Best Massage Tools Seller from KIGASSENZIO

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Do you need the best massage tools for your body relaxation? KIGASSENZIO has all the solutions. KIGASSENZIO is passionate about assisting people in attaining optimum muscle recovery and improving their general well-being. Products from KIGASSENZIO are of the best quality, and they are designed to help in both pre and post-workout routines, providing you with the ultimate relaxation experience.

KIGASSENZIO technology works hand in hand with your body to help you refresh your muscles and regain strength fast and efficiently. Moreover, products from KIGASSENZIO are made using quality materials that are rigorously tested, making them durable and effective.

Let’s look at some of the best massage tool sellers from KIGASSENZIO.

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1. KIGASSENZIO Massage Gun Mini

Looking for a palm-size muscle massage gun? KIGASSENZIO Mini Massage Gun is here. This massage gun offered me a perfect balance between size and power since just the size of your palm; hence, it can easily fit in pockets. In addition, this massage gun weighs 1.45 lbs hence easy to carry around. With a 5kg thrust and 12mm deep amplitude showcasing power, this mini gun reaches the deep tissue to improve recovery and relieve muscle pain.

Its ergonomic anti-slip design offered me a comfortable way of holding it without strain and slipping. This powerful gun has three foam attachments. That is a standard head for general use on large and small muscles, a flat head that’s more gentle and suitable for general use, and a cylindrical head for deep tissue therapy. I comfortably use this massage gun on my back, neck, hands, hip, feet, etc., for deep tissue treatment. KIGASSENZIO Mini Massage Gun operates quietly.

KIGASSENZIO Massage Gun Mini features a TYPE-C charging method. For charging, just place this device in its storage rack.

Its excellent brushless motor and three speeds (1800RPM, 2200RPM, and 2600RPM) allow you to have a personalized experience, making it suitable for athletes, injured people, and fitness professionals.

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2. KIGASSENZIO Percussion Massage Gun

Looking for a hot and cool gun? KIGASSENZIO Percussion Massage Gun is here. This hot and cool massage gun offers a perfect solution for my muscle relaxation and recovery. Moreover, this device features three variable temperature levels for heating and cooling. The temperature change is within three seconds, making hence convenient. The cooling function helps relax my muscle tension, while the heating function speeds up my muscle recovery.

This device weighs 620 grams; hence more portable. With three flexible speed levels and super penetrating force will help you relax your muscles. This makes it a suitable way for relieving plantar fasciitis, muscle soreness, trigger point massage, and myofascial release.

In addition, this massage gun features five detachable headers. These include hot and cold heads, bullet heads, flat heads, ball heads, and U-shaped heads.

The hot and cold head lets one adjust the temperature settings, offering a cooling and heating sensation. Hot therapy operates at 95, 105, and 113 degrees Fahrenheit, while cold therapy operates at 68, 59, and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The flat head has a big surface area, making it suitable for my back, buttocks, and other bulky muscle groups. Moreover, the bullet head is suitable for deep tissue and massaging at precise parts.

The U-shaped head is massaged along the heel tendon and the cervical spine. The ball head is suitable for large muscle groups, the spine, and thigh muscles.

This device features a type-C charging port. The device offers up to four hours of operation with a full charge. And if the massage gun overheats, simply leave it for 2 hours to restore normal use.

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3. KIGASSENZIO Vibrating Foam Roller

In need of a powerful vibrating foam roller? KIGASSENZIO Vibrating Foam Roller will help you out. This device features five powerful speeds (1 frequency conversion speed and four vibration intensities). Moreover, this device is fitted with a powerful motor with a vibration level of between 2000 and 3700 RPM. With an indicator at the control panel, I see the current intensity level.

KIGASSENZIO Vibrating Foam Roller features innovative wave grooves that add pressure to your body muscle and offer the best traction control. This foam roller comes with a mesh backpack with an adjustable strap for ease of carry and storage. High penetrating pulses get deeper into my muscles helping in warming up, improving recovery time, and improving performance. This makes it suitable for athletes and people having muscle soreness.

It is suitable for whole-body use, including neck, arm, back, elbow, hip, calf, thigh, and some hard-to-reach areas while freeing your hands. It’s also a suitable tool to loosen your muscles before a workout. This helps in decreasing damage caused to muscles when exercising.

This vibrating roller is battery-powered and recharged using a type-C cable. With a single charge, this roller can operate for up to 3.5 hours. Its portable and wireless design makes it convenient to use at any place. With the help of a power indicator, I easily know the remaining charge. If no mode is selected after 15 minutes, this roller will auto-stop to save on power.

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KIGASSENZIO is one of the best brands that makes quality massage guns. With either of the above devices, you’ll get a deep massage that relieves muscle tension and improves recovery time. Moreover, these devices feature a compact and lightweight design; hence, you can enjoy a massage from any place. With removable heads and adjustable motor speed (KIGASSENZIO Mini Massage Gun and KIGASSENZIO Percussion Massage Gun).