Does CVS Sell Eggs? (All You Need to Know)

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Does CVS offer egg collection for customers, among other grocery items? Read our article and evaluate what CVS has for you, including the types of eggs from the store, tips, and more.

Have you wondered if CVS sells eggs at local stores? If so, then this is the right place to get expert answers. CVS is one of the famous pharmaceutical retailers that serves US customers. The company has over 10,000 stores in the US and offers multiple products and items, including services.

This article will explore whether CVS sells eggs, the type of eggs available, delivery service, tips, and whether they sell eggs online.

Thus, read together as we explore the details. Based on our research, here is all we have found online.

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Does CVS Sell Eggs?

Though CVS specializes in pharmaceutical products, it has expanded its product collection to include groceries. Then, CVS sells eggs. In fact, according to the website, CVS has various varieties of eggs in store for sale. Some of these eggs range from cage-free eggs to the many more we will cover in the next section.

However, keep in mind that all CVS stores sell eggs, but primarily those featuring the grocery section sell these customers to select from the extensive collection of eggs to meet their needs under one roof. In fact from their website CVS claims that they have achieved their 2025 goal to offer 100% cage free eggs.

As we understand, most CVS stores have a grocery section that allows customers to access essential products or food items at their convenience.

Thus, through the CVS stores, customers can easily and comfortably grab eggs even when getting their usual prescriptions at the CVS store. If you still want to learn more, explore details, evaluate the type or eggs at CVS, the pricing and more offers or tips, keep reading for more.

Type of Eggs at CVS Store

Regardless Of your Budget, there are numerous types of eggs at the CVS store under the grocery section that you can select from. There is a diverse selection for all customer preferences. Some of the common types of eggs available at the CVS are as outlined below:-

1. Organic eggs

These eggs are sourced from chickens generally raised using organic feeds and free from antibiotics and hormones. Thus, they are among the healthier eggs available at the store. Thus, when you value clean eating and advocate for sustainable practices, this is the type of egg you get from CVS stores.

2. Conventional eggs

While some refer to these eggs as customer standards, they are ideally large. Again, they are obtained from conventionally raised chicken. For those customers searching for affordable eggs at CVS, this is the perfect choice for all your daily usage from CVS stores.

3. Omega-3 enriched eggs

These are types of eggs obtained from chickens fed a special diet featuring omega-3 fatty acids. The content of these eggs is a higher level of heart-healthy fatty acids. Hence, they are the perfect choice when going for nutritious eggs at the CVS store. They are also ideal for helping you boost your omega-3 intake.

4. Cage Free eggs

This is the last option we want to mention as well. The eggs are ethically sourced. The chickens, in this case, are never raised in a cage. They are cage-free, ideal and in good condition, even for your laying hen. This is because they support a better life.

Locating Eggs Section at CVS Store

In the above section, we clarified that eggs are only available at CVS stores with a grocery section. Equally, while in the store, you will definitely spot the eggs under the refrigerated section, which is always found in the grocery aisle.

The eggs are stocked under other available dairy products, such as cheese, yogurt, milk, etc. However, when you have issues locating the eggs in the CVS store, the CVS associates or support team can help. They will gladly assist you and direct customers to the correct sections.

Other Grocery Items at CVS

CVS also sells other grocery items, including eggs. The company has an extensive collection of grocery products, which means it is here to cater to customers' diverse needs and preferences. Though other grocery product selection changes based on location, CVS gives you access to all the essential products, such as snacks, bread, milk, etc.

Still, you will find numerous refrigerated and frozen items. Some of the popular items are beverages, ready-to-eat meals, desserts, etc. Hence, CVS has made it easy for the customer to buy all the basic grocery items under one roof while shopping for prescriptions and drugstore necessities. It saves time and resources.

Does CVS Sell Eggs Online?

Because of advancing technology and the shopping experience, many people are shifting to online shopping because of the safety, reliability, and convenience it guarantees. Hence, some people are wondering if CVS sells eggs online. The short answer is yes. You can use the CVS app and a website to order the eggs, amongst other items.

But keep in mind that though you can purchase eggs at CVS online, this is only a subject based on the availability of the eggs. Still, some areas or CVS store locations don't offer such a service. To check if the local CVS store sells eggs online, you can navigate to their official website, and using your zip code, you will be able to see the entire local CVS store inventory. It is as simple as that.

CVS Eggs Delivery Services

You might be asking yourself if CVS offers egg delivery services. With innovation and negativity, many businesses are incorporating delivery like exact same-day delivery. If you are busy, you understand how important this is. Thus, CVS stores are also aware of this same-day delivery trend.

Today, CVS, like other stores, also offers same-day egg delivery services and other products.

Unfortunately, not all the CVS store locations offer customers same-day delivery services; most stores guarantee you its convenience. You can still go to the website and find the local CVS store to gauge whether they offer same-day delivery as long as you have the relevant information you need to provide.

What Does the Future Hold for CVS?

CVS is one of the popular pharmaceutical retailers that is also shaping the market and evolving alongside the retail landscape. They are adopting the trends and current needs of the customers and meeting their needs. Therefore, one commitment, mission, and dedication of CVS is to expand its grocery collection. They aim to explore new and unique approaches to make customers in-store and experiences seamless, efficient, and convenient.

Thus, they are still developing and investing in technology, which will generally enhance the customer's experience while shopping at CVS in the future. When you need grocery and pharmacy products, rest assured that CVS will conveniently serve you with everything under one roof in the future. Besides expanding the grocery inventory, they are also exploring adding the latest, most convenient, and ideal delivery methods.

Well, CVS stocks multiple egg brands, so you have a large number of options to select from. However, CVS is linked to pharmacy products; they are expanding to offer grocery items and a wide selection of eggs. The company also runs multiple lucrative deals, offers, and promotions. You should constantly check the website and weekly ads for offers.


Despite being well known because of its pharmacy products, the store also features a grocery section selling eggs. CVS currently sells numerous varieties of eggs to cater to customs references. Although CVS does sell eggs, the service, including the same-day delivery service, is not available in all the CVS store locations. Navigate to the CVS website with a local zip code to find availability.

Other than Instroe, CVS still sells eggs online or via the app. In the future, everything is unfolding; CVS is incorporating technology, expanding its grocery inventory, and offering innovation while guaranteeing customers access to lucrative deals.

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