12 Best Wallet Brands to Suit Every Budget

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Looking for a stylish and functional wallet that speaks to your personal taste? This article covers the top 12 wallet brands for men, from the timeless and durable leather goods of Goyard to the innovative designs of Montblanc. Whether you prefer a traditional or modern design, you'll find a wallet that fits your needs and budget among these top brands.

While wallets are essential for keeping your important items safe and all in one place, they can also be an important accessory that completes your everyday wardrobe. Consider factors such as size and space, color and material, RFID protection, price, and warranty when choosing a wallet. From the minimalist leather wallets of Hentley to the functional and stylish designs of Bellroy, these 12 wallet brands offer a range of options to fit your needs and preferences.

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Top 10 Wallet Brands for Men Who Travel in Style

 1. Montblanc

Montblanc, a charming and sophisticated brand, is a top choice for men who travel in style. The brand boasts 1.6 million followers on Instagram and offers a wide selection of travel goods. Its products are elegant and refined, reflecting sustainable value, the highest quality, excellence in craftsmanship, and creativity. Founded in 1906, Montblanc's story began with a fountain pen, and the brand continues to come out with innovative designs. Its smooth leather and deep colors can elevate any outfit, from casual to formal.

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2. Harber London

Harber London, founded in 2012 by Armando Isaac, offers a wide range of quality leather goods focusing on functional fashion. The brand's wallets are available in various warm, masculine shades, including RFID protection in almost all models. Customers can have their wallets engraved with even the tiniest details to represent their unique style. Harber London has been featured in notable publications such as Forbes and The Huffington Post. Wallet prices range from $53 to $108.

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3. Bally

Bally is a premium wallet brand that offers a vast collection of wallets for men with various needs. From phone-friendly wallets to wrap-around zipper options, Bally has got you covered. The brand has a rich history dating back to 1851 and is known for its functional yet modern design, with a focus on quality and sustainability.

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4. Goyard

Goyard was founded in 1853 by Pierre-Francois Martin in Paris, and specializes in ageless leather goods that stand the test of time. The brand's popularity among celebrities past and present attests to its enduring appeal. Goyard's selection of wallets features classic designs as well as trendy colors like neon orange and sunflower yellow, offering something for everyone. Goyard's mission is to showcase the finest Parisian craftsmanship to the world.

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5. Ekster

Ekster is a brand founded in 2015 by Oliver Momma that offers sleek and practical wallets designed to adapt to the needs of today's world.

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6. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is a renowned luxury brand offering elegant and creative fashion accessories since 1854. They specialize in travel necessities and fashion accessories, including a wide range of stylish wallets.

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7. Bellroy

Bellroy offers a range of options to suit your needs. Founded in 2009 by Andrew Fallshaw and Hadrein Monloup, the brand offers RFID protection and slim designs for all its products.

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8. Hentley

Hentley, an Australian-based brand established in 2014, is dedicated to producing high-quality, minimalist leather wallets that stand the test of time.

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9. Hermes

Hermes is renowned for its luxury goods and accessories, with their wallets being a standout. Founded in 1837, the brand's mission is to create quality objects designed to last and be passed down to future generations.

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10. Mulberry

Founded in 1971 by Roger Saul, Mulberry has established itself as a luxury brand for daily fashion essentials with a rebellious spirit. Their wallets and accessories are built to last, and the brand is dedicated to sustainability, with a focus on transparent efforts to create a better tomorrow. Mulberry offers a wide variety of wallet options for men, with prices ranging from $130 to $375.

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11. Gucci Wallets

Gucci wallets boast a range of designs that cater to different preferences, from bold logos to understated pieces in solid colors or crocodile skin. While the premium brand name comes with a premium price tag, the quality and style make it a worthwhile investment.

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12. DIOR

DIOR is a luxury brand that creates high-quality wallets for men, known for their iconic designs and patterns. The World Tour Card Holder is a standout product that is made in Italy and Spain.

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Final Thought

Choosing the perfect wallet can be a daunting task for many men, as it not only serves as a practical accessory to keep important items safe but also adds a touch of style to their everyday outfit. However, with so many wallet brands available in the market, it can be overwhelming to decide which one to go for.

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