Can You Connect Airpods to Xbox One? (How to Do, and Alternative Solutions)

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When gaming on Xbox One, it is likely you want to have a great experience chatting with friends while gaming without interruptions. However, unstable connections due to faulty Bluetooth adapters might have made you want to seek a staple solution like using Apple AirPods. But you may be asking yourself, can you connect AirPods to Xbox One? Keep reading for details!

Connecting Airpods to Xbox One is technically impossible. Airpods are developed with Bluetooth technology. As such, they are compatible with devices that support Apple's Bluetooth audio technology which Xbox One lacks.

AirPods are wireless earbuds designed by Apple with Bluetooth technology to link to an array of devices, and the Xbox One gaming console by Microsoft is designed to offer a wide variety of gaming experiences. They provide an easy and convenient way to listen to gaming audio. Unfortunately, Airpods cannot be directly connected to Xbox One, as discussed later in this article.

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How to Connect Airpods to Xbox One?

The Xbox app enables users to monitor and control an Xbox account from an Android or IOS phone. It enhances communication between party members since it acts as a medium of transmitting information once paired. Besides, you can use the App to track achievements, buy games, and network with friends.

To connect AirPods to Xbox One, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Download the Xbox App on Your Device

Step 2. Pair your AirPods with your Mobile Device

Once you finish setting up the App on your mobile, pair and wait for the AirPods to make a sound indicating a successful tether. When using Airpods that have never been paired to your device, allow them to connect first before you begin using them with your Xbox App.

Step 3. Turn your Xbox on and Set up your Group

If your Xbox is off, turn it on and initiate a chat with your friends. You might be compelled to leave a group chat and rejoin afresh so as to enable Airpods if you were already in one.

Step 4. Create a Party with the Xbox App

You can then create your own party on the Xbox app by selecting the Headset icon on the Social Section and then the 'Add people’ icon, symbolized by three heads, to the party, to add friends. Alternatively, enter your friend’s gamer tags in case you know them. Likewise, scroll through your contacts on the Notepad symbol to select the specific friends you want to play with.

Pro Tip! Do you want to eliminate someone from the party? Just tap on their contact or gamertag and delete.

Step 5. Chat with Friends

Upon adding people to your party, Airpods can transmit audio, thus acting as a microphone. They become the medium of information transmission during the party. You'll hear people enter the party, and you can communicate with them with your Airpod mic.

Using a Bluetooth Adapter as an Alternative Method

Sometimes you don't want to connect your AirPods to the Xbox using the mobile App but still want to enjoy some music. You can use a Bluetooth adapter as an alternative. Here, you need to plug a Bluetooth adapter into the headphone port so as to provide the Xbox with Bluetooth audio capabilities.

Ensure to use a good quality adapter. Otherwise, you may experience disruptions as Bluetooth adapters may be, at times, unreliable due to unstable connections.

How to Connect Airpods to Xbox One without a Transmitter

AirPods are designed with Bluetooth technology. They connect with Bluetooth-enabled devices like smart mobile phones and Xbox consoles, which include Xbox One. To connect Airpods with Xbox One without a transmitter, do the following;

Step 1: Begin by opening the lid of Airpods' cade, then press and hold the menu button until it begins flashing.

Step 2: Turn on the Bluetooth on the Xbox One Controller from the settings >devices and connections, then the BT.

Step 3: Tap on ‘Add New Devices’ and allow it to search for nearby devices for some minutes.

Step 4: Once it’s done searching, ‘Airpods’ will appear on the Bluetooth screen headset list.

Step 5: Tap on it to enable pairing; then, you can listen to gaming audio from the AirPods while you chat with other players.

How to Connect Airpods to Xbox One using other Apps

Besides the Xbox app, you can use other chat apps to communicate with your gaming friends as you play an Xbox One game. You may choose to use the Discord app, as it works well with Airpods, or go for Skype, Telegram, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger. All have exciting features and are compatible. Furthermore, they are simple to utilize as you’re required to make a voice call or initiate a chat usually.

Why Can’t You Connect Airpods to Xbox One Directly?

Xbox One console is designed to use a wireless protocol that works well on higher frequency Bluetooth. Besides, there’s lower latency produced, thus making it incompatible with Bluetooth devices; therefore, Xbox One has no in-built pairing features compatible with Apple AirPods. Moreover, it’s technically impossible to connect Airpods (due to their design) to Xbox One console. Nevertheless, there’s better sound quality when using these wireless protocols.

Bottom Line

Connecting Airpods to an Xbox One directly is technically impossible. However, you can still enjoy gaming and chatting with fellow gamers since there are workable options that can be used to connect Apple Airpods to the Xbox Console, as explained above on the subject; can you connect Airpods to Xbox One? With the information provided, it is much easier to make use of possible ways as, at the moment; you can't enjoy game audio directly through the AirPods.    

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