12 Best Acoustic Guitar Brands for Professional Guitarist [2023 Listing]

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If you’re on this page, it’s probably because you look forward to purchasing an acoustic guitar. With numerous brands in the musical instrument market, it can take time to choose the best brand. Worry less; in this article, we've provided a breakdown of the 12 best acoustic brands to help you find a suitable one.

Acoustic guitars are common musical instruments; they have been in the market since time memorial, and most popular musicians use them to enhance their music. Most brands have developed acoustic varieties made in different designs, shapes, and sizes and with different materials. Some guitars, like classic standard, suit beginners while some advanced models are for expert users; whichever the model, their playability and quality are all that matters. Here is our highlight of the 12 best acoustic guitar brands to prioritize.

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1. Martin

Something good will always attract great people, and so is the case for Martin guitars. Martin & Co was founded in 1833 by C.F. Martin. It is an influential brand highly respected for producing high-quality guitars with exceptional sound and craftsmanship. They are dreadnought shaped with tonal quality vibrations from the Sitka Spruce. They are innovatively X- braced and are made with tonewoods like mahogany and maple to last.

Professional musicians like Ed Sheeran and Elvis Presley highly regard Martin's guitar brands. And they are widely used in folk, blues, and country genres. Their popular acoustic guitar model is D-28.

Key Features

  1. They customize their guitars for interested customers.
  2. They are sustainably made.
  3. It produces a variety of acoustic guitars, like classic standard models and the Little Martin series.
  4. They have a vintage-style appointment making them appealing and enhancing their tones.
  5. They have signature series.

2. Yamaha

For years since 1887, Yamaha by Torakusu has been a renowned brand globally that produces a variety of musical instruments. Their acoustic guitars are available in different models with different vibrations. And in collaboration with Keith Urban, they created the Urban guitar set with a guitar, accessories for playing, and an app with musical lessons from Keith Urban.

Key features

3. Taylor

Taylor is a musical instruments manufacturer founded in 1974 by Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug. It is well known for its clear, balanced tone guitars. Its Taylor Academy Series is tailored for beginners, while professionals can check out its Presentation series.

Key Features

  1. They produce a nice and balanced tone.
  2. They are durable.
  3. They are available in variety.
  4. They are playable.

4. Gibson

Talking of Gibson, it’s all about class, if not lanes. Their products are an entire investment; the legendary American guitar brand is a reputable brand best known for its electronic guitars. It also manufactures high-end acoustic guitars with improved features from the headstock to the neck and body. Though regarded as a pricey brand, with most guitars like Tom Petty SJ-200 Wildflower signature guitar costing up to $9999, Gibson has those with a low budget at heart; some of its acoustic guitars cost as low as 999.

Gibson was founded in 1894 by Olivia Gibson, and its guitars are suitable for blues and rocks.

Key Features

5. Takamine

Japan has got to have good chemistry with musical instruments, just as Yamaha, the family-owned Takamine brand, is among the best acoustic guitar brands. Strictly specialized in guitar production under the musical instruments category, the brand deliberately handcrafts its guitars to ensure playability and fine sound.

Takamine was founded in the 1960s, and alongside guitars, it also produces electronics. They have designs from classical to thin-line. The brand also manufactures electronics.

Key Features

6. Ibanez

Established in 1908, Ibanez has grown over time from being a musical instrument outlet to becoming one of the reputable brands globally. Known for its electric guitars, it also has a variety of acoustic guitars to choose from, whether the standard classic or the advanced series; there will always be something for you. Their sound quality is nothing to worry about, as the strings are designed to produce richer tones.

The Japanese brand, in partnership with several artists like Tim Hensen, they have a signature series, although a few.

Key Features

7. Epiphone

Epiphone is one of the highly regarded high-end musical instrument producers. It's known for its deliberately handcrafted guitar collections. Their catalog is packed with high-standard acoustic guitars and a few classic designs for those on a budget.

Starting as a repair shop in 1873, it began making guitars in 1928 and has become a remarkable high-end manufacturer. However, in 1957, the brand was acquired by Epiphone, which to date produces guitars of uncompromised standard.

Key Features

8. Seagull

Founded in 1982 by Robert Godin, the brand manufacture six distinct guitar models, namely Maple, Coastline, Artist, Maritime SWS, Entourage, and Performer Flame, available in five different shapes. Seagull guitars are of high quality but cheap. If you're on a budget or a newbie, you can start with this one.

Key Features

9. Fender

To Fender, functionality is not enough, but high quality and affordability. Driven by that, the iconic American brand is ever determined to produce long-lasting musical instruments, from acoustic guitars, ukuleles, and amplifiers, to name but a few. Now a remarkable brand, it all started in 1943 as a "mere" repair shop thanks to its founder, Leo Fender, who has greatly contributed to the industry.

Fender guitars are accessible to anyone despite their budget. You can grab its Dreadnought acoustic guitar at an affordable price or the Newporter design, which is exclusive.

Key Features

10. Guild

Founded in 1952 by Alfred Dronge, Guild is among the best acoustic guitar brands today. The brand started as a single-product line manufacturer of hollow-body electric guitars. It expanded its product line to manufacture more items, including acoustic guitars, available in different types from orchestra, jumbo, and concert, you can name them.

You can’t stop enjoying music with Guild in place due to its exceptional performance. Even on a low budget, you can acquire Guild A-20 Marley (the signature paying homage to the reggae legend Bob Marley) at a budget-friendly price and enjoy its powerful projection. Guild acoustic guitars are ideal for folk, blues, country, and rock music genres.

Key Features

11. Gresetch

Founded in 1833 as a banjo, drum, and tambourine company, Gresetch expanded its product line to include guitars in 1895 during the reign of Fred Gresetch, the son of Gresetch’s founder Friedrich. Gresetch is improved upon being acquired by Fender in 2002, thus, great innovations.

Key Features

12. Breedlove

Breedlove is a modern guitar brand founded in 1992 by Larry and Steve Henderson. It is located in Oregon and deals in a comprehensive range of guitars and musical instruments like mandolins and ukuleles. Their guitar's body is made of myrtlewood with a Sitka-spruce top.

Key Features

Breedlove guitars cost about $2499-$3332

Final Thought

With the right instrument, you can pull down an exceptional performance due to balanced sounds and highly responsive strings when plucked. Our list above features the best 12 acoustic brands with proven superior performance, value for money, durability, and the varieties they provide. Whichever skill level, there's always something for you; we hope it helps you make a sound decision when shopping for one.

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