ALTOCRAFT 2-in- 1 Jobsite Cordless Blower & Vacuum

Alex Rodriguez

During people deal with cleaning work with their house, car and the living environment that they live, with out the assist with the cleaner, what can they do to turn this activities in to an easy way?

Some suitable tools will be the good choice. This special 2-in-1 blower is ready to help them with different kinds of blow and vacuum works. Enjoy two function with one tools, improved your work effect, save lots of time to get a cleaner and better living area. ALTOCRAFT 2-in- 1 Jobsite Cordless Blower & Vacuum.

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Why Blowing and Vacuuming Works

Do you always worry about small dusts, fallen leaves, pets hair and many foods chips? They are hard to clean because they are small pieces, whats more, these kind of materials may lead into allergic reaction. And for this reason, they should be clean as soon as possible. 
It is important to keep the workshop environment and garage environment clean by using blower a vacuuming for cleaning.
Although there are several brands working on producing cleaning tools, ALTOCRAFT still is one of the trustful brand in all of them. By using this efficient tool, the problems include of cleaning indoor or outdoor environment will have a good way to solve.

Why Power Blower in Working

Before power tools came out, in traditional cleaning and blowing works, hand tool and normal blower will cause more human power and times, so they are gradually instead by the new electrical tools and free peoples hands from normal works to save times. Recently, using battery power blower and vacuum, is a good choice for cleaning and live an easier and better life.Lets get relax, and let the tool to complete this work.

Why is it important?

“What reason for me that I will use the cordless blower to instead the traditional ones?” As the owner for a modern town house with a garden and a garage, power tools can help you to save yourself from the hard hand work after you left your daily works. Since todays society become more pressure and faster, the after work life for normal people also need to follow the speed of development. Suddenly the traditional way of gardening work became harder. Change the tools from by-hand to use power, improve your working efficiency, so this is the reason why that people should choose power tools to help them finish their blowing and vacuuming work.

Faster, more relax and more fluency.

Are you interested in using this blower for your daily cleaning works?

Let us follow the article to see the important details for your question and doubt about this product. And you can also go through this link to the certain Amazon page for the picture and other necessary information:

About the ALTOCRAFT Cordless Blower &Vacuum

2-In-1 Blower & Vacuum

You old jobsite blower only has blower function?ALTOCRAFT 2-in-1 blower provides dual purpose blowing and vacuuming.It's not only can clean workshop,car and blow pet hair in the house,especially for those hard-to-reach areas,but also a great option for vacuuming the powder and crumbs.In addition,the extended vacuum tube helps reach hard-to-get areas of decks or porches.It would be a good choice for tall-men/elder,don't need bending over anymore!

High-Efficiency Motor & Variable Speed

The battery dust blower with high-quality all-copper motors provide 0-16,000r/min speed,air volume can reach 90CFM.Powerful motor allowing you to shorten operating time for improving efficient and daily jobsite work with variable speed,as long as you're willing to spare the cost.

Lightweight Compact Design

Tired of the time consuming of long time working and the back pain with the heavy blower? Consider getting ALTOCRAFT cordless jobsite blower for tackling your lightweight jobs.The blower weights 3.5 lbs only(battery pack included),which make it effortless to use for a long time.Owing to truly Lightweight compact design allows use in space restricted areas.

Super Easy To Installed & Use

Spend a lot of time on install the accessories with the blower? With a unique one-step installed design,assemble between blower and accessories will become easier and quicker,saving more your time.Equipped with 2 tubes,insert the battery and tubes,this handheld blower can be installed in 3 seconds.Its upgraded extension tube is more convenient to blowing without bending down, people of all heights can find a comfortable use experience.

What You Get 

1pc: ALTOCRAFT 2-IN-1Jobsite Blower & Vacuum
1pc: 3000mAh Lithium-ion Battery
1pc: 1.5A Fast Charger
2pcs: Blow Tube
1pc: Dust Bag
1pc: Extension Hose
2pcs: nozzles
1pc: Carry Case
1pc: User Manual

Technical Detailed

Color: Green & Black
Power Source: Battery Powered
Voltage: 20 Volts Max
Air Flow Capacity: 90 Cubic Feet Per Minute
Item Weight: 1.73 Kilograms
Style: 20v max cordless jobsite blower & vacuum
Speed: 110 Miles per Hour
Package Dimensions: 13.19 x 7.48 x 6.3 inches
Item Weight: 3.81 pounds
Batteries: 1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

In Summaries

With this ALTOCRAFT blowing and Vacuuming tool,the daily cleaning works will become more easier than use the normal way. When you change the form of this tool between vacuum and blower, the process will be easy and clear to show in the user manual. If you are still suffering in the little dust and corners cleaning, the accessories of this special tools will help you to clean them up.

When this ALTOCRAFT 2-in-1 Jobsite Cordless Blower & Vacuum make its effects, it will suitable for deal with the cleaning issue and for manage the dust in the corner.
High quality, high affection and normal price let these tools became good choices in daily life. Started now, use this 2-in-1 Jobsite Cordless Blower & Vacuum to clean the living environment and refresh you house air and give yourself a better life.