualified participants can use the EBT card at Popeyes to get eligible food products. While registered EBT members have an extensive list of products to select from at Popeyes, the SNAP participants under the RMP program have limited options. Read the above article and learn how to pay with an EBt card at Popeyes and alternative fast food restaurants participating in the program.

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