A Comprehensive Guide to Using CapCut Creative Studio for Online Photo Editing

Justin Shin

Are you looking for an online editor that is free to use and very easy to operate?

CapCut Creative Suite is a versatile editing tool for beginners as well as for professionals and teams. This suite offers a wide range of editing tools like image editor online, online video editor, team collaboration, commercial and personal use templates, cloud back, and more. You can enjoy watermark-free images without disturbing the picture quality.

In the photo editing process, CapCut allows you to crop your photo, rotate the photo, and resize it as well. Moving forward, you must have heard about AI and its magic. Of course, CapCut also provides AI-powered features to help users in the editing process. 

Table Of Contents

Online photo editing main features

Remember that this creative suite is an online all-in-one editing solution. Even, as a beginner, you can learn it quickly and start creating aesthetic content for your business. You do not have to download or install it on your computer. Here is the comprehensive guide to using CapCut Creative Studio for online photo editing: 

You can remove objects from the photo

Do you want to create a unique image right From your imagination? This all-in-one online editing solution is just right for you. Now with the CapCut online photo editor, anyone can remove anything from the background. Pictures with unnecessary objects will confuse people with the original message.

It's better to use an all-in-one creative suite to remove the unnecessary details from the image. Your picture will look more orientated and appeal to the people. If you are editing a video you can try a free video compressor to adjust the file size. 

You can change the background

Changing the background from the images is not a hassle anymore. Anyone, whether experienced or not, can change the existing background of the image with just a few clicks. The best news about this creative suite is that it offers a background removal tool for free. After removing the background, users can choose from the pre-existing backgrounds available or upload from the system. 

You can play with photo colors

Playing with colors is always tricky because sometimes we do not know what colors will set the right tone for our photo. Hence, CapCut Creative Studio introduced the AI auto color correction tool that works like magic. It sets the right colors for your photo automatically. It saves a lot of time and effort. To make your photo look more professional and vibrant, try the CapCut AI color correction tool.

Moreover, you can correct the colors manually as well. You will find many options to choose from like saturation, highlights, temperature, and more. 

Add stickers to your photo

Adding stickers to your photos is another feature of this creative suite. It helps make your photos more fun and expressive. By adding stickers, one can express their emotions in a more precise way. Not just emotions, you can add depth to your content and it will give more colors. Do you want to set the specific food for your photo? Use CapCut Creative Studio to add free stickers. It will create more audience engagement on your social media profile. 

You can add text to your photos

Adding text to your photos is another feature of the CapCut creative suite. You must be wondering why there is a need to add text to your photos when the picture says a thousand words. First, the written text on the picture provides additional information e.g., about the event, location, time and date, etc.

One can use adding text features to highlight important details. As a brand, you can write up your brand slogan or tagline. It will help promote your brand and create awareness. While adding text, always remember to choose a readable font. Choose the style that will complement your product or services. 

Create photo collages

Wanted to tell a short story to your customers? Create professional-looking collages for them. CapCut is a free all-in-one editing solution that allows its users to create free photo collages. In a photo collage, you can add a different frame or color for each photo to make it more interesting. Individuals can use photo collages to share their most memorable memories. Photo collages are not just for individuals but businesses can also use collages in one way or another. They can use it for advertising or marketing purposes or to create social media posts. 

Steps to use CapCut Creative Suite

So, you are well familiar with the features of editing your photos with this online Creative suite. It’s time to know how you can start creating unique pieces and show the world your hidden talent for editing. No need to take notes, it’s very easy to make your account. Let’s dig into the steps: 

STEP 1: Create a user account for free

To enjoy the CapCut creative suite to its fullest, first, create a user account for free. Exactly, CapCut offers free account creation to all its users. To create a free account, type CapCut on Google and press search. Open the link saying "CapCut" and you will find the creative suite online under the Tools category. Then, enter your email address and click on the sign-up button. You will receive a verification email in your inbox. Click on the verification link and you will be ready to sign in to your new account for free. 

STEP 2: Import your photos

The next step is to get your hands on the editing tools and practice creating the perfect piece. To import any image from your system, click on the import button. It will lead you to your pictures or download folder to choose the file from there. Click on your desired photo and it will upload to the online Creative Suite. 

STEP 3: Transform your photo

Then, you can transform or edit your photo in your style. You can make edits to the picture itself or add it to any template you are looking to work on. You can change the size and ratio of the photo. Creative Suite online allows you to play with photo colors and to make it more attractive for the audience. Not just that, you can write on the photo while choosing your favorite font style and size.

STEP 4: Save it to the system

When you are done with creating your final product, save it on your desktop. To do so, click on the export option, choose your file format and press download. While exporting the file, you can save it in PNG format, JPEC, or any other desired format. This Creative suite will save your photo to the desktop system. 


You know the best part of using this creative suite is that you do not have to install or download it onto your computer. You have to create your account online for free and enjoy the tools. Usually, editing apps ask for a Pro account or paid subscriptions to use various features. However, CapCut offers various features and all these tools are free of cost. You can transform and customize your photos for any event.

So, what are you waiting for? Go open the website, create your free account, and start practicing today!