Bespoke Post Review: *Pros and Cons* Should You Sign Up For It?

Wade E. Baker

Are you looking for a brand for your interest? Learn more about Bespoke Post, its services, products, and other things the brand offers.

If you have been looking for items that will boost your lifestyle and help go with the trend of modernization, then you are making a fantastic movie. Most people are faced with the daily need to get clothing, home decoration, and many other items that can help boost your trends with technology and fast modernization. This review will try and assist you in identifying a unique brand that has received wide acceptance over the years.

Bespoke Post offers a subscription to their customers through boxes. Clothing, grooming for home decor, bar, office decor, and many more are among the items offered. Their unique services best suit men. They give our superior quality items to their customers. Are you confused about how to go about with the Bespoke Post? Read this review to get full information about this brand and what they offer. This review will also help you ascertain if the brand is worth it or not.

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Bespoke Post Review

Bespoke Post is a brand that offers subscriptions mainly for men. You get access to items of your interest. These are items found offered in a monthly shipped box. You can get products ranging from clothing, special items for home decoration, bars, and many more. The brand aims to supply only high-quality products to its subscribers. These items are tested by the quality team of Bespoke.

This brand was founded by Steven Szaronos and Rishi Prabhu in 2014. They have a simple aim to refine a man with modern changes. These items have undergone rigorous quality assurance tests and are hand-picked. They offer top-notch products such as stylish clothing, functional items for your lifestyle, and many more. They give out this product in form of a subscription monthly.

You can also buy items individually or from a group of customers. This review will look at the thoughts and feelings of customers and the rating of the brand by these customers. The pros and cons, the reason why I like using Bespoke posts, the discounts, how to contact them, how to sign up with the brand, and many more.

Bespoke Post Pros

Bespoke Post Cons

Why We Like Bespoke Post

The brand operates by offering boxes that can be acquired through subscription. You will have to sign up and get registered before enjoying your subscription. You can edit, pause or cancel the subscription. You can get most of the items you requested on this subscription because you answered some questions for the brand to ascertain some of your interests.

Customer Review

Customer review is very important for intending customers because it talks well about what the brand and the outcome after using their product. The customer's rating is based on the experiences, feedback, and remarks given by honest customers who have successfully used their products. In my research, I wanted to know what customers were saying about this brand either positively or negatively. I made use of a reliable website to know what customers are saying about this brand. Most customers are pleased with the brand when you check the brand’s official website.

Trust pilot was used to examine the thoughts and feelings of customers of this brand. There are mixed feelings about the brand by their customers. There is a 2.5-star rating for this brand with an average of 44% excellent remarks and the rest are poor remarks. Some customers claim the prices of these items are overpriced and are lacking some features. Some even claim to find better prices on other online retailers. However, the brand has gotten good remarks on the quality of the products and how its return policy works.

When I bought the items, I accepted the price but when the items were shipped to me, I discovered that the boxes were overpriced. You can shop for them separately and still get your item at affordable prices elsewhere.

Sign Up for Bespoke Post

To register for Bespoke is very easy and requires simple steps

Is Bespoke Post Worth It?

Some customers have reported that the subscription that this brand offers is worth it. You cannot rely only on the feedback gotten from customers because the brand has argued about the quality of their items. Most customers complained about their prices being too expensive. However, the company has said their items are hand-picked by their team and are made of quality.

These items are further inspected by their quality assurance team which conducts a quality test on the products. This has justified the overpriced feature of these items. Nevertheless, the brand offers exciting features like special boxes that are personalized based on the answers you provided for the quiz, they have a menu on the website that is easily accessible, you can easily skip or cancel your subscription at any time. Enjoy free shipping when you order for the item above $75. With all these, I can recommend this brand that it is legit.

Bespoke Post Discounts

To enjoy the special discounts, offers, and promos from Bespoke, then you have to buy from them

Bespoke Post Contact

If you want to make an inquiry or ask further questions that are not in this review, you can do so by contacting them through the following


Q. What is the shipping policy of Bespoke Post?

The brand offers shipping and delivery to Canada and the United States of America. When you want to ship to the continental US, you can expect your shipment to arrive within 4 to 7 days. However, shipping to Hawaii and Alaska will take 10 to 20 days for your order to arrive. When shipping to Canada, your purchase will be delivered within 10 to 15 days. When you buy items that are worth more than $75, you will enjoy free shipping.

Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada comes with a fixed rate of $10, while shipping to the continental US costs only $3. one good thing with the Bespoke brand is that it covers custom duties to Canada. When your order is confirmed, you will be sent tracking details of your shipment. The brand delivers to military addresses, but if you want to ship to these special addresses, you will have to contact the customer support team.

Q. What is the return policy of Bespoke Post?

When you have purchased their products and boxes, you can make a return within 60 days upon the arrival. When you are on a subscription, the whole box will be returned. When making these returns, they must be untouched, unused, and in their original packages. You can make a return for free when you process it. You will have to pay for the shipping and restocking fee which costs $6. They don’t refund the shipping cost at all.

Q. Can I skip a month on a Bespoke Post subscription?

There is an option for all customers to be able to skip monthly subscriptions when they want. If the boxes for that month do not appeal to you, you can skip them for that month. You can only skip within 5 days of each month. You can do this on their website. But if you want to skip the whole month, you will have to contact the customer support team for assistance on how to do it. If the boxes have not been shipped, the customer service will cancel the shipping while a return will be made if it has been shipped.


If you have been looking for a brand that supplies all types of personal interests, then you can count Bespoke Post to be your rescue point. They offer clothing, home decoration, barware and supplies, items for catering, etc. They make sure whatever they offer is made of great quality. This review will help you make the best decision.