SINTEAN Snow Christmas Tree Review

Alex Rodriguez

Flocked Christmas trees are suitable for winter Christmas tree decoration with various themes. They carry a winter look in themselves, just like a winter Christmas tree with snow. Therefore, they are perfect for placing in the garden, at the entrance, and also for hanging Christmas decorations in the living room for winter decoration!

Have you ever been confused about buying the Christmas tree? How to choose the optimal snow tree needs to be concerned in every way. We have studied and analyzed the problems that most people encounter when buying a flocked Christmas tree and have come to the conclusion that the SINTEAN flocked Christmas tree is the one that meets our requirements.

The following will explain in details what you should consider when choosing a Christmas tree snow and why you should choose an SINTEAN flocked Christmas tree, which will give you a reference and help you choose a good flocked Christmas tree.

Table Of Contents

I. Questions to Consider 

  1. How much do you plan on this Christmas tree?
  2. What is the most aspect you care for a flocked Christmas tree within your budget? 
  3. Do you know the brand of Christmas tree? 

II. Factors to Measure

1. Quality

When buying a Christmas tree always keep in mind that quality is one of the most important things to consider when deciding to buy. What is a high quality product?

There are several aspects of quality, such as durability, reliability, functionality, design, or cost effectiveness. The quality you want depends on what you intend to use it for and the scene in which it will be used!

In general, there are three components of Christmas tree quality: intrinsic (the features that the tree itself presents), extrinsic (the supporting tools provided by the manufacturer) and functional (the emotion and desired you achieved after receiving).

High quality products balance these three aspects to achieve the highest standards. Good quality Christmas trees are usually expensive and difficult to obtain, but when you finally have them, you will feel that they are worthy.

2. Features

The most common features of Christmas trees are the features in materials, in appearance and in design.

If you plan to decorate your different holidays with Christmas trees, or if you live in a humid place, then the durability of the material may be the first thing you should consider. If your Christmas tree is to be replaced once every few years, then maintaining its appearance is also an issue while considering the reusable of the tree.

3. Customer service

The company providing attentive customer service is also a factor in your choice of Christmas tree. During your purchase process, considerate service will help you understand the characteristics of the Christmas tree faster, saving your selection time while giving you a better shopping experience. Who doesn't want a pleasant and fast shopping experience?

4. Return policy

When we buy a Christmas tree, we are always worried about what to do if we receive a damaged product.So, check the return policy when picking a Christmas tree. This is one of the most crucial factor because a complete return policy can help you rest easy and let you know that if there is a problem, there will still be a way to solve it in time.

III. Why Do We Recommend SINTEAN?

1. SINTEAN flocked Christmas tree quality is qualified by our comprehensive assessment. Flocked Christmas tree metal base is reinforced bracket with 1.64 feet in diameter, which can support the artificial Christmas tree stably. The Christmas tree is made of high quality PVC, which will keep its look for a longer time and is not easily deformed and discolored.

2. SINTEAN Christmas trees have its own characteristics in all aspects. Firstly, it has 780 branches and 300 durable LED warm white lights, which can create a warm and sweet atmosphere; Secondly, its hinge structure makes the branches open automatically and the branches are already fixed on the center pole, so there is no need to mount each branch individually, which is extremely easy to install; finally, its shape is nearly perfect, and it can be decorated in many styles, with a vintage theme of red, an elegant theme of blue, a golden noble theme, etc.

3. SINTEAN provides considerate customer service, actively solving your problems; and has a complete return policy can be returned in its original condition within 30 days after receipt for a full refund or replacement.

4. SINTEAN flocked Christmas trees are priced to match the quality of the merchandise and will

offer discount irregular to provide you with a cost-effective product.

IV. Discount

When shopping on the Amazon store, you can enjoy the discount directly.

Free shipping on items in the US.

V. Customer review

This review will take a close look at what customers are saying about this product.The brand story reflct the idea that same as the customer. SINTEAN has been focused on the quality of our products-Artificial Christmas Tree, because it's a kind of special products which brings festive joy to customers. Positive feedback is the highest reward for us. It means our task has been completed well.

A verified purchase customer on Amazon commented that the Christmas tree looks beautiful and real, it’s an excellent choice.There will be some frost falling off the tree, but that was expected. This 6ft flocked Christmas tree is just what he wanted and easy to assembly. 

VI. Contact information

If you have any questions about our products or more help, you can contact us on the below details. We will be very glad to hear from you.

Facebook: Sintean Gift

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Q: What is the diameter of the stand?

A: The metal base of our 6FT heavy snow flocked Christmas tree is reinforced stand. The diameter of the base is 1.64 feet, which can stably support this artificial Christmas tree. And the diameter of a 7.5FT Xmas tree is 1.8 feet. Choose whichever size you prefer.

Q: How many pounds is the total weight?

A: It's about 25lbs, the package size is 39*14*14 inch. The white flocked Christmas tree is a well made, quality tree with good details. But need a little patience to fluffy it to make it full shaped and look beautiful just like it does in the picture.

Q: How does a hinged tree work?

A: The branches have been fixed on the middle pipe, there is no need to pull up each branch. When assembled the tree, branches will drop down opening like the umbrella, just need to put each branch in the right position to make it look more natural and beautiful.

Q: Is the tree prelit?Are the light clear or multicolored?

A: Yes, our lights are warm white led lights, the ray of light is soft and comfortable. 6FT snow flocked Christmas tree is pre-strung with 300 led lights, 7.5FT snow flocked Christmas tree with 440 led lights.