12 Best Bong Brands Worth to Buy in 2023

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Bongs are the workhorses of the cannabis, tobacco, or any other herbal substance smoking culture. Nonetheless, elegance must be maintained alongside the pursuit of intoxication. Solo sessions or group hangs can only go right when you use the most suitable bong. Here, we'll take you through the 12 best bong brands, their distinctive features and enlighten you on who makes the best bongs.

Do you want to try something different or find a bong brand that combines design and functionality? In most cultures, a bong has the same basic structure. However, comfort abilities depend on its construction specifics. Some of the distinctive features that make a bong special are:

Before we get to the findings of our study on the 12 best bong brands, let's cover a few basics to find out the materials used by manufacturers who make the best Bongs. Read on.

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Materials used in making bongs

Are you concerned about the safety and durability of bongs? Then, the bong's construction material is a crucial consideration before buying one. With new features and design details that increase usefulness and elegance, modern bong brands outshine past engineering endeavors. Glass, Ceramic, Acrylic, and Silicone are the most commonly used bong materials.

Without further ado, below are the 12 best bong brands. Keep reading to make the right purchase decision.

1. Stundenglass Gravity Infuser

Stundenglass is a professional-grade glassware brand that has contributed to developing the Aromatherapy, Culinary, Hookah, and Mixology industries. A Stundenglass bong goes for $600. Its distinctive features include:

2. Mobius Glass bongs

The Mobius Glass factory is located in California. The firm has been making high-quality bongs with elaborate designs for decades. The Strato Matrix V2 is only one of several stunning models available. They cost about $320, which may seem steep, but their quality is unmatched. Its main aspects are:

3. Illadelph Glass bongs

Philadelphia is the birthplace of Illadelph Glass. They've brought a lot of new ideas to the bong industry, like coil condensers and pyramid perks. Thus growing to be one of the best and most popular manufacturers of bongs. They have many options, but the best ones are found in the Signature Series. One bong costs around $465. Its features include:

4. RooR 

RooR is a well-established German glassware brand with a rich heritage and a well-deserved reputation for excellence. They have many products, but the most common types are straight and beaker bongs. Each bong has a unique downstem and other features like ice pinches. Its price ranges from $320 and above. Some of its specifics include:

5. Honest Capsule Water Pipe

Its modular design makes this bong simple to disassemble and compact enough to stow within itself when not in use. It also has a magnet integrated into the chamber's top for convenient storage. It costs around $220. Its unique features include:

6. Flux

In the world of bongs, the California-based business Flux has made a name for itself because of its innovative designs. The $260 Flux Water Pipe is marketed as the "world's first plasma water pipe," boasting a plasma light show that illuminates the bong's body. The Flux features include:

7. Summerland Chongo

The Summerland Chongo is a ceramic bong that successfully blends aesthetic appeal and long life. The full-sized bong has a large, securely sealed bowl that provides an excellent hit. It costs $225. Here are its specifics:

8. Heir Waterpipe

This bong is built to last with sturdy materials, including alumina ceramic, stainless steel, and soda-lime glass. Its price tag of $260 makes it a reasonable option, and it comes in 11 and 13 inches variations. Some of its unique features include:

9. EYCE beaker bong

If you're in the market for a silicone bong, go no further than EYCE. Even while a silicone bong won't look flashy as a glass one, it is inexpensive and durable. At just $69.99, the EYCE Beaker is stylish and simplistic. Its unique features include:

10. Diamond Glass bong

Diamond Glass, based in California, is widely regarded as one of the top bong companies. The diamond-like clarity of their glass gives these bongs their moniker, and when combined with their superb craftsmanship, the results are remarkable. An eight-arm tree percolator is included in its products to guarantee uniform brewing. At just $54, they're affordable compared to similar products. Some of its features are:

11. Marley Natural Bong

Marley Natural is "the official" Bob Marley cannabis brand and one of the finest bong brands if you enjoy bongs with wooden accessories. Despite the brand's celebrity endorsement, the bongs and pipes from Marley Natural have a straightforward, classic design and prioritize quality over flashy lighting. Its unique features include:

12. My Bud Vase

My Bud Vase was developed in the Palmetto State. The company offers vase-specific like Joy, however, there are many more generic but excellent options like Stardust. Its assortment of bongs is decorative enough to grace any mantel. Its bongs cost anywhere from $75, depending on their complexity. The following are some of its characteristics:


A Classic glass, Silicon, Acrylic, and Ceramic bong is what you need for modern cannabis usage. It means that there is a variety to choose from. When shopping pick a bong that suits your needs, wallet, and style. In this article, we have discussed the 12 best bong brands and the best bong makers. Nevertheless, always keep your bong clean.

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